The Private Life Of Vernon Chwe

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My name is Vernon Chwe. I'm part of the maknae line of Seventeen, my K-pop group. I'm only

seventeen (and I only got a few dollars) but being this young in the industry has caused me to grow

differentally than most seventeen years old with few dollars. I don't speak my thoughts out often

but I observe a lot. But I'm exactly who fans portray on the internet, the exact face, exact persona.

I was fine the way I was, really, before she walked in. She confused me, left me wondering. Being

an idol I've met many other celebrities like her, but never one this young and wild, free and loving.

The contrast we had was astonoushing, juxtaposed to the half korean blood and same birthday

we shared. Many wanted her. But I didn't know how much I had struck her as a fan back when I

was just a trainee.



     18-02-98    Vernon Chwe                    18-02-99      Kim Ae Ri                               01-09-97  Jeon Jungkook


She was only a year younger than Hansol. She had the same half korean blood, same birthday that caught his eye

during an interview overseas, where she was also invited. As glamorous and innocent as she looked from the

covers on television, music videos and movies, Hansol was no exception to the many guys she astounished

with her presence. They met for the first time in an interview, where she was first introduced to the members

of Seventeen. Hansol noticed how closely she resembled every bit of an 'ideal girl' he described in shows. Only

a few months after,  they met again at the set of a movie, by coincidence, casted as the main protagonists.

By mere...'coincidence'.

The story is written so it's easy to imagine on the Vernon we see on the internet. It's just because when I see fics with his personality completely changed, I can't buy it. So I thought I'd write something that could make his personality the most realist and easy to imagine, how he would react if he faced the happenings in the story, which could also be common in his idol life in real life.


Every time I thought about this story, I always imagined Mayuyu's face on the OC for some reason. Mayuyu isn't the OC though. Just imagine her looks to be that of an OC.

Rating: PG for some scenes.

Genres: Romance, Idol life

Hello! It's riyoko again with another Seventeen fanfic. This time, starring Vernon.

The theme for my Seventeen Fics are real life-idol believable fics. Something you

can easily imagine out of the idols we see in television. With the personality they portray.

I didn't want to tweak Vernon's personality so I'm using his exact attitude he shows

as an idol. The theme for my Bangtan Boys fics is fantasy.

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Every group I make a fanfic on has a different concept. For my BTS fics, all have

fantasy/out of the world kind of an experience for the readers I try to employ.

But for my Seventeen fics, I am trying to keep the personalities of the characters

(Especially the members of Seventeen) as realistic and believable as possible. So

I'm going for more of a realistic approach that is easier to imagine in my Seventeen

fics than the previous ones, as these are far easier to picture with the real seventeen

members. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 2: i cant wait to read more --update please when ur available
isaisy #2
Chapter 2: And, we have jungkook. Now, i can easily break my heart in the future because you write both of my fav groups hiks Oh, btw i really like how switch your setting from vernon to jungkook. it's not confusing ^^ so far, i can see your story is so promising. i can feel it... this going to be so lit. im rooting for you! Nice to know you ^^ And thank you for updating ;D
[deactivated] #3
Story is about a half-korean girl
Chooses a japanese girl to represent the oc

Sure jan
Why do I feel like they are siblings...
eechangel #5
Chapter 1: I like this! update soon please!!><
TaeNySicfanficlover #6
wait this was published in december 2013 what
WishingFox #7
Chapter 1: Hi! I really liked how the foreword sounded ;) it's exactly the kind of story I'm interested in (especially for seventeen) and hope to pull off too (well, it's currently still in progress though ^^;).

Will definitely be keeping up with this story and commenting often :) so you'll hear from me often haha (hope it wouldn't be a bother). So far it is pretty realistic, though I'll peg Vernon to be less of a 'zoned out' type cause he seems to be smiling and nodding and looking pretty attentive during most interviews. But then again, I understood that you probably did that for the plot haha so no biggie. All the best! xx
hunmi94 #8
Chapter 1: the moment i read these story in advertisement list, and read along the tag(vernon n jungkook)...i totally fall in love with your story...update soon,nae author nim ...
crosstangled #9
Chapter 1: tbvh i'm neither a hardcore stan of svt nor bts (but i'm lowkey stanning mingyu and jungkook ehe) and believe it or not, i came here solely for your story. i love realistic stories and the foreword sounds very promising so i'm really looking forward for your next updates!!
Chapter 1: The Vernon you have potrayed here seems so different to the one we see in videos,and I really like it. I'm curious how Jungkook plays into this,as he's in the tag as well!I'm really looking forward to seeing how you write the future chapters!
Awaiting the next chapter :D <3