Cause Of GDA

Cause Of GDA

Minho and Jonghyun then changing their outfits to look like more like an ordinary people so other people wont notice them when they walks out to the sea of people just to find their girl. Haz already know Nana nature so she just let her go stalking suju while she just enjoying looking at the lot of items that merchants sell. Minho and Jonghyun walks together to find Haz and Nana since they thought those girl will always stick together because they are bestfriend.

From far they can see Haz. So they walks fast toward her since they can’t run or maybe other people will notice them. Haz then feel like someone tapping her from the back. “Nana you late!” Haz thought it was Nana but then it was Minho. “Who are you?” She asking since she can’t recognize them when both of them perfectly in disguise. “It’s me Minho” Minho whisper worried that others might heard it. “Omo! M-mwo?!” Haz getting surprise by it and almost screams but then Minho cover with his hand. “Shhh~ You don’t want me to get catch won’t you?” Minho said worriedly. She then just nod while still cover with Minho hand. After see Haz already calm, he then uncover . And both of them look at each other. The love spark can be seen~ “Err...can I ask? Where Nana?” Jonghyun sudden ask make both of them comeback to the real world. “Ah! Nana busy with Suju. She fans of them after all.” Haz still in her embarrassing moment after notice herself and Minho just stare into each other eyes before Jonghyun sudden ask earlier.

There are lot fans around suju van and Nana one of them. Because the road are pack with fans, so the situation kinda out of control a bit and Nana being pushed by the crowd until make her fall down. “Ouch! It’s hurt...” Nana rubs her knee and tried to get up. While she tried to get up, someone then helping her get up with lift her from the back. After she get up, she then look at the back to thanking the person that helping her. “Thank yo....u...”Nana notice like she kinda know that person. She then keep looking at the person that helping her then after a second, she realize that person was Jonghyun and without she realize it her body already stiff. Jonghyun just laugh and then grab Nana hand to go toward the place that not too crowd with people. 

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