Neighberic [HIATUS]

 A/N: I stole some time to write a little chapter since I went to Minwoo's M+TEN solo concert yesterday and it was absolutely amazing!! *Minwoo-crazed* He is an amazing performer and entertainer, he had the audience all fired up, hanging on his every word & move, me included of course XD ...and he is so damn stylish and gorgeous!! *kyaaa*

And and and... ERIC SHOWED UP!!! For his rap in taxi... and oh my! He was dressed in a super sleek black almost too tight suit and just... just... woooow ♥ ♥ ♥ And after the song he stayed a bit and Minwoo was teasing him the whole time, Eric going all *mong* kkkk >.< REAL LIFE RICMIN *squeal*

- fanrant over - 



“I'm not lying!! I know it sounds ridiculous, but that's just because it WAS ridiculous!!!” Minwoo insisted, but Andy wasn't convinced. He didn't blame him, it was a tale taller than the tallest skyscraper. He wasn't even completely sure anymore whether it had really happened, maybe he had just fallen asleep without noticing and had an exceptionally vivid dream. It could happen, right? “So you are saying that a complete stranger barged into your apartment to... to take a shower?” Andy repeated incredulously, the look on his face one of utter disbelief. “And after doing so.. he just.. left?” he asked semi-rhetorically.

“I'm not lying, I swear!” Minwoo pleaded, he couldn't even be annoyed since he wouldn't have believed it himself if he hadn't actually been there to see it with his own eyes, and still he wasn't fully convinced. “Why didn't you call the police?” Andy asked, half lost in thought. “And say what? Oh, police officer sir, there is a man showering in my apartment.. yes, yes, could you please arrest him in the name of the unauthorized showering law, thank you!” he retorted in a sarcastic tone. Andy made an unauthorized shower himself, saliva raining over Minwoo as he burst out laughing. Minwoo pretended to be pissed, but he loved Andy's laugh too much to mind the extravagant amount of bodily fluid that was now slowly running down his face. It was a sort of a “hu hu ha ha HA” sound coming from his gut, his eyes completely disappearing into an eyesmile. Minwoo had never been able to resist it, never once had it failed to lift his spirits.


“Meeting in 5 minutes, look alive people!”


Ugh, it was the boss. He had a meeting-obsession. There was a meeting almost every day, sometimes twice, even when there was nothing to discuss. He probably just liked to feel important, bathing in the joy of being the focus of attention, dishing out some undeserved criticism. Minwoo had often been about to show him a piece of his 'criticism', wanting to put him in his place, but Andy's hands had always somehow anticipated it, locking themselves around various body parts, stopping him in his tracks. There was seriously no better office mate to be found, even if one searched the entire planet. Without Andy by his side, he probably would've quit after the first day. Or more likely, gotten fired and be living on the streets since he wouldn't have been able to find another job with his tarnished reputation of insubordination.

“So was he at least cute?” Andy whispered on their way to the meeting room, still half-giggling. “Well..” he shrugged. “Oh! So he WAS cute!” Andy whisper-squealed. “I didn't say that!!” he insisted, but it was too late, Andy had decided what he wanted to believe and was already making up stories in his head. He had discovered years ago that Minwoo preferred boys. Minwoo had been prepared to take that secret to his grave, bent on not telling a soul, ever. But Andy had a way of smelling unspoken truths in the air, it was quite amazing. He was smarter than he looked. He was also sweeter and more tolerant than most people.

He had found out when he was going through Minwoo's messages, without permission mind you. He was preparing some prank but instead found a very steamy picture from one of his mishaps. Minwoo knew he should've deleted it, but it was just too hot. It had been the reason he had bent his personal rules in the first place. Since one night stands were very risky for men like him, he had made himself a pair of ironclad rules he forced himself to abide at all times. For his own safety as well as for his emotional wellbeing. He had been hurt before and he didn't particularly care for it, to say the least. This way he was able to resist temptation, or well, most of the time. There were the mishaps. They weren't many, but he had been one of them. Jihoon. He could still remember it as if it had happened yesterday.


Minwoo knew he was a handsome man. He might not be the tallest of guys, but what he lacked in height he more than made up for in other areas. So he normally had no ego-problems when it came to other guys, but Jihoon wasn't just any old guy. He was an actor his company had hired for one of its ad campaigns and the moment he had seen him his knees had gone weak and cold sweat had sprouted on his forehead. He had panicked and run to the toilet, trying desperately to compose himself. He wasn't used to being such a hot mess, but this was no ordinarily hot guy either.

He had tried his best to remain professional but apparently his stolen looks had not gone unnoticed. The last day there had been this big photo shoot sporting Jihoon in a sleeveless shirt, showing off his larger than life biceps. His extraordinarily wide manly shoulders making the shirt seem unworthy, his exceptionally well-defined pecs vaguely visible. Minwoo had had to bite his tongue to keep from drooling. That same night Jihoon had texted him a picture taken in the locker room after the shoot, with no shirt for his pecs to hide behind. It had been the grain that tipped the scale. The rest was history.


