Neighberic [HIATUS]


 There is a new neighbor in town! He's not exactly picture perfect, but he sure is handsome ;)


I'm a bit Shinhwa crazed after going to the 16th Anniversary Shinhwa Concert last weekend. It was amazing! I had forgotten just how much of a Shinhwa fan I am, and of course after the concert a little story sneaked into my head and started developing.


This is the first time I'm writing them, so I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I'm sure it will be a fun process (for me at least haha XD). I'm actually just in a short vacation, I'll be back at school in two weeks with little or no time to write, that'll be divided across my million stories, so the chapters will be short and the updates few and far between.  




I'm not in Shinhwa mode at the moment, so I decided to put the story on hiatus for the time being. It will start up again the next time I fall into the wonder that is Shinhwa XD 



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Munchies0_o #1
when are you going to update? I need more Shinhwa in my life ㅠ-ㅠ
see I finally commented
MMM123 #2
I already miss this story :(
MMM123 #3
Chapter 4: Author-nim please update soon I am getting impatient ;)
Chapter 4: this is so hilarious and interesting i can't believe you........!!!! erik is such a cute wonderful dork ugurhgurhgr i really can't wait to see what happens next and how this story will turn out!!! :)))) thanks for the awesome update!
Chapter 4: Eric do you live orz
Minu fighting!! youre definitely not traumatized hehe~
Andy is so cute!! and fanboying over Actor Mun wwwwwwwww
hopelesswriter #6
Chapter 3: Minwoo's random thoughts n theories are utterly hilarious...n illegal showering at neighbor's house....hahah...n Eric is just so freaking random n n now i'll keep picturing Minwoo as little midget next to is Minwoo sure traumatized is the word though? hahah...thanks for the update^^ n keep it up~!
Chapter 3: ooohhhh I was looking forward to the mud monster emerging from the shower... I'm such a ert lol :3
and that hand towel only covering his front thing... heh heh EPIC...!
and Eric you should have at least kissed him thank you... I mean after all he did shower at a strangers house and asked to borrow his cloths and all so he's not that shy right? >_<
anyways awesome chapter as always... waiting impatiently for the next chapter... ;)
MMM123 #8
Ricmin is my favorite pairing but there is just a few stories with them as the main characters :(
Anyway, your story seems to be very interesting. So, fighting Author-nim :)
hopelesswriter #9
Chapter 2: This looks like a realy hilarious journey...n the title is catchy n i like the description too...xD...Minwoo n his miserable life...MinDy sounds like a happy duo tho...poor Minwoo getting bullied by Andy the prankster...and wonder who's the boss...Junjin? or someone totally different...Minwoo's thoughts killed me though...xD...mud/sewer monster...omglol. the sequence were like those of horror movies even though it's downright hilarious...'He quite liked the idea of having a front door...' that part cracked me up n tsktsk oh Eric you didn't... this weirdo scary handsome bastard character just fits Minwoo is so in for a ride, having this wacky sewer monster of a neighbour that's gonna turn his life upside down...i checked this out bcuz the pairings aren't the conventionally trending couples(though ricdy/minjin/even ricmin were kind of really popular back then)n i'm glad i did......xD...must be awesome to be at their concert though...>< sorry for all the rambling but thanks for sharing the story n keep it up~
Chapter 2: aweeeeeeee.......... neighberic :3
can you imagine how big the smile on my face is right now???
I started smiling the moment I saw you had updated... it was well worth the wait...
is it rude to say 'I hope you'll update soon' ?? o.O
ah well whatever... I hope you'll update soooooon... =)