Mr. Mafia Prince is My Boyfriend!

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Baek Ga byul has a problem...

Kim Myungsoo walked in to her life!


What can you do when you are forced to be the girlfriend of dangerous mafia leader's son?



Poster credit to The Majestic Oracle Graphics Shop


~New Distraction~

I'm tired of the same things in my life. I feel like everything is going in an overlapping circle of nothingness. I need excitement... something to live for. And that's when I saw her...
Her name is Baek Ga Byul...

I love my new poster!!!


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ctnajihah #1
Chapter 6: <333333333
Chapter 6: I love this! Please update soon authornim!!!
MinAhRa #3
Chapter 6: I think it will be better if you make this story plot a bit slower bcuz I think its going a little too fast
ctnajihah #4
Chapter 6: ----------------------<3 love it
Ice_Goddess715 #5
Chapter 6: they're sooo cute!!
Chapter 6: Awwww they're soooooooo cute together
can't wait to know what gonna happen next with them
Thanks for sharing author-nim
V-YOUtiful #7
Chapter 6: They are cute together
Forsty #8
Chapter 6: Woooooowwwww!!!!!.....nice story author-nim...update more<3
Chapter 1: This is to confuseing well she is
Chapter 6: woaaa.. Play hard to get..
Remind me of song Follow me by Got7