I've fallen for you!


What will happens when a girl who told herself to never fall in love meets with a charming; irresistable guy ? Can she control her feelings not to get overwhelm over him? Will she be able to ? or is there any another things she could do to help herself ?



-He pulled me into a hug. He hug me so tight that I can't breathe no more....He whispered to me in the ear.." MinYong, Please don't leave me; stay here beside me..." I was shocked;but happy indeed. I can even hear my heartbeats beating so fast. I feel so nervous now, but why? ~ ....



"Stop following me around, you stupid girl"

"Stupid Girl !?!??!! Do you think I want to ? I can't sleep for several nights to think if i should do this"

He move closer to me until our faces almost touch and said "Hhuh (smirk) I'm not wrong to say you're stupid" Why are you doing it then?becaue you can't resist the charming i've got ?" up until here, he move into his original position and continued "aah, okay,Since, you helped me once, I give you 5 minutes to confess me. Hurry and do it. " He shook his head.

I nauseated. " Since when did I told you I want to confess you ? "Chheeesss, why does man with mental-problem liked to praise himself like this?" I gave him a mischievous-look; I walked a way burst out laughing just to make him feel like a loser and to make sure he knows that he would never win in any kind of arguments. (EVIL LAUGH)





I've fallen for you!

-Kyu MinYong : 18 years old.innocent little girl. "Once bitten; Twice Shy " is her motto.

-Lee Taemin : 18 years old. Handsome one of the 6 best looking guys in school. had crushed on a Da Chisoon (hate girls except his crush; because he thought all girls judges everything by the appearance) .cold person and independent.


-Da Chisoon  : 19 years old. Taemin's crush. Pretty; Elegant girl; have skills in dancing; work-hard; wanted to be famous in the future. and is self-centered.

-WE-STAR : a group consists of 5 girls; pretty; lovely; can be sarcarstic; self-eesteem; seemed to be mean and cold on the outside but is so softed inside.

-Henry Lau/Joon : Tall; handsome;. He blow all the girls heart away when he's playing his guitar. MinYong's crush and Chisoon's crush. Taemin's ex bestfriend. Fall for MinYong. but doesn't dare to confess her.

*Credits : I'd like to thanks to " exoticbabylove " for the amazing poster. and also to "invisible_girl" for the other poster that i have in my every chapter. *


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Chapter 3: Henry and joon are the same people ? :|
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update soon!!! :)
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Chapter 1: Write more chapters :)