Then Came You




He wasn't supposed to report to work until Monday but Jongin found himself walking across the polished marble floors of KSE's lobby. He nodded at the other employees who passed by him and smiled at the female receptionist who gave him a wide grin. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood that Friday morning, probably because it was the weekend which meant two days off for most of them.

He had an inexplicable urge to get to the office today. He was feeling antsy since last night and wasn't really able to sleep all that well. There was something pushing him to move, to do something, because if he didn't he might end up thinking too much.

He would once again dwell on his last conversation with Chanyeol--on his cousin's confession of his feelings for Kyungsoo. He had to admit he was surprised to hear that Chanyeol thought of Kyungsoo that way. They have always been friends, best friends, and he wasn't sure what to feel about it. Not that he doubted Chanyeol would take care of Kyungsoo it was just... just confusing how he wanted to take back the words when he said 'okay'.

It wasn't as if he also felt that the same about Kyungsoo, too, right?


When he realized he was doing exactly what he wanted to avoid doing, Jongin shook his head and went inside the elevator. He was at a loss though when he faced the floor buttons. He didn't even know where to go to. He sighed and smiled at the other occupants. With virtually nothing to do, Jongin rode the elevator up to the top most floor then rode it down again. Alone on the way to the first floor, he studied himself on the mirrored walls. His eyes were a little droopy from the lack of sleep but his face was still the same. His white blazer contrasted nicely with his dark complexion. He looked polished, handsome even, his reflection revealing nothing of the inner turmoil he was having.

Jongin watched the numbers above the door change. With each floor, Jongin reminded himself of the reasons why he should be glad that Chanyeol liked Kyungsoo. For one, he wanted the best for his cousin and Kyungsoo admittedly was the best. Chanyeol deserved to be loved and cared for and no one was as loving and caring as Kyungsoo. They've known each other since they were kids, when they were still toothless and in diapers, so Kyungsoo knew what would make Chanyeol happy. Kyungsoo was talented, handsome and everything a person could ever want.

He thought that if he was Chanyeol he'd definitely fall for Kyungsoo, too.

Jongin paused. His heart began beating fast. Too fast. What did he just say? There was a tiny voice at the back of his mind trying to be heard. But no, he shouldn't entertain those thoughts. He shouldn't even be thinking. Stop.

Except his thoughts kept on racing. What did stop was the elevator. And maybe the world was actually against him that day because the doors opened to reveal Kyungsoo, whose eyes widened when he saw Jongin.

"Hey, Jongin," Kyungsoo said with a startled smile before he entered.

"Kyungsoo," he replied, hoping that the smaller boy doesn't notice how disconcerted he was. He was debating whether to get off or not when the doors closed once again, taking the decision from him. This was just Kyungsoo, why was he so nervous?

The shorter boy turned and looked at him expectantly. Jongin knew Kyungsoo said something but he wasn't able to hear it above the loud pounding of his heart. "Huh?"

"I said I didn't expect to see you. I thought you would be starting by Monday," Kyungsoo repeated patiently, throwing Jongin a slightly puzzled glance.

"Yeah, I was supposed to start on Monday but well..." he shrugged for he had no idea what to say.

Kyungsoo burst into a short laugh, the sound warming Jongin's insides. "Our dear Jongin is all grown up, all excited to work," he teased.

With his round eyes almost disappearing into deep crescents and his cute nose a bit scrunched up, Kyungsoo looked exactly the same way he did on his 15th birthday--when Jongin presented him with a store-bought cup of chocolate pudding as a gift.

He was sure his friend was going to receive all kinds of fancy gifts but Jongin bought the pudding for him, hoping Kyungsoo would remember the time he scolded Chanyeol for teasing Jongin about having dark skin. Kyungsoo said that his color reminded him of chocolate and it was nice. Jongin could have chosen more expensive and imported ones but he opted for the simple dessert because he was sure Kyungsoo hasn't tasted that before and for some reason he wanted to be different from the rest. Although, he was having second thoughts by the time all the guests have gone and he was left standing in front of his best friend. He fidgeted as Kyungsoo was opening the gift and he almost snatched it from the shorter boy's hands. But Kyungsoo looked up at him with that smile of his, making Jongin feel as if he did something right.

