The Painful Truth About Ones Past (AKB48- MaYuki Genderbender)


"Please....Take me! Not........Nezumi. To me...She's more than just..... a toy!" the young detective yelled whilst stuttering. His face covered with a scarlet red substance and not taking any notice of it he quickly stood, scaring the masked man.

"Please leave me be. I know what I'm doing! I'm more worried about you," the girl whom was named Nezumi pleaded with him, scared for his live more then her own.

"Nezumi please," he retaliated.

"Black please. I'm worried more about you more than anything. Sukidayo," Nezumi confessed to the detective using his codename and Black was surprised by the sudden statement that his partner made towards him. His head started to play tricks on him and suddenly *THUD* His body lay there lifelessly and it wasn't discovered until Nezumi came back and the masked man was on his/her own in a separate room.

"Black! Please wake up! I want to be your girlfriend! I don't want you to die before that happens," Nezumi yelled, a lonely echo erupted throughout.


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ My first AKB48 fanfic on AFF! As you can see from the tag it's a genderbender (My usual~) with my  Kami-Oshi Kashiwagi Yuki and the my main Oshimen is Watanabe Mayu~ Guess whos, who. It'll be easy if you have watched Majisuka Gakuen~

Oh I'm MaYukiIsLife on Jphip and if your finding this story familiar it's because I posted it on there too ^_^- Michael~


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Chapter 8: OH MY ME! Man what the- *almost dead of confusion* ... *staring at the phone* ok how did that happend? Really! * in need of answers* hope next chapter comes soon*waiting *_* *
Chapter 7: I'm bad at commenting XD so I'll just say *thumbs up* :3
Chapter 5: #VoteForKashiwagiYuki2014~
Chapter 5: Oooohhh~ Time to comment. Lol Forgot on part 1.

Uwaaaa~ Yuki got into an accident and tell Mayu that Miyuki should go to Sai. What the heck really happened between Miyuki and Yuki? And Mayu is slowly falling in love with Yuki. Emerged! Yuki saying those words to while brink on your death.


Part 2

Who TaeNy's appearance. Wow~ Such a small world. Tae's cousin is Mayu while Fany's cousin is Yuki. Small world huh.

What really Shinoda want from Yuki?.


Shinoda dont lay a finger on my Mayuyu~ Imma rip your head off! (((o(>_<)o)))


Thanks for the update and your hardwork.
Chapter 3: Ooooooohhh~ I just woke up. And you're already making my day. Hehehehe

Wonder what happened before with Yuki's love life. Also why Mayu so scared of saying 'I love you'.

Uwaaaa~ Why Shinoda's gang kidnapped Mayu and to lure Yuki out there?!!!

And more character will come out. Cant wait to know what are their relation to one another. Hehehe

Hmmmm. Kinda a little bit confuse there whose who POV's. But it's okay i grasped it fast to know. Sorry. ( • _ •||)

Thanks for the update and hardwork.
Chapter 2: Uwaaaa~ can't wait how will MaYuki work on their upcoming cases. Also the blooming of their love. Ureshii~ ('♥_♥)

Thanks for the update and your hardwork.
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Chapter 1: Wow. Its rare... pls update soon~
MaYuki~! ('♥_♥)

Wait? Whoa! By any chance are MaYukiIsLife on jphip?