Then Came You



He had known where Lu Han was since he entered the room.

There were more than two hundred people there but Sehun could recognize that head of blonde hair anywhere. The urge to come closer was there but he forced himself to stay along the sidelines, opting to watch from afar for the meantime. He told himself it was for the opportunity to study the singer further but if he was being honest, it was more to prepare himself. It was the first time they were going to see each other since they met in his studio last Thursday and Oh Sehun felt like there were elephants rolling around inside his stomach.

He was never one to feel nervous but then no one has ever done what Lu Han has--wrapped him in an embrace and kissed him almost desperately.

There was that reserve, a certain detachment, that Sehun always had with his subjects. After every photo shoot, Sehun moved on to a new one almost instantly--wash and rinse, wash and rinse. Come and gone like nothing.

But with Lu Han... it was different.

From the numerous photographs of the singer he had painstakingly developed, he should have already memorized everything about Lu Han's face--from all his various expressions to all his little quirks--and therefore he should have already satisfied his curiosity. Yet, he had this unshakeable feeling that there was more. And he found himself wanting to see, learn, and discover more.. To capture and remember each and every part of Luhan.

Oh Sehun was helplessly fascinated and irrevocably attracted.

He knew Lu Han felt at least a bit of what he was feeling. It was there in the way his hands held onto him and the way his lips clung to his when Sehun pulled back, as if he didn't want it to end. The kiss may have started out as fake but it definitely ended as something real.

Just as real as the current expression on Lu Han's face as he talked with Jung Yunho. Everyone knew that the Angel of the East was a fan of the other performer. He looked composed but Sehun could clearly see, there was a telltale shine to Lu Han's eyes. Sehun couldn't resist, he lifted his camera and took a shot. However, the sudden move may have been a mistake because the flash got Lu Han's attention and the photographer saw how his eyes widened in recognition.

Lu Han looked as if he was torn between fleeing from his spot right then and there or staying and giving Sehun a piece of his mind. Deeming this was a good time as any, Sehun made the decision for him. He started to walk towards the singer, making his strides longer just in case Lu Han bolted. He stopped when he was two feet away.

"Lu Han," he said with a slight tilt of his head in greeting.

The previously wide eyes were now narrowed into displeased slits. "Oh Sehun."

The beautiful blonde's brow was raised with disdain but his stance spoke of apprehension. Sehun once again took a shot, making Lu Han blink with surprise.

"Would you stop doing that?" the singer said through gritted teeth. His eyes darted quickly to the people around them, making sure that no one could hear him. "And unless it's about official business, get away from me."

A part of Sehun wanted to laugh because Lu Han was smiling sweetly while he said those words venomously. Another part of him wanted to come closer and touch those lips to see if he could turn that superficial smile real. You have no idea how you're making me want you.

Sehun instinctively came closer but paused when he saw the increasingly panicky look in Lu Han's eyes. He held on to his camera to keep his hands from reaching out. He lifted it again because Lu Han was in front of him so he figured he might as well indulge himself.


"I told you to stop it."


"Do you seriously want to die?"


"You are so dead."


This time, Sehun was the one startled because he didnt expect Lu Han to breach the distance between them. Although he was still wearing that angelic smile on his face, his eyes were glaring daggers at him. The singer opened his mouth, looking as if he wanted to flay Sehun alive but changed his mind as he glanced at the people around them again. Lu Han abruptly closed his lips and the fire seemed to go out of him. Sehun couldn't let that happen.

"It's okay. You can be you. With me, you don't have to try hard," he whispered.

At first Lu Han seemed taken aback and confused but then he smirked, an evil slant to his lips, making Sehun's heart rate increase. Lu Han took a step forward, leaned close and whispered into the taller guy's ear. "If you say so."

Then Sehun winced unexpectedly because the singer's right foot suddenly and quite painfully stomped onto his.

"See you later, ."

The Angel of the East gave him another one of his saccharine smiles and a dainty wave before he arrogantly walked away. He tried to come after the little devil but then just opted to shake his head in exasperation and look down at his throbbing foot.