And he felt the same way now. After three years of being apart, this--talking, smiling and just plain being with Kyungsoo--felt absolutely right. Jongin couldn't stop himself from touching his friend's brow with his middle and index finger, a gesture he used to do whenever Kyungsoo smiled like that. Then the nervousness began to fade because God, Jongin this is just Kyungsoo, your best friend and they've known each other forever. "Kyungsoo."

However, the nervousness disappeared just to be replaced by an unfamiliar emotion… one akin to selfishness because he found himself wanting that smile to be only his. He wanted a lot of things to be only his. Before he could fully grasp the enormity of that revelation, the elevator stopped once again, making him step away from Kyungsoo with surprise.

"Kyungsoo-ssi!" Lu Han's manager greeted Kyungsoo as he entered the carriage. He then bowed politely at Jongin before settling himself in between them.

"Manager Zhang," Jongin responded. He was unsure if he should be annoyed or relieved by the intrusion.

"So, Kyungsoo-ssi, where's the fantastic EVP Kim?" The manager asked, his face turned to Kyungsoo so he didn't see Jongin frown at the sarcastic slant to his question.

"He's in his office, I would think," Kyungsoo answered.

"Great then. It's good to know he's doing something productive instead of just walking around, expecting the world to admire his glorious self." the older man scoffed.

What was this man's problem? Jongin thought. His cousin, Junmyeon, is one of the nicest guys around. Kyungsoo didn't answer.

"Anyway, you're going to the studio, right? I'm also on my way there," Yixing continued.

"Yes." Kyungsoo nodded and there was silence as the three occupants didn't really have anything more to say.

The elevator opened at the third floor, where the practice studios were located. The manager went out first, leaving the two friends a few seconds alone.

"Well, I'll see you later," Kyungsoo waved before stepping out and all Jongin could do was nod and watch him go. He was panicking and the sight of Kyungsoo's retreating back was causing his chest to cave in.

The doors closed and Jongin slumped against the wall. He was lost once again. He felt stupid for how could he have known too late? If seeing Kyungsoo walk away from him was this difficult, how much more when he sees him walk away with Chanyeol?





Baekhyun blew air into his cheeks before he pressed his palms against his face to flatten them. He was sitting outside the room where the interviews were held. There were about a dozen or so applicants outside waiting for their turns. He was a little nervous because this was KSE and, although it was impossible that the president himself would do the interview, Baekhyun couldn't escape the fact that Park Chanyeol was just somewhere inside the building.

He blanked out at first when he read that the job he was going to apply for was from the said entertainment company. He knew that entangling his life with that of Chanyeol's and the others around him was not good so he decided to have as little to do with them as possible given the circumstances. But it seemed fate was resolved to go right against him on that. He had half a mind to not appear for the interview but Ms. Choi put her efforts on finding him this opportunity, he couldn't just do that. He also thought of failing the interview but he couldn't as well since it would reflect on Ms. Choi, too. And above all else, he really needed a job so he could solve his problems and go back to his normal life.

He straightened the collar of the white button up shirt he was wearing. He was forced to borrow clothes from Chanyeol again and admittedly it was a bit broad on the shoulders. It was kind of funny how the giant coldly handed him the clothes as if he wasn't the one who insisted on them. Baekhyun tried to refuse--he was already so indebted to Chanyeol--but the taller guy picked up Baekhyun's lightstick. His eyes widened in worry because Chanyeol wouldn't think of breaking it, right? But Chanyeol just waved the thing at him and threatened to turn him into a potato, too.

He couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous picture the young president made, waving a glowing lightstick with one hand and a set of clothes with the other while frowning down at him. Baekhyun relented, promising himself this was the last time. There was an awkward pause after he took the clothes and thanked Chanyeol with a smile. It felt like Baekhyun crossed another line, took another step towards something he should run away from. Thankfully, Nonna arrived and broke the silence.

Remembering what happened earlier, Baekhyun was having second thoughts again. He told himself that this was really a bad idea but he didn't have much time to ponder on it because the door opened and he was instructed to go inside. He was greeted warmly by the interviewer. Baekhyun sat down after handing the lady his papers, holding his hands together on his lap to keep them from fidgeting. Much like his interview with Ms. Choi, the woman read over his credentials before looking up at him. She seemed kind though which eased Baekhyun's nerves.

"Well, Mr. Byun, the resume and recommendation letter you gave already answered most of the questions we have. Just two things, though. First would be, where do you currently reside? We need to consider the proximity of your residence to the company. You only wrote Seoul as your address here."

