The Royal Charade



Princess Jihee wasn’t your usual boring obedient princess. Forced into an arranged marriage that she didn’t want, Jihee escaped to the neighboring kingdom. Blessed with excellent fighting skill, she managed to secure a position as a new soldier in the kingdom’s army, disguising herself as a man.

Crown Prince Kai was accustomed to win at everything. Being a great fighter himself, it was a big blow for him when a certain new soldier managed to defeat him in a sparring match. The prince was embarrassed and strangely fascinated at the same time. So great was his attraction to the rather short, slender man that he began to question his own orientation.

Little did he realize that his orientation was as straight as it had ever been and the man…wasn’t a man at all.


This is my first time writing something in an AU genre like this, so don't get your hopes up people.

I have tons of unfinished stories T^T and I really really need to write about someone else. Please somebody take this man out of my head, like right now *dying whale noises**sobbing hard*

A warning in advance: This story will have some rated (for ty time and violence) chapters in the future.






Thanks to amy91luvkey from Insane Desire: graphic shop for the beautiful poster and background <3

The wedding is coming next! :D sooo....comments?


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Chapter 14: Hah look! Our Jongini loses control whenever he is around her. I'm sure he won't wait long 🤣 They're both cute. And at least she knows he doesn't hate her.
Awwww, I want to see Jihee's wedding dress. And Jongin's too.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
charinamus #2
Chapter 14: Love this story
tang53 #3
Chapter 13: I think Kai should have listen to Jihee's explanation the reason she disguised as a man. Oh he is jealous of Kyungsoo and his first love is Jihee's sister-in-law Minyoung. Hopefully Kai and Jihee resolve their misunderstanding and Kai is not still in love with Minyoung. This will complicate their relationship in their coming marriage.
Chapter 13: OH MY GOD? REALLY????? Kai's first love is minyoung? Waaaahh Hahahah jealous jongin is best!!👏👏👏
Chapter 12: I'm excited for what's going to happen next 😁
Chapter 12: Yehet!
11 streak #7
Chapter 2: Jihee got lucky to meet Sehun and to find out where she could get a decent job. the palace is a perfect place for her to show off her fighting skills!
Chapter 11: Oh ! What? Jongin why did you say NO?????
Yah yah! If you are angry then show her your anger after the aggriment of marriage. Because I know you recognised her. Maybe DO said something to him. 🤔 hmm
Chapter 8: OooOhhh our smart Kyungsoo. And after dancing with Chanyeol I'm sure others have their doubts about her too. Or maybe they too get attracted towards her.
And dear Prince jongin don't worry you are totally straight hehe😂
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Chapter 1: Jihee is a princess who has fallen victim to arranged marriage. Only she has a plan- to mask herself as a man and run to other kingdom. What better kingdom than EXO? Jongin is there 😉😂

Minho, her brother who had been there for her all this time doesn’t see arranged marriage as anything bad. Her support has turned indirectly against her.

The plot is very interesting and unique!

Good job, author! The story I like very much ^^