Well, that certainly felt real.






The stage was all set. All the guests had gathered in front and there was a feeling of barely held anticipation in the air. The performance was finally about to start. Soon enough, the lights dimmed and a hush fell over the crowd.

Jongin's hands clenched and unclenched, as he tried to ease the tension from his body. He was feeling nervous and excited. His heart stopped when the stage lights and there in the center was Kyungsoo and Lu Han, their backs to each other. The blonde singer was looking up, beautiful and ethereal in his gold-flecked white jacket. But Jongin only had eyes for Kyungsoo whose profile was tilted down, the deep red jacket he was wearing setting off his dark hair and creamy skin to utter perfection.

The beat was familiar. It was a remix of one of Kyungsoo's hit songs, the pop tune turned edgier and sharper. Jongin was lost the moment Kyungsoo started to sing. And he knew it would always be like this.

He had thought that he had his life mapped out. He would study, finish his course, and work for KSE. There was never a dream of the future without Kyungsoo in it. He always thought that they would be best friends forever. But he never did figure into any of this the complication of falling in love with Do Kyungsoo. He was stupid not to see that Chanyeol could also fall for him. He had been too sure, too complacent, and now they were in this complicated tangle resulting in someone possibly getting hurt in the end.

And it could be me, he told himself.

The song reached its and Kyungsoo let out a note that had the audience riveted in awe and had Jongin's heart close to bursting with pride. It ended and there was a moment of complete silence before everyone erupted into deafening applause. The two singers bowed together and there was a triumphant smile on both of their faces.

It was perhaps selfish but Jongin wanted Kyungsoo to look at him.

See me. I'm here this time and if you'd give me the chance, I'll hold on to you forever.

But instead of their eyes meeting, Kyungsoo turned his head to the left of the stage where Chanyeol stood and his best friend gave his cousin the smile that Jongin wanted for himself. It was quite painful to witness and he had to look away.

That was when he saw Baekhyun beside him who was staring intently at the stage, too. He remembered that his friend was a Starling so of course he'd be happy to watch Kyungsoo perform. But a closer look had Jongin confused because instead of admiration or excitement, what he saw was... longing. He was sure it was longing for it was exactly what he was feeling a few moments ago. He glanced at the direction of Baekhyun's stare and he was astonished to realize that it was Chanyeol the shorter boy was looking at.

He suddenly recalled the events earlier--the part when Chanyeol took Baekhyun away and the scene in the middle of the room. There was something going on between his cousin and Baekhyun that he didn't know and he might never know but now he was, in any case, certain of one thing: Baekhyun was in love with Chanyeol.

Jongin didn't quite know what to do with this newfound knowledge. It was sad that he and Baekhyun seemed to share fates that were either tragic or heartbreaking. He wanted to try and comfort his friend but how could he even begin to do so when he couldn't even comfort himself?

There was another round of clapping and Jongin belatedly realized that the presentation had already ended. The crowd began to disperse, and people slowly went back to their drinks and conversations. Baekhyun looked up at him and the emotions Jongin saw a few moments ago were now carefully hidden beneath a weary smile.

"Jongin-ssi, if it's okay with you, can I go home now?"

"I'll take you home," he said and he began to steer the shorter boy towards the exit.

"Oh, no. You can stay. I can easily ride the bus and--"

"Baekhyun, I don't mind and it's already late."

"No, really, it's okay. I'd be more comfortable if I go home on my own. And you're still needed here," Baekhyun replied.

The shorter guy had a point. He still needed to mingle and he still had the confession to make. Although he felt bad because he was the one who invited Baekhyun here and was indirectly the cause to why his friend was probably feeling down.

"Let me take you to the stop or up until the entrance. I insist."

Baekhyun nodded. "Just KSE's entrance. I insist."

The guy grinned and Jongin was relieved to see that he at least didn't lose his sense of humor.

It was darker outside the brightly lit function room. The only lights on were the ones along the corridors leading towards the elevators. The place was quite deserted since the party was still in full swing. Jongin's attention was on Baekhyun who walked a bit in front of him, his left hand grazing the cream colored walls. He thought such an adorable person deserved to find happiness soon. I hope we both do.