Baekhyun thought frantically for a suitable reply. He really couldn't say he was living with Chanyeol, couldn't he? "Oh, yes. I am in the process of moving into a new place in the city. I would gladly update that information soon."

The woman nodded. "Before I ask the second question, I would like to tell you something about the job you are applying for. Of course you are familiar with what we do here at KStar, right?"

"Yes, of course. KSE is one of the top entertainment companies in the country. You train and manage artists from different fields," Baekhyun answered.

"Correct. Well, we would like to believe we are the top in the country,” she said laughingly. "Anyway, in a few months we would be launching the biggest collaboration ever in the kpop industry and the company is going all out on it. Everyone is working towards making this a success so we need extra hands to ensure that result. So we are hiring several individuals to be distributed to the different departments for the next five months. The jobs would range from office messengers to production assistants." The woman described some more positions and quoted the possible salary they would receive.

"Basically, that's it. And as we've informed the applicants, the jobs are contractual, meaning the contracts would expire in five months from your hiring date. But that's not to say that we wouldn't be considering you for a permanent position. If you do good enough and we are satisfied with your work, we might ask you to stay."

Baekhyun thought everything sounded great. It was just what he needed because he figured he just needed about that much time to straighten things out. Plus, the pay was really good.

"Now, the second question will be, how soon can you start?" The interviewer asked with a smile.

That meant he was already hired, right? Baekhyun felt relieved. "I can actually start as soon as possible."

"That's great! Let me just see what department you'd be assigned to. Hm." The woman looked into the list she was holding. "Oh, here. You would be reporting to the Promotions and Marketing department. Can you start this coming Monday?"

"Yes, of course," Baekhyun said eagerly, infected by the lady's enthusiasm.

"And ooh, they have a new boss up there," the woman said almost to herself.

"I'm sorry?" Baekhyun didn't quite hear what the woman said.

"It's nothing. I just said Promotions would have a new head and he starts this coming Monday, too. You're lucky then. The previous head was really strict. And old," she laughed again. "I'm sorry, I talk too much sometimes."

She handed him a copy of the contract. "I need your signature here and included are the list of requirements you have to submit when you start on Monday."

"Thank you." Baekhyun stood up and bowed.

The lady extended her arm for a handshake. "Welcome to KSE, Mr. Byun and good luck on your first day."

I have a job. I have a job, Baekhyun thought again and again. I finally have a job. There was still the problem of it being in KSE but Baekhyun couldn't help his lips from splitting into an obnoxiously wide grin as he walked dazedly out the room. He wanted to jump and maybe roll around. He felt accomplished somehow. He was able to get a job and he didn't feel useless anymore. He was so busy congratulating himself that he didn't look where he was going. He was jolted quite abruptly from his thoughts when he bumped into somebody. Fortunately, the taller guy was quick enough to hold on to Baekhyun so he didn't fall on his .

"Oh, sorry!" Baekhyun squeaked as he looked up, embarrassed.

"It's alright.” The man smiled down at Baekhyun and he thought he looked really handsome, in an intriguing sort of way. Maybe it's his tan complexion. The guy looked like an actor. Was he a trainee perhaps?

Baekhyun stepped back and straightened himself. He smiled shyly and was about to walk past when the guy spoke. "Excuse me, is that the way to Human Resources?"

Baekhyun turned back and grinned. "Yes, the second door to the right," he pointed. "Oh, are you an applicant, too?"

The guy gave him a small smile. "Sort of?"

"That's great! I actually just got hired. Isn't that awesome? Don't worry. The interviewer's really nice." Baekhyun came closer and patted the guy on the shoulder. "You can do it! Who knows? We may end up working together."

The man grinned, too, which made him more handsome and made Baekhyun think he should do a talent audition instead. "Yeah, maybe."

"Just remember to smile, and when you get too nervous, think of a happy place but don't take too long because then she might think you're weird and I guess that's bad. Oh, what am I doing? I probably made you late. But yes, fighting!" he said before waving goodbye to the stranger.

"Wait! What's your name?" the guy called out.

Baekhyun looked back. "Oh, it's Byun Baekhyun."

"Nice to meet you, Byun Baekhyun and thanks."

Baekhyun smiled at him once more. "No problem! What's your name?"

"It's Kim Jongin."

"Good luck, Kim Jongin! Hope to see you on Monday."





