Mud Monster

Neighberic [HIATUS]


Minwoo sighed. He was so tired that the elevator ride up to his apartment seemed like having to cross the Sahara desert on foot with no water. Ah, why did he have to think about water, his throat felt like sandpaper on sandpaper when he tried to swallow. He had overdone it today, deadlines were the worst. Especially when their idiot of a boss didn't have a clue how much time was needed for the most basic of things, giving them a completely irrational time frame based on a fantasy world existing only in his boss's brain. He hadn't slept for a week, only an hour here or there when he was about to faint. 
Thankfully they had pulled it off, not that their boss was grateful or had any idea what he had just put them through. He was even slightly annoyed that he hadn't gotten exactly what he had wanted. They had done their best with what they had, which was not much, but their boss didn't even bother to thank them for their hard work, not one kind word. And they had to be back first thing the next morning. They didn't even get time to recuperate from the lack of sleep! Minwoo's annoyance was turning into rage. Why was he getting all worked up now, it was pointless. It would only make it harder to fall asleep when he finally could let himself fall into the paradise that was his bed. 

Minwoo pushed the elevator button, almost dropping the folder that was in his hand. His phone burped. “Ah, Andy, not again!” Minwoo chuckled. Andy messed up his ringtones every chance he got, leading to some very embarrassing moments at the bank and grocery store, just to name a few. He had begged him to stop, but that had only egged him on. Minwoo fished his phone out of his pocket, a message. It was a photo of the boss's ! Minwoo snorted. When had he even taken this?! Ah, he was hilarious. Andy was the reason Minwoo was still working there. If not for him, he would've quit years ago. They were a good team. When Minwoo's stress levels peeked, Andy knew just what to do. And when Andy panicked or got into one of his moods, Minwoo had a special gift of being able to distract him until he forgot about his troubles. 
The boss's behind wasn't bad though, nor was the rest of his body. He was a handsome son of a , that was for sure. Minwoo's first thought when he saw him had been 'Hmm, are there some rules about not banging your boss?'. It had only taken around 5 minutes to kill that thought though. What a bastard. 

The wait for the elevator felt like eternity, but finally it arrived. He had only just entered it when he heard “Hey!”. He turned around and cringed. He wasn't sure what he was looking at. A brown slimy sewer monster that had a thing for plastic bags? It was heading right towards him. No, no, no! Not only would it take longer to get to his bed, cutting at least 5 minutes off his preciously short beauty sleep, but that thing would stink up the elevator and probably get dirt on him as well. Besides, could it be that this sewer monster lived in this building? Minwoo doubted it, this was a respectable building, the residents here were all very well off. Minwoo was the poor one in the building, and even he was doing quite alright. No, this had to be some lunatic. Or a very unsuccessful thief, using the stink-coat as a cover or something. 

To operate the elevator you needed a resident's card, and there was a log of who's card was used each time, as well as a surveillance camera in the elevator. Minwoo was not going to be known as the one who unleashed the terror of the mud monster on their building. No way! 
Minwoo's heart was racing as he repeatedly pressed the 'close'-button. Close damn it, close! It felt like everything was in slow motion except the mud demon, which was steadily gaining on him, waving the plastic bags around in the air. It was really a scary sight.

'Please close, just this once, for me.' Minwoo prayed.

Finally the doors started to close. Would he make it? The creature was almost there. Minwoo's heart was about to burst, he could feel the blood pulsating through his entire body. “Hold it!” the demon yelled. Minwoo was almost hyperventilating, his finger hurting from pushing the 'close'-button so often. Faster!

There was only a crack in the door now. The monster lunged forwards, trying to stop it from closing. Minwoo froze. For a second it looked like it was going to make it, but luckily the door shut right before it could slither its slimy hands into the gap. There was a muffled *dunk* sound. Had it crashed into the doors? Ugh, and made them all greasy and sticky. Minwoo shivered. He at least had gotten away, thank heavens for small favors. 



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Munchies0_o #1
when are you going to update? I need more Shinhwa in my life ㅠ-ㅠ
see I finally commented
MMM123 #2
I already miss this story :(
MMM123 #3
Chapter 4: Author-nim please update soon I am getting impatient ;)
Chapter 4: this is so hilarious and interesting i can't believe you........!!!! erik is such a cute wonderful dork ugurhgurhgr i really can't wait to see what happens next and how this story will turn out!!! :)))) thanks for the awesome update!
Chapter 4: Eric do you live orz
Minu fighting!! youre definitely not traumatized hehe~
Andy is so cute!! and fanboying over Actor Mun wwwwwwwww
hopelesswriter #6
Chapter 3: Minwoo's random thoughts n theories are utterly hilarious...n illegal showering at neighbor's house....hahah...n Eric is just so freaking random n n now i'll keep picturing Minwoo as little midget next to is Minwoo sure traumatized is the word though? hahah...thanks for the update^^ n keep it up~!
Chapter 3: ooohhhh I was looking forward to the mud monster emerging from the shower... I'm such a ert lol :3
and that hand towel only covering his front thing... heh heh EPIC...!
and Eric you should have at least kissed him thank you... I mean after all he did shower at a strangers house and asked to borrow his cloths and all so he's not that shy right? >_<
anyways awesome chapter as always... waiting impatiently for the next chapter... ;)
MMM123 #8
Ricmin is my favorite pairing but there is just a few stories with them as the main characters :(
Anyway, your story seems to be very interesting. So, fighting Author-nim :)
hopelesswriter #9
Chapter 2: This looks like a realy hilarious journey...n the title is catchy n i like the description too...xD...Minwoo n his miserable life...MinDy sounds like a happy duo tho...poor Minwoo getting bullied by Andy the prankster...and wonder who's the boss...Junjin? or someone totally different...Minwoo's thoughts killed me though...xD...mud/sewer monster...omglol. the sequence were like those of horror movies even though it's downright hilarious...'He quite liked the idea of having a front door...' that part cracked me up n tsktsk oh Eric you didn't... this weirdo scary handsome bastard character just fits Minwoo is so in for a ride, having this wacky sewer monster of a neighbour that's gonna turn his life upside down...i checked this out bcuz the pairings aren't the conventionally trending couples(though ricdy/minjin/even ricmin were kind of really popular back then)n i'm glad i did......xD...must be awesome to be at their concert though...>< sorry for all the rambling but thanks for sharing the story n keep it up~
Chapter 2: aweeeeeeee.......... neighberic :3
can you imagine how big the smile on my face is right now???
I started smiling the moment I saw you had updated... it was well worth the wait...
is it rude to say 'I hope you'll update soon' ?? o.O
ah well whatever... I hope you'll update soooooon... =)