They were rounding the last corner when Baekhyun suddenly stopped, causing Jongin to bump into him. He was about to ask what happened when his eyes found the couple standing a few feet away to their right.

He heard Baekhyun breathe shakily at the sight of Chanyeol and Kyungsoo standing close to each other. There was a world of pain behind that short gasp. Jongin knew how much it would hurt so he lifted his hand and covered Baekhyun's eyes while he closed his. However, he couldn't have stopped them from hearing the heartbreaking words that came next.

"I love you, Kyungsoo."

Jongin felt Baekhyun break free and walk hastily away but he remained frozen on the spot for when his eyes opened, it was to find his best friend in his cousin's embrace. He could feel his heart shattering right inside his chest.

Too late, Kim Jongin. You're too late.






Chanyeol was quiet as they exited through the function room's side door. Kyungsoo wasn't sure where they were going and what they were going to talk about but he knew it was important.

He stole a quick glance at his friend. He looked different, no, his eyes looked different. They were dull, as if the light had been extinguished from them. He wasn't used to this side of Chanyeol. Not a glimmer of happiness was present. What's wrong, Chanyeol?

But maybe he already knew the answer.  He could sense something happened to his friend when he was holding onto that Baekhyun guy. He has never seen Chanyeol like that. One word from Kyungsoo and his best friend would jump to give him what he asked for but back there, in the middle of the party, he felt Chanyeol didn't want to let go and wouldn't have let go even if Kyungsoo asked him to.

Then the brunette leaned close and said something to his friend. That was when he saw Chanyeol pull back seemingly detached and uncaring except he knew by the way he walked stiffly away that he was inwardly fighting a lot of pain. His hands were cold when he held on to Kyungsoo's arm. He had been worried about him earlier but the performance was upon them. He didn't want to leave but Chanyeol assured him that he was okay before telling him to go prepare.

It was a nerve wracking performance. He had to forget everything--all the troubles and the worries he had been carrying--so he could focus and give his all. The cheers and warm applause afterwards made him think it was all worth it. From the corner of his eyes, he had seen Jongin but he wasn't prepared to deal with his feelings just yet so he sought out Chanyeol's reassuring presence instead.

Now it was his turn to do what he could to help the young president from whatever it was that was bothering him. He wanted to know who Baekhyun really was because somehow he was the one putting that troubled look on Chanyeol's face. His friend didn't deserve this.

They turned right by the end of the corridor, near the elevators. It was obscured from view by a few potted plants and there was no one about. Kyungsoo patiently waited for Chanyeol to start. He watched him try to begin a few times only to end up closing his lips. He reached out and touched Chanyeol's arm, hoping that the contact would help him relax. "Breathe."

His friend took a deep breath and this time Kyungsoo knew he was ready.

"My father had felt guilty about missing my fifteenth birthday so he promised me that I could get whatever I wanted. You were already being trained to be a singer; Kkamjong had his short-lived fascination with motorcycles while I had nothing to do. So I asked for a guitar, an expensive one. That way I could show off my skills to my cousin and play for you while you sang."

Kyungsoo smiled at the memory. At that time, Chanyeol was too skinny, Jongin was too dark and he was too short for normal fifteen year olds. "You were a terrible guitarist," he teased.

"I know," Chanyeol answered with a sigh. "I was so horrible at it that I believe my parents booked their tour to France a few days after because they couldn't stand the noise I was making. Grandmamma and Nonna always went out and Jongin always had his Ipod in full volume."

"The only one who ever cared enough to listen was you. I knew you were tired from all your training and I was slowly killing your eardrums but you always said yes when I asked you to. That was why," Chanyeol looked straight into Kyungsoo's eyes and the singer felt that what he would say next would change everything. "On my sixteenth birthday, I was sure that I'd want to spend the rest of my life with you. Because I knew you'd never leave me behind."

"I'm--" I'm sorry. Kyungsoo was speechless.

