Cause Of GDA

Cause Of GDA

While at other place where Minho and Haz are.. “Well it’s fate we meet again” Minho said while both of them sit on the bench. “It is? You sure?” Haz asking with playfully tone. “Umm kinda? Okay not... since it’s me tried hard looking for you” He said while scratching his head. Haz just laughing look at his priceless face. “It’s okay~ If waiting for fate, I think we might can’t see each other again. After all both of us are from different world.” She look at the skies. “I’m not alien so basically we not really from different world” Minho tried to be funny so the atmosphere won’t be that awkward. Haz then laughing again. But after a moment, her face getting serious and kinda sad and no more laughing. “I like you. No! I love you” Minho sudden confess. Haz getting shocked with that sudden confession. Of course she will react like that since her bias said it for real. For real! She love him too. Really love. But at the same time she scared this is all just a dream and it will gone on the next day. She then just look down. Minho can read what playing in her minds. He then hold her hand and make her look at him. “I know you scare because for you we are from different world. For me we just same. We just a normal human being that want to love and being love by the person we like. I promise you I will love you forever.” “Saying it was easy but to face it are hard.. To face the reality are hard. You know what will happen if you get caught by people especially reporter? Your career will doom.” She said with her worried expression. “Who care..I don’t care because I love you. But I can guarantee that we can face this. It will be smoothly later. People will understand it later. Can you accept my love? I promise I will protect you from those people if someday they might find out.” Minho tightly hold Haz hand. It’s getting silence for a minute.. Haz take a deep breath then let out it slowly and just nod. Minho understand what she mean by nodding and hug her. “But what if...” When Haz wanna start to said something, Minho then put his finger on her lips. “No but and if anymore okay? I will protect you” Minho smile and Haz nod again and smile.

At other side of place where Jonghyun and Nana are. Jonghyun tried to let Nana Know about his feelings. As they walks together and enjoying the night scene, Jonghyun already gather his strength to told Nana about his feelings but he just wanna tried with normal conversation first. Nana didn’t even notice about his feelings and she just keep walking. “Err.. Look like you really love suju sunbae” Jonghyun start the conversation. “Yeah I am. I really love them especially Kyuhyun oppa. But I like Shinee too” Nana smile. Jonghyun also smile then for a minute it’s getting silence again with both of them keep walking without talking. Jonghyun start the conversation again. “You have namja chingu?” “Nope. I’m waiting for Kyuhyun to notice me. It’s stupid right? But I love him. Oh! How you with that actress Shin Sekyung? I heard you guys already break up.. But it’s just a rumor right? You guys must still stick together.” Nana sudden talking about Shin Sekyung. Ah! It’s like he just getting struck by lightning. He just wanna forget about her. His past love.. because it’s already over and he already fall for that blank girl that doesn’t even notice how he love her. “That Nana she really are clueless.. It’s hard then if she still thought about my story with Sekyung still not over..” Jonghyun heart talking while he's stop his step and look at Nana that keep walking didn’t realize that she leaving him far behind. Jonghyun then walks beside her. “I’m already over with her. That not a rumor but the truth. We already over for such a long time and now my heart loving someone but that girl just clueless and love someone that didn’t even know her existence.” He said and look at her hoping she realize it.

Actually after that words, she already realize it and she know it but she keep pretending being clueless since she not really feel the same like Jonghyun. “Really? Who the girl?” Nana pretend to ask. “It’s you!” Jonghyun said as he look at her. Nana just laughing saying that was funny. Jonghyun start to getting more serious and hold Nana shoulder as he look at her. “I am serious and it’s not even a joke. I love you! And that Sekyung we already over long time ago. I thought my heart not gonna open up for any girls anymore after her but when see you... I start to feel it again. The love inside me.. It’s make me feel alive. And you know it too Kyuhyun hyung never noticing you. He will never love you.. But me, you always in my mind even tho we only just meet. I know what I feel. Will you accept me?” Jonghyun said. “Sorry...I..I cant.. I love Kyuhyun..Even tho it’s stupid for loving him but you know it too about love.. I can’t help it. I’m sorry I can’t..” Nana bite her below lips as Jonghyun let out a deep breath that showing how sad he was. “But...If we meet again someday, and you can change my feelings so I think we still have a chance. For now let’s just stay like this..” Nana smile and tried to make Jonghyun feel bit better "We will meet again. I'm sure for that! I will never stop loving you until that time. Wait for me. I will be back to grab your heart Nana.." Jonghyun eyes showing how he really mean it with what his heart just saying. "Okay? For now let's just be a friend" Nana hold Jonghyun hand and shake it.

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