Winter's playful Kiss


A warm winter love story. Winter solstice. The start of winter. Also, the start of their fate. Changmin is a handsome and playful Composer, Yoona is a woman of class and a reowned pianist. And the catch is - they have a past. Which Yoona has forgotten due to an unfortunate car accident . The winter season, is to start afresh, but these two are entangled in their old fate.
Will YoonA remember the winter play she once had with the lovely changmin?


changmin's father told changmin something when he was 6 years old.
" Changmin, a very nice aunty will be bringing her pretty daughter to live with us. They would moving in on the winter solstice. Her daughter is the same age as you. I'm sure you would do fine."
Changmin smiled cheekily. A playmate! Finally no more days at home with him talking to his lego pieces. He finally had a friend.
The days grew colder and the nights grew longer. It was officially the winter solstice. 
Changmin was well dressed in a suit with his dad, waiting patiently for a taxi to pull over and to meet his friend.
Faster, he thought. I want to meet my new friend.
Finally. A limo pulled up on the doorstep. A lady was holding onto the hand of this girl. She had brown wavy hair, fair skin and was really pretty.
Shes beautiful! Changmin smiled.
An innocent Yoona looked up a changmin innocently. Changmin waved enthusiastically. Yoona chuckled, showing her then incomplete set of teeth.
" go and help out, changmin" father told changmin. Changmin rushed to give aunty and Yoona a hand.
Changmin grabbed the handle of the luggage and bravely lifted it out of the carboot and dragged into the house.
" thank you dear!" The aunty cooed.
After everyhing's been settled, Yoona came up to changmin.
" hi" Yoona said, shyly.
" hello! I heard from dad that you're coming to live with us! What is your name?"
" I'm YoonA!"
" I'm changmin!"
" nice to meet you changmin, do you have a piano? Lets play. I'll play a song for you!" Yoona said cutely.
Changmin giggled. " lets go" 
Changmin held Yoona's hands and led her to the piano room.

Changmin played a song for Yoona. YoonA looked with fascination. 

Changmin blushed as the pretty Yoona clapped enthusiastically at the song he wrote.

" my daddy told me, If a girl is pretty, I can kiss her!"

Changmin said, giving the shy girl a soft, unsure and first kiss on the lips. And for the first time in that year, pure white snow started falling.


There would be Yunjae, but it would come very late as a twist to the story ^^ So for yunjae readers, please be a tad more patient. Ive always written shinee fics, but I really wanna give dbsk a hand. Please enjoy :D

full list of characters

Junsu, Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Micky

Onew,Taemin, Minho


Eunhyuk, Heechul

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