Chanyeol was in a good mood. A very very good mood. He was finally going to get Joey back today and life couldn't get any better. Well, it could but... whatever, he was still going to get his car so no more death threats on his answering machine from Zitao every morning. He was imagining himself in his car, driving the streets of Seoul, and the freedom that came with it. That was why Chanyeol never let anyone drive him (of course except Zitao). Chanyeol wanted to be in control--the speed, where to turn to and when to stop. It was how he viewed his life, too. He wanted to be the one to say what direction it would take. He didn't want people making decisions for him. Even if his parents have doted on him, Chanyeol grew up to be an independent person.

He was also a doer and, although there have been rough patches along the way, he thought it was about time he did something about his feelings for Kyungsoo. There was nothing stopping him now. He smiled to himself. Things were really looking up for him.

"Don't you think so?" the blonde guy beside him asked. Chanyeol glanced at Lu Han and he has no idea what the other said. But he was Park Chanyeol and he doesn't show it so he nodded.

"I knew you'd approve." Lu Han beamed at him. The singer had been talking to him whenever they meet at the company, walking and chatting with him about anything he deemed interesting. Chanyeol smiled stiffly. It wasn't that he disliked Lu Han, he just wasn't comfortable with it.

He wasn't really into this kind of casual conversations. No one ever did ask Chanyeol about the weather or about what he thought the color of the practice room should be (which apparently was what Lu Han was talking about and which Chanyeol was currently tuning out once again). People come to him for serious discussions, for business. Well, all except for that Byun Baekhyun.

Chanyeol thought the guy was more random than the lottery. You never really know what would come out of that mouth of his. Just this morning, Baekhyun went on and on about the stitch count of Chanyeol's bed sheets and how it affected his sleep. The boy and Nonna-halmeoni were heavily into the discussion and surprisingly, Chanyeol felt left out. He somehow wanted for Baekhyun to talk to him, too, which was confusing since half the time he wished for him to shut up (Chanyeol didn't give a damn about bed sheets, either). Unlike his reaction to Lu Han's chatter, Chanyeol found himself listening to Baekhyun--whatever it was that he was saying. Was it his voice? But Lu Han sounded pleasant, too. Not that he thought Baekhyun sounded pleasant because he doesn't... oh, alright, he does but only a little or maybe a bit more and when Baekhyun laughed it was nice and kind of musical and he looked a bit pretty especially when he smiled and when his eyes crinkled at the corners and... And why was he even thinking about that puppy again?

He was relieved when he saw Junmyeon wave from his office door and walk towards them.  At least his cousin could distract him from his increasingly weird thoughts. He was about to ask for a progress report when Junmyeon spoke to Lu Han, ignoring Chanyeol completely. What was this?

"Oh, Good morning Lu Han! Where's that great manager of yours?" Chanyeol could hear the mocking tone behind the question but Lu Han just smiled sweetly at Junmyeon before answering.

"I'm going to see him in a bit. Did you want to talk to him?"

"Goodness, no. Why would I? But it's good to know he's doing his job instead of just walking around as if he owned the place," Junmyeon smirked. "Are you going to the training room? I'm going to meet Kyungsoo-yah, there, too. Let's go together. Oh, Chanyeol-ssi, you're here, I didn't notice you."

Chanyeol raised an eyebrow at his cousin. He was 185 cm. How could Junmyeon even miss him standing there beside Lu Han? Dammit, what was wrong with people? "I was standing here the whole time," he said tonelessly.

Junmyeon just grinned at him before ushering Lu Han towards the elevators. Chanyeol sighed and proceeded to return to his office. Mrs. Cho, the secretary greeted him with a list of calls he missed and his remaining schedule for the day.

"And President Park, your grandmother called," she added.

His grandma? "Did she tell you why?"

"No, sir. I told her you were out on a brunch meeting and would be gone until lunch time. She said she'd be calling--" Mrs. Cho paused when a phone rang.

Chanyeol took out his mobile and sure enough it was his grandmother on the line. He nodded at his secretary before going inside his office. He wanted to be comfortable when he answered the call because knowing his grandma, this could take long. "Grandma! I'm glad you--"

"Hush, Park Chanyeol. Who told you to ignore your grandmama? I'm surprised you even remember who I am!" the old lady scolded.

"What do you--?"

"Don't act as if you don't know, you disgraceful child! I have been waiting here in the mansion and I'm already old and I'm dying but does my grandson visit me? Of course not, why would he? He doesn't care about his grandmama anymore," she sniffed.

