What to do when Jongin's family starts pressuring him to enter into an arranged marriage with someone he doesn't like, but that's not the whole story, the someone they want him to marry is a GUY, and Jongin isn't even gay!



♥ kaisoo ♥


...with a dash of...


♥ seho ♥


...and a little bit of...


♥ 2min ♥


It's my birthday, I can write what I want to!! kkk >.<

Since it's my birthday, I'm allowed to start this kaisoo story that has been living in my head for a while now, but I've been putting off starting it because I'm already swamped haha Xp 

Yay! What a birthday present! *^^*

It focuses mainly on kaisoo but there will be some side seho and 2min moments >.<

It will hopefully turn out kind of fluffily romantic, that at least is the aim haha, but there might be some dramedy thrown into the mix :)

Will update whenever I have time!! =)

I hope you enjoy it! ♥



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Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you have the nicest of days ^^


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Kainatwafa #1
Please update, I'm waiting 🥺
Wakermelon_bin #2
Chapter 1: Starting nice!
Chapter 24: This was soooo sooooooooo soooooooooooo cute!!!!
Cutest and the fluffiest story I have ever read.
This story deserves more attention!!!
Mia_babe #4
Chapter 24: Cutest story ever. 😍
Chapter 24: they are so cute :3 and the chaper’s sooooo lovable. thank you for updating :)))
Chapter 24: Thank you for the update
an update an updateeeee? yes :333333
Chapter 23: i kind of miss these two cuties in your fic :))
Chapter 23: This is my first time reading an exo fic. I've only been aware of kaisoo through random posts I had seen on Twitter in the past and I got curious. This is such a cute story ♡
Chapter 23: it is so y when they are actually talking their probléms out :D :).