“Settle down people!!” his boss yelled over the rowdy crowd that had gathered in the meeting room. Everyone was tired and annoyed since most of them had been working late last night to meet the deadline. Forget getting a day off, but a meeting first thing? They really deserved better. A moment's breather before heading into the next storm. Recharging their batteries was important since their job demanded a very high level of creativity and nobody could be creative on a regime of no sleep and a mountain of irritation. But that was how it was and they just had to live with it.

“We have a new campaign!” his boss announced proudly. Everyone joined in a collective sigh. “Now, now, I know you are tired, but this is important! This isn't just any campaign, we are talking about a certain company beginning with the capital letter S!!”. There was a gasp somewhere in the back, Minwoo couldn't see who it was though. Maybe the boss's minion, or that was what they all called him, he had probably been charged with the task of sound effects. He pretty much did all the boss's dirty work and there were voices that it didn't just stop at the office. But Minwoo wasn't one to gossip, so he tried to ignore it, although he wouldn't be surprised. Not surprised at all.

“And as if that wasn't news enough, we have secured the hottest new actor of the hallyu wave to be the model.” his boss paused for dramatic effect, only it wasn't dramatic at all. They were all used to dealing with famous people and didn't get star struck very easily. It was pretty much an everyday occurrence. Not satisfied with the response, his boss continued “So don't be alarmed if one Mun Junghyuk shows up right in front of your noses, you are not daydreaming so don't embarrass yourselves.”. There was another gasp, but this time it came from Andy. He had gone all white from anticipation, his eyes doubling in size. What was going on?

“Yes, I kid you not. Eric himself will be gracing us with his presence. So I expect you all to be at your top game, tiredness notwithstanding.”. The room suddenly filled with chatter. Why the mass hysteria? Sure, Minwoo had heard about him. Some new up and coming star, he had made it big with his last movie that had not only killed at the box office, but killed many a woman's heart in the process. He didn't have time for the movies so he had never even seen him, but come on, the man had only acted in one famous movie. There was no reason to go all overboard. Even Andy! He was getting quite curious to see this mysterious celebrity in person, since he apparently had everyone fawning over him, getting all giddy at the mere mention of his name.

“But... from what I gather, he is a bit of a handful. He's not the diva you might expect, but I hear he is quite.. special.. and requires careful handling. So I will need a volunteer to keep an eye on him and cater to his every little whim. No, there will be no extra bonus, but being able to be in the presence of the great Eric should be reward enough!”. Before his boss had released the final word from his lips, Andy jumped up from his chair, his hand held high, pointing straight to the sky, “I will!!”.


Oh. Apparently Andy had a Jihoon as well.


Minwoo silently swore to help Andy resist his, to not make the same mistake as he did. Although, he never could get himself to regret that fateful night.  



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when are you going to update? I need more Shinhwa in my life ㅠ-ㅠ
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I already miss this story :(
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Chapter 3: Minwoo's random thoughts n theories are utterly hilarious...n illegal showering at neighbor's house....hahah...n Eric is just so freaking random n n now i'll keep picturing Minwoo as little midget next to is Minwoo sure traumatized is the word though? hahah...thanks for the update^^ n keep it up~!
Chapter 3: ooohhhh I was looking forward to the mud monster emerging from the shower... I'm such a ert lol :3
and that hand towel only covering his front thing... heh heh EPIC...!
and Eric you should have at least kissed him thank you... I mean after all he did shower at a strangers house and asked to borrow his cloths and all so he's not that shy right? >_<
anyways awesome chapter as always... waiting impatiently for the next chapter... ;)
MMM123 #8
Ricmin is my favorite pairing but there is just a few stories with them as the main characters :(
Anyway, your story seems to be very interesting. So, fighting Author-nim :)
hopelesswriter #9
Chapter 2: This looks like a realy hilarious journey...n the title is catchy n i like the description too...xD...Minwoo n his miserable life...MinDy sounds like a happy duo tho...poor Minwoo getting bullied by Andy the prankster...and wonder who's the boss...Junjin? or someone totally different...Minwoo's thoughts killed me though...xD...mud/sewer monster...omglol. the sequence were like those of horror movies even though it's downright hilarious...'He quite liked the idea of having a front door...' that part cracked me up n tsktsk oh Eric you didn't... this weirdo scary handsome bastard character just fits Minwoo is so in for a ride, having this wacky sewer monster of a neighbour that's gonna turn his life upside down...i checked this out bcuz the pairings aren't the conventionally trending couples(though ricdy/minjin/even ricmin were kind of really popular back then)n i'm glad i did......xD...must be awesome to be at their concert though...>< sorry for all the rambling but thanks for sharing the story n keep it up~
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