Day 6 (Saturday)

Friends with "Benefits"


Baozi was early that day, but of course he would be. It was Saturday and Luhan should be having a day off. That was what Baozi thought, but when he entered the apartment no one greeted him back when he announced his arrival. He went to the living room, only to find an empty room with no Luhan. The first thought he got when he got upstairs was that no one would be so stupid as to work on a Saturday. But he was wrong. There was someone who was so stupid to work on a Saturday; Luhan. Of course he was sweating over all the paperwork he had to do. He wasn’t in his suit this day though; he was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. He had the hood on his head and he looked very concentrated, but looked up anyways when his “friend” came to look for him.

“Oh,” Baozi sighed when he saw the hardworking man in his office chair, “so you’re hiding in here.”

Luhan merely smiled and returned to his paperwork.

The Korean man went inside with no other word. He closed the door behind him and went forward to stand in front of Luhan’s desk.

“You remind me of my father,” he admitted even though he wasn’t asked. He let his fingers caress the surface of the desk.

Luhan continued to search through the pile of papers. “Do I?”

“Yes, he was also very hardworking. A hardworking doctor.” And this caught Luhan’s attention. His gaze instantly found the other’s body and face.

“You’re a doctor’s child? Then why did you choose to work as a ‘friend’?” Luhan had forgotten the papers and let them be. Baozi was the only on who had his attention now. This kind of personal information wasn’t something he’d expected to hear from the Korean boy.

“This is a little embarrassing and it’ll probably just sound like a bad excuse,” Baozi warned before he continued, “but my father and mother divorced in my last year of high school. I couldn’t concentrate much in the lessons and I skipped a lot of them too, because of my parents’ divorce. I got so bad grades that I couldn’t get any further in the educational system. That day when I’d gotten the bad news about not being able to study medicine or anything else, I went to a hostess club and a man scouted me for a company. The company I’m in now. So instead of saying I chose this job, then why not say that the job chose me?”

“Do you like your job?” Luhan asked.

He nodded and elaborated: “Yes, I love my job. I love to be with people, talk with people, meet new people and get to know them. And if the job hadn’t chosen me, I wouldn’t be here to comfort you when you need me.”

Luhan kept quiet for a few seconds, but then he cleared his throat and spoke: “Oh, I see.”




A/N: You're slowly getting to know Minseok, eh? :p It's probably still boring and it feels like the story gets nowhere, but I promise the fluff will be better and the chapters will be longer in the future~ 

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Demitria_Teague #1
Chapter 31: Yes. So adorable. I loved it, and like the others I wish there was more, but this was a perfect ending.
Chapter 31: oh my god i finished this in one day and i love it so much! thank you sm for writing this good great fic♡
Chapter 31: Aww~ this was such an adorable story! (*^▽^)/
It's so cute to read and I got really fluffy, warm and bubbly feeling when I read it ^^ Thank you <3
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Chapter 31: Cute story!
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Chapter 31: This story is so cute!
Chapter 20: Damn that contract.... I need to finish reading this fic asap
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Chapter 31: Really nice story & cute picture hihi
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Chapter 27: Oh like that gd scandal?: (