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When SHINee is bored, they write their own one shot collections of themselves to share. Read their very own handwritten tales of all sorts of genres and pairings. To curb my writers block, I've decided to start my own oneshot story collection ~^^~ From romance,angst,comedy,fluff or maybe even lol. This will be a collection of one shots when I have a writers block for my own chaptered fiction. All SHINee pairings. Obviously this isn't wirtten by SHINee, but since its

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I'm sorta biased to Ontae and Jongkey, so these pairings will probably be done faster XD


"hyung." Taemin called out to onew.

" What if I started writing stories about us?" Taemin asked softly.


Onew smiled and hugged the boy, Taemin was growing up, and as a hyung, a supporter, he should try to bring out the best of Taemin and bring him into adult hood.

" That sounds like a fine idea. What about you all?"

" Sounds fun." Jonghyun said, smirking.

" You probably just want to write ." Key snapped.

" Well, won't you be writing all about yourself?" retorted the dinosaur.

" I'm game for it. its for taemin anyway." Minho winked at Taemin.

Onew cleared his throat and the playful smirk on minho's face disappeared, sending Taemin into a fit of chuckles.

" Its a good way to practise your language and relax at the same time.' Onew declared, the members nodded their heads.

And let SHINee's very own fanfiction begin!^^


Chapters~ ^^~ ( will update as they are written)

1) Pairing Onew x Taemin : The confession, PG-15

2) Jongkey | short drabbles | something special


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