Then Came You





"Can you repeat that again, child?" the old lady asked Jongdae and he had to keep himself from sighing because it was the third time the woman asked him that. He already wasted about five minutes he could have spent getting at least three more blue stickers on his board from the passersby in front of KSE.

"I am doing a survey, ahjumeoni, on which would be the official color of Do Kyungsoo and Lu Han's collaboration project. The choices are sunshine yellow," Jongdae pointed at the left side of the board, "And bubblegum pink.” He pointed to the right. “All you have to do is put a sticker on the color you chose."

"Oh." The woman nodded as if in understanding. "But who's Lu Kyungsoo and Do Han?"

Jongdae quietly groaned. He stiffened though when he felt someone watching him and it was proven when he heard a chuckle a few feet behind him.

"Need help?" a voice called out and Jongdae looked back to see the Bun smirking at him.

Get lost. "No."

Minseok shrugged and returned to chatting up other people passing by. Jongdae stole a glance at the similar board the guy was holding, checking to see how many stickers he had there now. He felt relieved when he noticed that the number was just about the same as his. They have been doing this for four days now--since the beginning of the week--and it was tiring standing there on the sidewalk all day, but it was the only thing they could think of to settle the matter of the official color. They agreed that no other fan club official should do this except for the two presidents for it was the only way they could assure that no cheating would happen.

It wasn't that Jongdae and Minseok distrusted their officers, it was just that the temptation to put the stickers themselves was too high considering what the prize would be. It was more than a battle of bubblegum pink versus sunshine yellow, more than the Starlings versus the Sweetest. It was also the battle of who can last all day under the sun without breaking a sweat. And Jongdae had to admit, albeit grudgingly, that the not-so-chinese-bun was a worthy opponent.

Jongdae felt a bit of panic because in the span of a minute, Minseok already got two more stickers on the pink side of his board. "Ah, ahjumeoni, just choose which color you like the best, okay?"

The old lady was about to stick one to the pink side but changed her mind at the last second and put the blue sticker on the yellow one instead. Jongdae almost cried out in relief. He heard another chuckle and saw the Sweetest president laughing at him again. Why does he keep on looking anyway?

Not that Jongdae felt conscious or anything. His hand went up to his hair. He had it cut and styled last weekend after the Bun made fun of his center-part. It was shorter and he was now sporting the cutest kind of fringe ever.

He watched as the other guy walk closer, his smirk in place as usual.

"You certainly have a way with those ahjummas, you lady killer, you," Minseok said mockingly when he was just a feet away.

Jongdae fumed. The insufferable guy made it sound as if he could only charm old ladies! "I have a way with every gender, age bracket and nationality, thank you very much," he scoffed.

"Good for you, then. You'll need all the help you can get." The shorter guy's eyes flicked towards Jongdae's board. "Because the Sweetest are going to win."

"You honestly believe that? You poor baby," Jongdae stepped closer and cooed. "You're so gonna lose."

Minseok burst out laughing to which Jongdae's eyes narrowed. "Laugh all you want now while you still can. It will be my turn when you lose and your arrogance bites you on the ."

"Why are you even looking at my ?" The shorter guy pretended to look scandalized. "You want a bite of my delectable ?"

"Who's looking at your ?!" Jongdae barely controlled himself from stomping his foot in frustration. "And I don't want to bite your or any for that matter!" His voice became louder and the people passing by started to look strangely at him. He smiled apologetically and returned his gaze to the bane of his existence.

"Yeah, really charming." And there goes that damnable smirk again. "I'd love to stay and chat with you but I have people to talk to and a poll to wins so," Minseok said with a nod before walking back to his post. The guy even had the nerve to playfully hid his with his hands and Jongdae really had an urge to throw his board at him.

Breathe in, breathe out. You are better than this, Kim Jongdae. You'll get past this. Breathe in, breathe out. The Starlings will win. Everything will be all sunshine yellow and perfect. Then that Kim Minseok will crawl back to his cave in China, crying, yes.

It was just a quarter before eight in the morning, Thursday has barely started. He still has today to secure the lead and tomorrow the Starlings will emerge as victors. He returned to smiling at potential voters and tried his best to block the annoying presence of the guy across from him. Although, he couldn't seem to keep his eyes from straying to the said delectable .

He had to admit, it was kind of cute.






Chanyeol was looking forward to a day at the office again. Another day of ordering Baekhyun about, watching him run to and fro to do his bidding. He didn't think it cruel to do it, he was technically his boss after all. He was just making sure that Baekhyun was being productive. Nevermind that most of the errands were totally unrelated to his job as a liaison officer. Chanyeol got him busy with delivering his correspondence to the other departments, telling him to go down to maintenance every now and then to adjust the air-conditioning in the President's office, and having the pup fetch him writing paper (he has stacks of them hidden in his table drawers but Baekhyun doesn't need to know that).

