Goodbye, we will meet 2 years later


A short angsty drabble on the barely-reunited Kangteuk... Kangin just got out, before they could really enjoy himself again, its time for Leeteuk to go in.


A tribue to this wonderful leader, Leader Leeteuk.

The start of 21 months, I'll be waiting <3


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Kyuminship #1
Chapter 1: crying TT yes , kangin will wait for leeteuk , thank you author-nim <3 such a beautiful story .
turtlepanda22 #2
Chapter 1: TTwTT crying again! kangteuk forever! its really so sad that kangin JUST got back then the couple had to be seperated again! TTwTT teukie ELFs will wait for you just like how we waited for kangin nd heechul HWAITING! come back for ur kanginnie nd for us :)