Cause Of GDA

Cause Of GDA

When Haz and Nana tried to get up, both of them can see the hand that tried to reach them to help. When both of them take a good look at the person who give their hand. Haz and Nana suddenly getting stiff because that both person are Minho and Jonghyun. While others Shinee member tried to negotiate with their manager and guards to help Haz and Nana. Other fans getting crazy and start to screams when see Minho and Jonghyun helping them. Haz reach Minho and while Nana reach Jonghyun hand and slowly getting up. The camera flash sound can be heard since all the fans that are closely at that scene take their picture. “Let’s walk fast and follow us” Minho and Jonghyun whisper to Haz and Nana. “M-mwo?” Both of them asking in shocked. “Ppalli or other fans might kill you here” Jonghyun then said. Other Shinee member walks toward them and the guards start to cover them and their start walking fast from that scene. With Shinee help, Haz and Nana in the end safe from those jealous fans and already at outside alive.

Without they even realize it, they already inside Shinee van. It’s cool enough for them since they can sit closely with their idol and maybe can be said Haz idol since Nana are fans of Super Junior. But that still awesome experience for Nana. “Mi-mianhae for being a burden.. I bet this things will be out on paper and net later..” Haz guilty tone can be heard while she and Nana keep bowing. “Hahaha it’s okay! It’s not a big deal. It will turn out well later don’t worried” Key looked behind while talk to them. Since in that van, Haz and Nana sit together with Minho and Jonghyun at the back while other members sit at the front. “Maybe it will be hard for you guys later cause of other jealous shawols. Just be patient. All this will be gone later.” Jonghyun then said while patting Nana head. “Don’t worried” Minho then also said and smile sweetly toward Haz. “Did both of you will come to GDA tomorrow?” Onew asking. “Which idols that you guys like?” Taemin also asking following with other members that wanna know bout it. “We can’t go..” Nana answering Onew question with slight pout following with Haz that answering Taemin question shyly. “I’m your guys fan while Nana are fan of Super Junior”

“Why can’t go?” “Your guys bias?” Jonghyun and Minho asking at the same time. For a second, all of them look at each other then start to laugh. “Because the ticket price are too much for us student. Oh well maybe next time~” Nana said then lean toward Haz. “Yeah.. Oh for your question Minho-sshi. My bias” Haz said while look below since she start to feel embarrassed by that. Minho secretly laughing while look at her cheeks that start to getting red. Jonghyun then asking Nana bout her bias then she just answer it was Kyuhyun from Super Junior while in Shinee she like all. With that answer, Jonghyun face look like kinda he still not satisfied with her answer but he just nodded with smile.

The conversation getting more alive and fun while the van still moving to destination. After a while Haz asking them to stop since they can just go back to their own home using taxi that near the place where she asking the driver to stop. Shinee face getting sad since dunno when they can meet again. All of them already being a friends while spending time talk about lot of stuff. The driver stop the van and Haz also Nana slowly getting off from Shinee van. “Haz, I wonder when we can meet again?” Minho sudden asking. Jonghyun just keep looking at Nana that getting sleepy. Since it’s totally late already. “Tomorrow if fate make us meet. Even tho we can’t get near to that event place. We still can hang out closely at there. So in the sea of people tomorrow, if we have that fate. We can meet again” Haz said with warm smile. That smile and words making Minho feels something deep inside. “We go first. Annyeong. And thank you for everything” Nana then said with her sleepy smile and the way she walks are really funny since she really sleepy. “Hahaha whatta cute girl..” Jonghyun heart saying.

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