For Chanyeol, it was payback--payback for all the confusion and weirdness he kept on feeling, the knots constantly twisting in his stomach, the unexplainable sleepless nights he was having. It certainly wasn't because he doesn't want to spend a minute without the stray pup. It wasn't because of the knowledge that if Baekhyun was doing things for him, then he wouldn't have time to spare for Jongin. It was just a fluke that Chanyeol decided to informally snatch him from Promotions when he saw Baekhyun and his cousin going out to lunch together and looked too happy talking with each other last Monday.

He told himself it was just hunger that made his stomach hurt and his head pound and it wasn't the way Baekhyun laughed at what Jongin said that got him bothered.  It was just a coincidence, pure and simple.

Chanyeol slowed Joey down slightly, looking out at the two guys stationed on either side of KSE's entrance. They've been there for four days now and seeing their boards, he smiled a little at how hardworking the two fan club presidents were. That was good to know for the future of Kyungsoo and Lu Han's collaboration. Junmyeon briefed him about the project after he was surprised to see the two loitering in front of the company and demanded an explanation from the elder. Well, goodluck, he thought before going through the drive way towards the underground parking.

He killed the engine but wasn't able to come out immediately, thoughts caught on a new idea, a small smile playing on his lips. He would have Mrs. Cho throw out the coffee that was sure to be brewing in his office for him and call up Baekhyun to have him make a new one. Yes, he would add that to the new list of tasks he thought of last night.

Chanyeol got out of the car and was about to walk to the elevators when a car passed by, he caught sight of Jongin through the window and decided to wait for him so they could go to the offices together. He frowned a bit because he thought he saw a person in the passenger seat who looked familiar. Who could that be?

He stood there and watched his cousin get out of the car and... No, that wasn't Baekhyun, was it? He just left him not too long ago at their usual spot two blocks away so it couldn't be him.

But it was the stray pup, wearing the blue plaid shirt Chanyeol gave him and smiling at Jongin. The two were too busy talking that they didn't notice Chanyeol as he immediately went inside the elevators and pushed the close button repeatedly. He didn't know why he was so set on not being seen and he felt stupid for running away. He was President Park Chanyeol, for crying out loud. He ran his hand through his blonde hair, not even caring that the action would mess it up.

His stomach hurt again. He couldn't blame it on hunger because he just ate breakfast earlier with Baekhyun, with Nonna watching over them. The shorter boy even had the gall to call him a slave driver in front of the old lady, making halmeoni swat at him. He remembered Baekhyun laughing and smiling contentedly as Chanyeol rubbed his arm.

That smile I own it, don't I? he thought. Baekhyun shouldn't throw it carelessly around. He shouldn't smile like that at Jongin because his cousin was young and... what if he fell for the cute puppy image?

The elevators opened on the seventeenth floor and Chanyeol shook his head. He shouldn't be torturing himself this way, thinking of unimportant things. Nonetheless, his hands clenched as he walked to his office.

Yeah, Park Chanyeol, what if Jongin fell for Baekhyun? What's it to you anyway? His fists tightened. What's it to you?






So he was in a small studio, wearing nothing but his boxers and a bathrobe and Lu Han wanted to throw a fit because the silver-haired boy said he wasn't enough.

"You aren't . I said I wanted you ," Oh Sehun said blandly.

"What do you mean I'm not ?" Lu Han almost shouted, which felt good actually since he doesn't get to do it often now. "Are you blind?"

"Your face is all made up. God knows how many layers of stuff you put on there," Sehun replied patiently. "When I told you '' I meant devoid of any make up, natural. Bare."

Lu Han was torn between face palming himself because he just spent the last five days working out and toning his muscles (not that he wanted to impress Oh Sehun) and murdering the photographer right then and there for not being clear on what he wanted. Who would even think that was what the guy meant?

He was still glaring daggers at Sehun, thinking of a scathing comeback when the guy threw him a set of clothes.

"Change into that and wash your face. Make it fast."

The singer marched into the small bathroom and slammed the door closed. No way was he being photographed without any make up on! That was unthinkable. If Sehun publishes the pictures, everyone would see that his skin wasn't as flawless and his eyes weren't as defined as people thought they were. And he couldn't have that. Lu Han was the Angel of the East and he was supposed to be perfect.

He put on the white, v-neck t-shirt and plain blue jeans, surprised that they fit and that Sehun knew his size. He shrugged, he supposed it shouldn't be surprising since the guy was a photographer, of course he'd be observant as hell. He wiped off the peach lipstick he was wearing, the only concession he was willing to make.