He didn't know and he felt stupid because Chanyeol just told him that he practically felt this way for all these years but he had never once realized. He was always too occupied with Jongin to notice.

"I wanted so much to tell you. But the years came and went and I passed on every chance I got. I always told myself to wait, that it wasn't the right moment." Chanyeol gave him a sad smile. "I was so sure that you’d somehow feel the same way so I thought I had the time."

The taller guy held on to Kyungsoo's hand, the one placed on Chanyeol's arm. "Now this is the moment, the one I've been waiting for all this time and it's so easy to just take this chance. Everything's right where it should be. It's just this," he pointed at his chest. "All it has ever known to say was your name but right now... it's not working right. It's hard because I realized it's been saying a different thing way before tonight. How could that even happen when I was so sure of what I felt for you? It's like I'm an idiot who can't make up his mind because, damnit--" Chanyeol looked heart achingly lost and confused. "--I love you, Kyungsoo."

Kyungsoo wanted to curse himself for the unknown pain he had caused his best friend all these years. He put his arms around Chanyeol and let him lean on to him this time. "I know," he whispered as he held on his friend tighter. "But you're not in love with me."

Chanyeol tensed in his arms but Kyungsoo felt him nod against his shoulder. "I don't know what to do."

"Knowing the difference is a start." Kyungsoo pulled back and faced his friend. "Drying those tears will be the next."

"I'm not crying," Chanyeol mumbled defensively.

"Of course you're not," he teased. Kyungsoo felt relieved to see his friend trying to smile again but he was surprised by Chanyeol's next question.

"Kyungsoo-yah, what if I screwed everything up so badly I couldn't fix it anymore? What if I'm really meant to be alone?"

"Chanyeol, I'm your best friend. No matter what happens, you'll never be alone. I'll be here."

The taller guy paused thoughtfully before he smirked. "Did you just quote your song to me?"

"On second thought, you're on your own." He turned to leave Chanyeol behind.

"Kyungsoo," his friend called out. “Thank you.”

He looked over his shoulder. "No, thank you. For always asking me to listen to you practice and making me feel special."

And Kyungsoo had to quickly walk away lest Chanyeol see his tears.






The silence was deafening.

Junmyeon stole a quick glance to the guy riding the elevator with him. Yixing looked so cold and aloof that it got him asking if what happened earlier in his car was anything but a figment of his imagination. He was actually late to react because he was too busy trying to find his brain.

He discreetly touched his lips. It felt swollen and tender, especially his lower lip where Yixing bit into earlier and... Oh my god he really should stop thinking about it. Because they agreed (after the seventh time they had to part) that the kiss (well, kisses) didn't happen.

It was kind of hard to deny when one look at his reflection on the elevator walls showed him a skewed bowtie and a dazed look he wasn't able to completely shake off. Yixing's leather jacket didn't fare much better (was that a handprint on his right shoulder?). And honestly, the manager's lips looked puffy and... Well kissed.

I did that, he thought smugly. Junmyeon couldn't deny that he felt proud that he was able to make the Evil Manager lose control. There were moments during their kiss (oh okay, kisses) that Yixing had surprisingly let him be in control and take the lead.

Although, now he had no idea what this meant for the two of them. Do they go back to what they were before the kiss (fine, kisses)? Or would they be nicer to each other? Would Zhang Yixing stop being a prick or would they continue with their everyday bickering?

Because sometimes, truthfully Junmyeon got tired of their arguing. He wasn't even sure why they argued so much anyway. To be honest, he admired Yixing for what he was able to accomplish as Lu Han's manager. He could even go as far as to say he envied the guy's skill. Yes, they may have gotten off on the wrong foot but wasn't this the chance to make things better?

He liked Yixing. He knew that now.

Maybe it was time he let him know. Maybe Yixing would like him, too. Maybe.

Junmyeon was about to speak when the elevator suddenly stopped at the fifteenth floor. The doors opened but there was no one outside. Then he felt himself being pushed way out of the carriage. He turned and was too stunned to do anything but stare back at Yixing who was still inside.

