Remind Me

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"Memories can't ever compare to living the real thing."

After the eye opening, life changing experience you lived, are you ready to see how it all began?

Teenage love, Making New Friendships, Mending Disputes...



Having a slight idea on what your future might be may seem like an advantage.

Starting over means that you have to take things step by step. Now it's time for you to reinforce the feelings you developed.

The things you learned from him, and the memories you recovered will help you shape your future, but...

There's more than just that...





'I need you to Remind Me why I can't seem to keep you off my mind anymore...'





Hey!! :D Dami here with the sequel to 'Reminding You'. Many asked for it!

If you're a new reader I recommend to read that one before this one.




This one has a different story line than the other one, but, I still have to keep in mind many many details from the first one.

This is my first time making a sequel, but since the first one I seemed to leave things unanswered, for you guys I am doing this. Let's see how it goes. >-<


**Keep in mind that this one will be taking place in the 'present' after she came back from the future. This one will concentrate in her school life. (which by the way is my first time writing a school life story, so bare with me). I'll be using many details from 'Reminding You'. ;)







Also I wanted to add this, recently my favorite Youngjae Fanfic ended ): But... It was too awesome, and she's an awesome person as well so I just wanted to shout out her story because I loved it soooo much!! :DD


Queenka's Nerd by InfiniteLC


Trust me you won't regret reading it. :D Especially if you love Youngjae

I hope you don't mind now that I gave you the shout out! ^-^ kkkkk








Please do not copy any of the contents of the story, EVEN if you credit me, I do not allow the copy of my story in any way. All the ideas belong to me, except for some characters and the music, and photos I used in some of the chapters. Plagiarism is forbidden. I worked really hard on this, it would be a shame that I'd have to take it from the site for anything like this.

Chapters 83 to 86 are up. I will be making the last update later on the afternoon. :')

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nchui123 #1
Chapter 43: CHapter 43: Where are the gifs from? And AMAZING STORY, I ONLY STARTED YESTERDAY AND I LOVE IT
Chapter 87: woah , i can't believe it took you 3 years to finish this story !( 3 days for me complete reading it ) , and i never regret staying up late to read this XD it's just so addicting ! i really love it,it's the best B.A.P story i've come across, and you did an amazing job , i'm so relieved you didn't give up on it ,and i feel sorry for finding this story late lol and being a silent reader, ( i'm too excited to read next chps so i kinda forget to leave a comment XD) , anyways !! i thank you again for you amazing work TT it brought me to tears, looking forward you other stories and next ones !! FIGHTING ! <3
omgg! reminding you has a sequelllll!!!!!!!
I can't Wait to read this!!!
I must be in heaven TT
Shawn1231 #4
Chapter 87: Damn... it took you 3 years to write, it took me 3 days to finish the story. I love it!!
Chapter 26: "We won't be in the same class, will we?" Isn't rhetorical question, author-nim? (^_^)
I'm sorry I point some grammar mistakes, because I'm still learning, hehe XD
Chapter 25: I think it's "a uniform" instead of "an uniform", author-nim. Because "uniform" is pronounced as "y"
Kekeke, don't you think so? *wink*
jmayo81 #7
Chapter 87: Beautiful summary of the story!! I'm still in shock that Doo Joon ended up helping the way he did. But I was so glad that they got to Youngjae in time & could help him. Not to mention finally foil all of those rotten plans! I think I squealed when Yongguk asked Sarah to marry him, but even more so, when she surprised Youngjae coming back home. I was so happy, I'm glad that Daehyun found love & happiness and when Youngjae proposed, although I knew it was going to happen, it just made me happy, happy, HAPPY!!!! Thank you for taking us in this beautiful journey and completing these 2 stories, tying things up. Truly enjoyed!!
jmayo81 #8
Chapter 78: Thank goodness for Gikwang!! But good grief, her head must be swimming! I couldn't imagine hearing everything g at once and from someone you can't really trust, but he's giving her the missing pieces to the later in life puzzle. So hopefully she trust his words just enough, but still be cautious!! Ok, I have to sleep!! Looking forward to finishing tomorrow!!
jmayo81 #9
Chapter 77: Oooh... I was so excited & sad to see so many update/completed, but I told myself, I'd read 1 chapter &a finish tomorrow! But how can I do that when you leave off with her walking down a dark corridor p&I getting snatched!! I must know!! One more chapter won't hurt before bed! Haha, thank you
Chapter 87: The last part impressed me. This is indeed a beautiful story :')