Cause Of GDA

Cause Of GDA

GDA! GDA! GDA! Every fan of kpop keep talking about it how their can attend and how their will try to take their idols picture. And some of them are crying and even got heartbroken because can’t go to GDA. Including this one girl with her friend. Haz and her friend Nana can’t go to that award ceremony and that really making them crying for all days and heartbroken. Now they decide even whatever happen, nothing can stop them to meet their own bias! Even they need to face the killer or natural disaster!

Can’t enter into that award ceremony doesn’t mean they can’t meet with their own bias. So they decide gonna being a stalker. Not that extreme stalker that can hurt they idols~ So both of them didn’t even sleep on night and waiting for they idols at airport. They need to see them or meet them! “Omo so many fans..” Haz saying while looking for nice spot. “Of course. Hallyu wave are everywhere.” Said Nana and also helping Haz looking for nice spot.

After for an hour they waiting for their bias flight, in the end the flight already landing and this is a war time for fans! Wae? because everyone wanna see they idols closely and maybe give their gift at them. Haz and Nana already prepared themselves on the nice spot, Of course it’s at the front. The idol one after another  walks elegantly and charmingly passing their fans that getting crazy over it. But still there no Shinee and Super Junior sight. Thats make Haz and Nana worried. Worried that they idol maybe takes VIP road and if that really happen, they can’t meet their idols!

Gladly after sometime, The hallyu idols that both Haz and Nana like that was Shinee and Super Junior showing themselves and walks together. The crowd craziness become extremely insane! The fans start to pushing each other so they can take a good look closely at their idols. Haz and Nana become victim over that craziness. Both of them fall down in front of Shinee while Super Junior already passing them. Shinee members getting shocked over that sudden situation. So without thinking they just wanna help Haz and Nana. But then their manager and the guards stopping them. Because they worried the situation will getting more worse. Super Junior that already far wanna walks back toward them but their own managers and the guards stopping them and that make Super Junior need to just keep walking over to their van.

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