"We can't arrive together or someone might get suspicious. Just go up after five minutes," the manager said.

He wanted to protest but the doors closed in his face.

He liked Zhang Yixing? No. He hated him. He hated him so much.

Junmyeon waited a few minutes more before pushing the up button. It didn't take long for him to arrive at the party. He was painfully late. So late that the guests were already leaving. He went straight to his assistant and demanded to know what happened while he wasn't there. He took a relieved breath. His assistant said that everything went well. She was sure the success of the launch party will be all over the news tomorrow.

"But where were you, Mr. Kim? We were looking all over for you. And come to think of it Manager Zhang was missing, too." His assistant looked at him curiously.

"There was a road accident and we... I mean I got stuck. I left you voice messages though because you weren't answering your phone." Junmyeon tried to sound reproachful to distract the woman from asking too much.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Kim. I was running everywhere because people were asking for you and then there was the things I had to do and--"

"It's okay. I'm sorry for being late, though," Junmyeon sighed.

"No problem, sir. By the way, Mrs. Park as well as President Park already left. But Mr. Lee of HJ Entertainment wanted to speak to you. I think he's still there at the bar."

"Alright. Thanks for everything."

Jummyeon made his way to the bar and saw the EM chatting with Mr. Lee. He tried to act unaffected and pasted a professional smile on his lips.

"Mr. Lee, I heard you were looking for me?" he asked, not once looking at Yixing.

The older guy grinned widely when he saw Junmyeon. "Kim Junmyeon-ssi!" he greeted warmly before turning to Yixing. "Can you excuse us for a while, Manager Zhang?"

The Chinese guy nodded and straightened from his position. "See you around, Mr. Lee."

Yixing started to walk past Junmyeon and the EVP fully expected to be ignored just as he was pretending to ignore the EM. What he didn't expect was the slow brush of fingers against his as Yixing passed by him.

Junmyeon couldn't help but watch his retreating back.

Okay, so maybe I like you again.






Chanyeol opened the door. It was dark inside. Coming home to an empty apartment wasn't nice at all. Which was funny because he had been coming home to the same place for the past three years but he didn't feel like this before.

He walked listlessly inside. He was exhausted but he couldn't sit still. Where was Baekhyun?

He tried to search for him after his talk with Kyungsoo. He didn't know what he would say to the pup when he saw him; he just felt it was imperative to know that Baekhyun was near. Except he couldn't find him and he couldn't find Jongin, either.

He didn't want to think that they were together. There was nothing wrong with Jongin. His cousin was perfect. It was just that Baekhyun is--

Damnit, you're mine. You're not allowed to drive anyone crazy but me.

The thought of Kyungsoo rejecting him was painful however the thought of Baekhyun doing the same thing... his stupid heart would shrivel up and die. It sounded melodramatic but it really would.

Ya, Byun Baekhyun. Look what you did to me.

With heavy footsteps, he trudged towards his bedroom, feeling another pang in his chest when he saw the floor beside his bed. It looked too empty without Baekhyun and his pillows. He walked to his closet, intending to change out of his clothes.

His brows knitted a bit because the door was slightly ajar. He never left it open. Chanyeol pulled the door open and was astonished to see the stray pup inside. Baekhyun was sitting on the floor of closet, head bowed, hugging his knees to his chest before looking up at Chanyeol with an equally surprised expression. "Potato-ahjussi!"

Then Chanyeol saw that the pup was wearing his own yellow hoodie and jeans. Why was he wearing those clothes?

“Please let me go.”

He did let Baekhyun go. Didn't he let Jongin pull him away earlier? But had Baekhyun meant something else? Did he mean that he would leave Chanyeol? That he'd never see Baekhyun again?

His eyes went to the Starling lightstick on Baekhyun's hand and his heart immediately cried out in protest. No.

"You're leaving," he said, backing away and bracing himself for the answer he knew was coming.

Baekhyun stood up and stepped out. "Yes."

He expected it but it didn't stop it from being any less painful.

Why? Was it because I was stupid?


The pup looked away.

Don't I mean anything to you at all? Are you leaving me for Jongin? Do you love him so much you're so quick to throw me aside?