Chanyeol rolled his eyes, his grandma was at it again--throwing tantrums like a baby. Although, he understood why she was like this. She was probably bored with nothing else to do. She used to handle Talent Acquisition but she has been retired for some time now. "Of course, I care grandma--"

"Hmp. And your cousin, too! You boys don't have time for your grandmother! Jongin just told me this morning that he's getting his own apartment. He just got back here. Doesn't he want to spend time with me? No one goes to see me, even my darling Kyungsoo is so busy, and he doesn't drop by."

"Grandmama, I'm sure--" Chanyeol tried to placate the old woman but he was disrupted. Again.

"I don't want to listen to your excuses. Nonna and I took care of all of you since you were all little. The only one who loves me is my baby Zitao and he's not even my blood relative. You know what? I'm going to have my last will changed and I'll leave everything to him and Nonna, see if I don't."

"Grandma, you've threatened to do that for the fifth time this year already," Chanyeol said as he smiled into the receiver.

"Well, this time I'm going to do it!"

"We're just busy at the office, you know that. We're all preparing for the big launch. And please don't work your blood pressure up. It's bad for your health," Chanyeol said. For all his grandmother's prickliness, she was still just another softie. "I promise I'll visit soon--"

"I want to see you at the mansion this weekend," the old woman demanded.


"This weekend, Park Chanyeol."

Chanyeol sighed inwardly. "Yes, grandmama. I'll be there tomorrow afternoon, okay?"

"Fine. Now say goodbye to me properly."

"Goodbye, grandma."

"Okay, I love you, dear," she said before hanging up as if she didn't just spend the last five minutes berating him. Chanyeol had to smirk.

But it was better this way. He didn't have plans for the weekend anyway. He first thought of just spending it in his house but then he remembered that he doesn't live there alone anymore. That would be a whole 24 hours with Byun Baekhyun. He didn't think he could last a day. The puppy would just drive him crazy; he'd probably end up jumping off the building.

And he thought he was too young to die.





Kim Jongdae's life was pretty simple, routine even. He wakes up early in the morning and checks all his inboxes for announcements from KSE. As Do Kyungsoo's official fanclub president, he takes his breakfast with picture and video updates from Kyungsoo's different fansites. Then he coordinates with his officers so before lunchtime he already has an agenda for the following day and plans for upcoming events that Kyungsoo would attend.

In the afternoon (if Kyungsoo has no schedule for that day), Jongdae either goes to KSE to meet with a liaison from the company to discuss official club related matter--schedules, new merchandise, and whatnot--or he goes to the fan club office to handle internal club issues such as new members, funds and projects. He stays at the Starling headquarters until about six or seven in the evening and takes the bus home with Kyungsoo's songs on repeat in his ipod. On better nights, just before he goes to sleep, he receives an email or a text message from his beloved Kyungsoo himself, thanking him for his hard work or just simply saying goodnight.

Yes, his life was simple but not necessarily easy. Kyungsoo being an international idol made Jongdae's occupation just a little bit more difficult. But he loved it. Some people might think him crazy to devote his time to his favorite artist but Jongdae doesn't mind… for every second was worth it. Not only does he get to be close to his idol, he does get paid, too.

Jongdae was so good at what he does that he was actually voted as the Most Outstanding Club President of 2012 by the League of Fan clubs of S. Korea. And he was proud of that accomplishment. He was well known and respected by all the other fan clubs, even international ones that was why he doesn’t understand why this plump-faced person in front of him doesn’t.

"As I've explained earlier, you cannot occupy this space just because you want to. This has always been the Starlings'," Jongdae tried to demonstrate with his hands. This was really tricky. His VP called him earlier to explain that some Chinese fan club arrived in front of KSE and occupied their usual place, pushing the other Starlings out into the street.

Jongdae ended his meeting prematurely and went to KSE immediately. s were supposed to be setting up a banner for Kyungsoo's 1000th day celebration this weekend but Jongdae found them all frowning at the group of Chinese fans in pink shirts. He quickly tried (and was still trying) to mediate but he knows next to nothing in Mandarin and so does s. He tried to use sign language but this Chinese bun he was talking to was being purposefully difficult.

"Do you get it? Okay?" he asked the foreigner again. But the guy just raised his eyebrows at him.

