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Mr. Mafia Prince is My Boyfriend!
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/Baek Ga Byul's pov/

After my date with that jerk he took me home. Which surprised me because all the girls he's been with whispered around the school about his secret place. A place where he took almost every girl he talked too. If you could call what they did talking. I cringed even thinking about it for a second.

I went in to my bedroom and sat down on the bed. I was tired from all the yelling and spying I had to do because of him. Girls just didn't care if he was on date or not. Even if I wasn't in to him like that I still felt insulted.

My cell phone started to ring so I took out it of my bag. I peered at the caller ID. It was L. I didn't want to answer it but I had a feeling he'd never let me live it down if I didn't answer the phone for him.

"Yobosaeyo." I stated calmly as I could.

"Babe get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'm taking you to meet the guys." he rudely ordered me around again. I hated when he thought he was the boss of me. I guess I really am different from the others. I refuse to roll over and play dog for the jerk. I knew that he hated that fact. Jamkkan! If that was the case he would have left me alone time ago. I was stuck with him for now.

"Wae L? I don't want to meet your friends. It's not like I'm your girlfriend or anything so why do I have to meet them?" I quizzed him and from the other I could tell he was becoming irritated by me but I didn't care. He was not the boss of me.

"You're meeting them tomorrow... this conversation is over. Later babe." he huffed before hanging up the phone on me.

"Kim Myung Soo!" I shouted even though the line was dead. That jerk! Who says I want to meet his friends. I got up from the bed and headed to my bathroom to wash. After washing I climbed in to my bed. I was too tired to call him back and argue with him some more about it so I went to sleep.

In the morning I woke and got out of bed. I changed in to a pair of black jeans booty shorts and a plain red tank top. I went in to the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast when there was a knock at t

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ctnajihah #1
Chapter 6: <333333333
Chapter 6: I love this! Please update soon authornim!!!
MinAhRa #3
Chapter 6: I think it will be better if you make this story plot a bit slower bcuz I think its going a little too fast
ctnajihah #4
Chapter 6: ----------------------<3 love it
Ice_Goddess715 #5
Chapter 6: they're sooo cute!!
Chapter 6: Awwww they're soooooooo cute together
can't wait to know what gonna happen next with them
Thanks for sharing author-nim
V-YOUtiful #7
Chapter 6: They are cute together
Forsty #8
Chapter 6: Woooooowwwww!!!!!.....nice story author-nim...update more<3
Chapter 1: This is to confuseing well she is
Chapter 6: woaaa.. Play hard to get..
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