“Chanyeol?” Baekhyun swished and pointed the lighstick at him. “I free you. You’re no longer a potato.”

But I don’t mind because you told me I’m cute. Aren’t I your potato?

"Thank you for everything. But I need to go." Baekhyun gazed back at him.

His hands fisted. “Byun Baekhyun, tell me why. This is my house. I’m law. Tell me. Why are you leaving?”

"Because being with you... It hurts." As if he said too much, Baekhyun turned his back to him and quickly walked away.

Staying with him was painful? But I tried to make you happy. I tried damnit.

Perhaps he didn't try hard enough. He wasn't good enough. Wasn't that what the stray pup meant?

Chanyeol couldn't breathe because Baekhyun… just broke his heart. It was like every step that Baekhyun took away from him was a direct stab to his chest.

"It hurts, huh?" he said with a mocking laugh, maddened and blinded by despair. He knew he sounded horrid but wasn't that what Baekhyun thought of him? Someone who gave other people pain. "Do you even know what pain is?" The words came out with hurt anger.

Baekhyun stopped on his tracks. He looked back at Chanyeol and his eyes were bright with unshed tears.

That’s unfair. I'm the one who's supposed to cry, not you. I'm the one you're leaving behind.

"I know what pain is. Believe me, I know," the shorter boy said with a laugh which pierced through the haze of self-pity Chanyeol was lost in. Baekhyun stepped towards him. "Pain is staying even when you know you should have left a long time ago.”

“It is waiting and waiting for someone who never came."

Another step closer.

"It's hearing a confession not meant for you... losing yourself in a kiss not meant for you." Two steps and Baekhyun was in front of him, looking like a furious angel.

"It's hiding inside a closet because, damnit Chanyeol, the tears just won't stop!"

Chanyeol was taken aback by the bitterness and the frustration flashing in Baekhyun's eyes. Baekhyun went even closer and poked him painfully in the chest with his lightstick. His hand automatically went up to hold on to it. He wanted to pull Baekhyun close but the resignation he saw in his face stopped him.

“Pain is me, Park Chanyeol. It's me, every time I look at you, knowing you'll never love me the way I love you."

Then Baekhyun turned and ran, leaving Chanyeol too shocked and bewildered to move.

You're in love with me? You love me? But I thought... All this time...

He wanted to hit himself again. Again and again. He really was stupid, damnit.

"Come back," he whispered brokenly.

But Baekhyun was gone. All that was left was the Starling lightstick he was clutching against his chest.

“... knowing you'll never love me the way I love you.”

But I do love you, pup. I'm crazy in love with you.






Jongin's knuckles hovered in front of the door leading to Kyungsoo's dressing room. He had been standing outside for more than five minutes now, trying to gather enough courage to knock. He hesitated to see Kyungsoo because the last time he saw him, his best friend was in his cousin's arms.

He prayed for something that could turn him numb just for the next few minutes so he could talk to Kyungsoo without breaking down. But there was no going around this. If he wanted to move on, he had to give his confession and get it over with once and for all and wish for Kyungsoo's and Chanyeol's happiness.

All I want is for you to be happy. If you found it with Chanyeol, then I'm content.

That was what he was supposed to say. He repeated it in his head again and again because if he did, maybe he'd somehow believe it. He was Kyungsoo's and Chanyeol's best friend. He should be happy for them. He should. No matter how much it hurts, he should.

With one last deep breath, he knocked. "It's Jongin."

It took a few moments before the door opened. Kyungsoo was alone inside and after letting Jongin in, he went back to packing his belongings up. He was now in just a simple shirt and jeans. He realized that before him was Kyungsoo, not the star, but his best friend and the boy he fell in love with.

And he was so nervous.

Think of a happy place, Baekhyun had once said.

A happy place? This time it wouldn't work. He shook his head. Because his happy place was anywhere Kyungsoo was-- his happy place was right in front of him.

"Hey," Jongin said faintly.

"Hey," Kyungsoo replied, not looking at him.

Now, Jongin.