Jongdae sighed. He stared at the other guy. He was a bit shorter than him, his cheeks were plump but he does have a fair and clear complexion. His hair was a reddish brown which contrasted with the bright pink shirt he wore. There was a curious print at the middle of the shirt (are those wings?) and a bunch of Chinese characters Jongdae doesn’t understand.  And the guy's eyes, which were a bit slanted at the corners, were audaciously laughing at Jongdae. What even?

To cool off his annoyance, Jongdae began saying what really was on his mind since this insufferable guy won't understand anyway. "You look like a bun. A plump sticky bun. But your head is as hard as a brick and you are so annoying."

He was taken aback though when the guy suddenly laughed. "Wow. That sure was diplomatic," the bun said in perfect Korean.

"Wait. What? You understand Korean? No, you speak Korean?!"

The bun answered, "Duh, I am Korean."

Jongdae sputtered. "Then why the hell weren't you answering me?"

"Because it was funny watching you twist yourself into a snit trying to explain," the guy smirked. "Also because we have no intention of moving away."

"Why not? I told you this is Starling territory."

The Chinese-who-turned-out-to-be-a-Korean-damn-it-all bun made a show of straightening his clothes and bowing before answering. "My name is Kim Minseok, president of the greatest fan club in the world--" spreading his arms wide to encompass the members behind him. "--Lu Han's Sweetest."

Jongdae could feel a headache coming. Oh, great.





There was something to be said about the looks Junmyeon-ssi and Manager Zhang were exchanging. Kyungsoo wasn't sure if they wanted to strangle the other or well... he doesn't want to think about the other possibility. Both have been glaring at each other since they met inside the practice room an hour ago and he was quite amazed how the eye contact could last that long.

Lu Han doesn't seem to mind, though, as the singer just kept on with his stretches. Kyungsoo also didn't actually pay that much attention to the two older guys at the back, leaving them to sort out their grievances themselves.

What he couldn't not notice was the guy who silently entered the room and who sat on the couch on the far side of the room, trying to be as discreet as possible. What was Jongin even doing here? Sure, there were a few people inside--the choreographers, assistants, back-up dancers--but does Jongin really think Kyungsoo wouldn't notice him? He was always conscious of his presence, Kyungsoo doesn't understand how but it has always been like that since they were young. He feels it when Jongin enters the room and when his friend creeps behind him (Jongin never did succeed in startling Kyungsoo although it doesn't mean he stopped trying). The air just shifts and he just knows.

That moment inside the elevator earlier… Kyungsoo was still bothered by it. Though surprised, he was really glad to see Jongin. However, there had been such awareness, such tension inside that small space that hasn’t been there before. When Jongin touched his temple, Kyungsoo felt as if he belonged. It was a bit insane, how does one even feel he belonged? Jongin certainly doesn’t own him. It was just he wanted things and it was scary.

And it makes Kyungsoo fairly self-conscious right now. They were being taught the moves for their upcoming single's choreography and the routine was quite complicated. He had been making mistakes and Lu Han's eyes on him have become increasingly hard, but seeing Jongin at the corner of his eyes made everything that much more difficult. His feet wouldn’t move accordingly and his arms feel awkward. He couldn’t concentrate and he could see the instructor frowning albeit subtly.

It was a big relief when they announced the end of the session. The room was slowly emptying. He bent down with his arms on his knees and his heart somewhere along his feet. He looked up when Lu Han patted him on the back with a forced smile.

“Great job today, Kyungsoo-yah,” the blonde said and, although it didn’t sound like it, Kyungsoo wouldn’t be surprised if it was meant to be sarcastic.

“I’m sorry. I was… just—“

But the Chinese singer already turned away to walk towards… Jongin, who looked like he was just about to escape when Lu Han reached him. Kyungsoo suddenly felt wound up. It was Jongin’s fault that Kyungsoo wasn’t able to focus at all. He felt his feet moving and he found himself also marching towards his childhood friend. He doesn’t know what he would do or what he would say, he just wanted to confront him. Or at least make him feel a little bit of the unsettling confusion he felt.

Because this wasn’t acceptable. This thing churning inside his chest whenever he sees Jongin wasn’t the least bit okay.

Then he was in front of the startled Jongin. Kyungsoo opened his mouth to say… to say…

I missed you. All those three years, I wanted to be with you. And now youre back and I dont know what to do. I just want to know... Do you feel the same way? Did you miss me this much, too?

“I—“ The words wouldn’t come out. “I—“

But the door opened and the words became permanently stuck because a tall, silver-haired guy entered, walked up to Jongin and said, “Hey, babe.”










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