Cause Of GDA

Cause Of GDA

Since it’s getting late, Nana just sleep at Haz house. While both of them laying on the bed, they keep talking about what happen at airport till they meet Shinee. And keep talking about it until they fall asleep. That night are the great night for them. It’s rare experience after all. While at Shinee hotel room, Minho and Jonghyun can’t sleep thinking about Haz and Nana. Minho mind keep thinking about Haz while Jonghyun mind keep thinking about Nana. The thing that Jonghyun scare look like already happen. It was... he will fall in love again. He don’t want to fall in love after break up with the actress Shin Sekyung. But this time it’s different. The person he fall for are just an ordinary girl. He know he already fall in love. He getting confuse thinking about it. For Minho he don’t even know it’s love or just like, since the feelings are unique for the ambitious namja like him.

On the next day, that morning before GDA started on the night. Haz and Nana disscuss about how to enjoyed the GDA too like other people that can attend it. Only waiting closely at that GDA ceremony that their mind can think of. It’s 50-50 for them. If the guards getting too harsh, they can’t do anything about it. Now both of them start to prepare the stuff that they want to bring together like camera and other thingy.

From morning, afternoon then evening. The red carpet event starting. On that red carpet event, Minho and Jonghyun eyes keep looking around hoping to see Haz and Nana. But of course they can’t see them since it’s pack with lof of fans. Regarding on that, Minho and Jonghyun still won’t give up. Other Shinee member notice about both of them weird behavior but they just let it slide.

The red carpet event finish after almost night already. The GDA event will start 30 minutes later.  Before it start. Haz and Nana in the end already arrive and they can see lot of fans that have tix on their hand already walks toward their own place since that place already being devide following each tix price. Both of them can’t go near GDA event since they don’t have the tix so they just wait not that far from that place to tried enjoying themselves like others. Even only heard the idols voice, they already grateful for that.

GDA already start. Idols keep appearing following their turn to perform and awards also already being given to the winners one by one. Haz and Nana will jump and cheering when they heard their favorite idols win. It’s totally historic night for them. While on the backstage Minho and Jonghyun keep hoping after all this finish, they can meet with Haz and Nana again since Haz said bout fate, they really hoping this time fate will make them meet again. “I love her...I know this feelings.. But how too..” Jonghyun heart keep talking. That night he can’t really focus on GDA event but he still tried to be professional. While Minho tried to understand his heart more. He really dunno it’s a love or not.

The event already ended. The idols one by one get on into their van and fans keep stalking and tried to take their idols pictures while Shinee, Minho and Jonghyun tried to buy the time so they won’t get into their van that fast because they wanna look for Haz and Nana. Onew understand about what actually play in those two mind. So then Onew tried to talk to manager. As a leader he know almost everything what inside s mind. While Haz busily looking for unique stuff that maybe will make her buy it, Nana just busily taking pictures of suju from afar. She’s an ELF so everything in her minds and life are all about suju while Haz are SHAWOL.

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