All I want is for you to be happy. If you found it with Chanyeol, then I'm content.

Say it.

"All--" he started but the rehearsed line wouldn't come out.

Kyungsoo looked up at him with a guarded expression. Since when did Kyungsoo hide things from him?

"You broke your promise." Jongin couldn't stop the words from spilling out. "You broke it."

The singer's eyes rounded. "What?"

Jongin, it's time to stop, he told himself but his mouth couldn't seem to obey his brain. "I didn't mean to but I saw you with Chanyeol earlier. He told you he loved you."

"He did," Kyungsoo said, abandoning what he was doing and staring strangely at Jongin.

"You... you love him, too, right?" Jongin could feel his throat tighten.

"Of course I love him."

All I want is for you to be happy. If you found it with Chanyeol, then I'm content.

Just say it and go.

"You see? You broke your promise," Jongin said. He winced at how jealous and hurt he sounded.

"What promise?" Kyungsoo asked incredulously.

Jongin hated it. He hated this. "You promised that when you fall in love, I'd be the first to know."

His best friend laughed but it wasn't one bit amused. "You're telling me... my god. I didn't break any damned promise."

Jongin answered in defense. "You just told me you love Chanyeol--"

"He's my best friend. I grew up with him. Of course, I love him."

It felt like he was digging his own grave but Jongin couldn't stop. "Then--"

"How could you?" Kyungsoo asked suddenly. "How could you accuse me of breaking my promise when you were the one who couldn't keep yours?"

Jongin guessed he deserved that. But they weren't talking about him! They were talking about Kyungsoo and how Kyungsoo shouldn't be in love with Chanyeol. Not when Jongin loved him this much. "My parents died Kyungsoo--"

"I'm not talking about that! Do you think I'm mean enough not to understand that you had to leave? I was talking about the same promise you're telling me I broke." Kyungsoo crossed his arms across his chest. "The brunette? The one you've been holding hands with?"

"Baekhyun?" Jongin asked, a little lost. How did Baekhyun get into this?

"Yes, Baekhyun! The pretty boy you were always with. Everyone's in love with him." Kyungsoo glared at him.

Did Kyungsoo think...?

"But I'm not--"

"So you see unlike you, I keep my word. Because I'm in love with you and you're the first one to know!" his best friend almost shouted.

They were both surprised by the admission. Jongin's jaw dropped as he stared at Kyungsoo. The singer looked stricken and hastily turned his back on Jongin.

Jongin could barely believe it. He wanted to jump, shout, and climb out of his skin. His heart wanted to explode because Kyungsoo just said he loved him.

He stood behind Kyungsoo and went for broke. He wrapped his arms around his best friend's shoulder, gathering him close to his chest. He felt Kyungsoo stiffen a bit but Jongin didn't let go.

"That was a confession, right?" he whispered against Kyungsoo's hair. "Because you can't take it back."

"You're dumb...Why do I love you?" Kyungsoo said, holding onto his arm.

Jongin wanted to cry at how much time he wasted. They could have been together if he hadn’t been as dumb as he apparently was.

"I don't know either. But I'm glad you do." He pressed his lips against Kyungsoo's cheek. "I love you."

"You're really dumb."

Jongin felt Kyungsoo lean unto him and this was all he ever wanted--Kyungsoo finding happiness with him. He was content.

"I'm a starling."

"Really, really dumb."





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So yeah, pls don't hate chanyeol okay?
if u were him you'd love kyungsoo too. \o/
and yay for kaisoo \o/
and mah hunhan isnt sehun the greatest..and luhan the greatest bish? :D 
idek what else to say lol
about five chaps to go i think... ;A; but yeah. stay tuned lmao
ps. as for the comments, im sorry i am not able to reply to all of you but
i remember somneone asking abt the SCANDAL seven months ago
The scandal happened when the Wus seized the Byuns' properties
and it was quite public, meaning everyone in Baekhyun's circle knew about it
making them not want to associate themselves with him.




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Thank you!
ill be replying to the comments soon.. omg just so many but i will. ilu guys
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