Late Night Visitor

Neighberic [HIATUS]



The doorbell rang and before Minwoo could even reach the door it rang again. Who was at the door this late? No one came to mind. He didn't really have that many friends outside of work, and he knew nobody that would dare visit him so late without at least calling first. After the third ring, there was a loud banging on the door. He was starting to get scared, was it an intruder? But why would he then ring the doorbell, this made no sense. Had something bad happened and the police were here? Either with devastating news or here to arrest him for a crime he didn't commit? Whatever it was, whoever it was, it couldn't be good. Should he pretend he wasn't at home? Judging by the intensity of the knock, the next step would be to break the door down. He quite liked the idea of having a front door, so he hurried over and took a careful peek through the peephole.

He stood on his toes, trying to focus on the blurry figure on the other side of the door. He froze. It was the Mud Monster from earlier!! What was it doing here? Seeking revenge after the elevator incident!? How had it even gotten in, had someone actually been so reckless as to let it into the building? There was no way he was opening the door. He didn't fancy being killed in the dead of night by some mysterious homeless creature. He wanted to call the police, but his phone was all the way on the other side of the apartment. He was afraid that if he made a sound, the monster would come barging in and manage to overpower him before he could reach it. But it was his only chance.


He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, his heart was pounding so hard he was getting a headache. He could do this, he tried to convince himself. It was now or never. But as he turned, his sleeve got caught on the doorknob, making a bit of a ruckus. Ahhh, why! Why was he so unlucky?


“I can hear you in there!” a soft voice said on the other side of the door. ! What now? He had no choice but to open and hope that the monster wouldn't attack him. He bit his lip as he unlocked the door. It squeaked a bit when it opened, maybe it was nervous too, or trying to warn him of the imminent threat standing in front of it.


“Oh hey, you're the guy from the elevator! Why didn't you hold it open for me?”. The monster wasn't a monster at all, it was just a very filthy guy that now had a great big pout forming on his perfectly heart shaped lips. The mud he was covered in from head to toe was starting to dry, so it rained mud flakes each time he made the slightest little movement. “Oh eh, sorry, the button must be broken..” Minwoo shrugged, giving him an awkward apologetic half smile. Why was he so dirty, what on Earth had he been doing? “Ah, okay, it had to be something like that.” the guy's frown turned upside down, relieved, revealing a cute, innocent looking doggy face. Minwoo almost wanted to pinch his cheeks, but there was no way he was going to follow his urge down that road.

An awkward silence took over the air, making it a little uncomfortable to breathe. When the guy didn't seem to have any plans of further communication, Minwoo asked hesitantly “So... ehm... what.. can I do you for?”. “Oh, he he..” the guy snickered shyly. “Can I use your shower, mine is broken you see and the janitor isn't around until tomorrow.” he grinned. Minwoo felt his jaw hit the floor, breaking into a million little pieces. Use his shower? Was this guy completely mental? Who knocked on a strangers door at an ungodly hour asking to use their shower?! But the weirdo didn't even wait for an answer, he just gave him a quick pat on the shoulder and pushed his way into the apartment.


“Thanks neighbor!”



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Munchies0_o #1
when are you going to update? I need more Shinhwa in my life ㅠ-ㅠ
see I finally commented
MMM123 #2
I already miss this story :(
MMM123 #3
Chapter 4: Author-nim please update soon I am getting impatient ;)
Chapter 4: this is so hilarious and interesting i can't believe you........!!!! erik is such a cute wonderful dork ugurhgurhgr i really can't wait to see what happens next and how this story will turn out!!! :)))) thanks for the awesome update!
Chapter 4: Eric do you live orz
Minu fighting!! youre definitely not traumatized hehe~
Andy is so cute!! and fanboying over Actor Mun wwwwwwwww
hopelesswriter #6
Chapter 3: Minwoo's random thoughts n theories are utterly hilarious...n illegal showering at neighbor's house....hahah...n Eric is just so freaking random n n now i'll keep picturing Minwoo as little midget next to is Minwoo sure traumatized is the word though? hahah...thanks for the update^^ n keep it up~!
Chapter 3: ooohhhh I was looking forward to the mud monster emerging from the shower... I'm such a ert lol :3
and that hand towel only covering his front thing... heh heh EPIC...!
and Eric you should have at least kissed him thank you... I mean after all he did shower at a strangers house and asked to borrow his cloths and all so he's not that shy right? >_<
anyways awesome chapter as always... waiting impatiently for the next chapter... ;)
MMM123 #8
Ricmin is my favorite pairing but there is just a few stories with them as the main characters :(
Anyway, your story seems to be very interesting. So, fighting Author-nim :)
hopelesswriter #9
Chapter 2: This looks like a realy hilarious journey...n the title is catchy n i like the description too...xD...Minwoo n his miserable life...MinDy sounds like a happy duo tho...poor Minwoo getting bullied by Andy the prankster...and wonder who's the boss...Junjin? or someone totally different...Minwoo's thoughts killed me though...xD...mud/sewer monster...omglol. the sequence were like those of horror movies even though it's downright hilarious...'He quite liked the idea of having a front door...' that part cracked me up n tsktsk oh Eric you didn't... this weirdo scary handsome bastard character just fits Minwoo is so in for a ride, having this wacky sewer monster of a neighbour that's gonna turn his life upside down...i checked this out bcuz the pairings aren't the conventionally trending couples(though ricdy/minjin/even ricmin were kind of really popular back then)n i'm glad i did......xD...must be awesome to be at their concert though...>< sorry for all the rambling but thanks for sharing the story n keep it up~
Chapter 2: aweeeeeeee.......... neighberic :3
can you imagine how big the smile on my face is right now???
I started smiling the moment I saw you had updated... it was well worth the wait...
is it rude to say 'I hope you'll update soon' ?? o.O
ah well whatever... I hope you'll update soooooon... =)