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Welcome to my collection of stories!! I've been on AFF for more than 5 years now (omg! how time flies!) so I've written all kinds of stuff through the years, so this is a master list of all my stories for easy access :)


An overview of all my precious story babies, oneshots and chaptered, sorted into different bands (see chapters) ^^

I hope you find it useful ;)

♥ Happy reading! ♥






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brat2104 #1
Chapter 6: I just realize that there are 3-4 stories with chansung that are still not completed.

Would you please finish them? I just live chansung so much and reading fanfic kind of compensate his lack of tv show
Alice_K26 #2
Chapter 4: Waahhhh i miss vampire b.i....
And i have not yet to read the newest chapt of cant judge a song by its first note.... Huhuhu....
Wow thank you
LoveFaithLive #4
Chapter 1: I know it's been a long long time since you updated your GRI fanfic but I feel sooo greedy right now! :( Damn, this was so so good! I hope you do get to tell the ending of it someday. Will be waiting patiently :)
P.S. You should write a book!
Taillena #5
Chapter 1: Oh ok I was supposed to sleep but then I clicked on your masterlist link and now I'm stuck all night reading your fic... sleeping is useless anyway
always-mino #6
Chapter 1: How do you get time to keep up with all these fanfics? Man, I'm writing 4 and I hardly have any time to do anything. You're very lucky. I love your writing by the way. G-Dragon fanchat was genius
kakashilover #7
Chapter 10: WHEN U GANNA UPDATE DR. AHN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >\\\\\\\<. !!!!!!!!!!!!