He stepped out and returned to sit on the wooden stool he was on earlier. Lu Han thought the white background would contrast well with his honey-blonde hair which would make him positively angelic. He looked up expectantly at Sehun who was hunched a bit and whose camera was aimed at him. The guy straightened and frowned at him.

"I told you to lose the make-up."

"Nope," he smiled sweetly. "Now let's get on with it, I don't have time." It was true. He told his manager that he needed a few hours off for today and thankfully Yixing didn't ask too many questions. He had to be at KSE within two hours.

But Sehun didn't start. He went away only to return a few moments later holding a damp washcloth in his hand. Before Lu Han could protest, the taller boy was in front of him, standing in the space between his legs, then went on to wipe the make up from his face. Lu Han tried to pull away but Sehun held his chin in place.

And it was unexpected how hard and intent the photographer's eyes were on him but the hands on his face weren't rough at all. They were gentle as they worked on the layers of foundation and powder and Lu Han forgot for a moment that he wasn't supposed to let Sehun do this, that he would look ugly and imperfect if photographed bare-faced. He was caught on the soft of the cloth on his cheeks and the warm hand against his jaw.

Then he felt conscious as the pad of Sehun's thumb ran over a bump on his cheek.

"I have a pimple there," he said, looking away for he didn't want the guy to see how disconcerted he was.

"It's fine," Sehun answered, his voice hushed. "Perfectly fine."

With a last swipe on his forehead, Sehun stepped back and Lu Han could breathe easily again. His eyes went to the washcloth, panicking when he saw his mask smeared on and staining the white cloth. He felt more now than he did when he was just in his boxers. Lu Han's hands went up to his face and he had the urge to hide.

"Don't," Sehun stopped him.

He reluctantly put his arms down and breathed in deeply. He could do this. He waited for Sehun to pick up his camera and when he did, Lu Han went into character. Years of endless photo shoots kicked in and his nervousness dissolved. Click after click, shot after shot, Lu Han smiled and flirted with the lens, forgetting everything except to look beautiful.

A half-hour went by, and it was tiring to pose and project but Lu Han believed he was doing great so he wasn't really prepared when Sehun held a palm up and stopped the shoot.

"What?" he asked.

"Maybe we should do this some other time." Sehun turned and began to walk away.

"What do you mean 'let's do this some other time'?" he demanded. "Everything was going well. I can't understand why--"

Sehun looked back at him. "I told you I need you to be . What I need is you, Lu Han. Not the Angel of the East. You."

"What the hell are you talking about?" He stood up. "This is me. I'm Lu Han!"

But the taller guy just looked vacantly at him.

Lu Han was beyond mad. How dare this... this boy make him feel as if he wasn't good enough. He snatched his bag and coat, not caring that he wasn't wearing his own clothes and angrily strode off.

"I'll see you next Thursday," Sehun called out but Lu Han continued on.

Did the obnoxious guy really expect him to return? He got into his car, and he was appalled by the telltale quivering of his hands against the steering wheel.

To hell with you, I'm never going to see you again.






"Mr. Byun, President Park is asking for you again," Team Leader Shim said as she looked up from her computer screen when Baekhyun entered her office. He just got back from A&R where he delivered a note to EVP Kim from Chanyeol.

Baekhyun sighed as he went out the door. After the nth time the president asked for him, he stopped asking why. The potato-ahjussi has been at it since the beginning of the week. He was surprised, when on Monday, he was sent up to the seventeenth floor and was told that the President needed him to fetch the contracts from Marketing. He was puzzled because he was working for Promotions and he was sure there were other messengers in the office. Why did President Park even need him?

He brushed the confusion off then and Baekhyun has learned to just go with it. He was pretty sure, too, that it wasn't in his job description to fetch writing paper or make sure that the water fountain in the first floor lobby was working properly but what was he to do? He was still getting paid so he didn't mind it much.

It was just that Chanyeol seemed different today. Baekhyun was kind of wondering what happened because the taller guy was his usual grumpy self when he dropped Baekhyun off earlier. Chanyeol even rolled his eyes at him when he waved and smiled goodbye at the younger guy. But when Baekhyun went to his office a few minutes ago, Chanyeol didn't even look at him and his lips were tight at the corners. Usually, when the young president tells him to do something, Baekhyun could see his lips twitch or purse, making him believe that Chanyeol enjoyed ordering him about.

This time, Chanyeol seemed tense and his voice was sharp. He doesn't even give Baekhyun time to rest before giving him something new to do. He was getting tired running around, going up and down the elevators just to do Chanyeol's bidding and he was this close to giving up for the day.

"Baekhyun-ssi!" Jongin approached him. "Can you wait here a bit? I have an important contract I need to have signed right now. I'm just finishing it."

"Um, can I go for a little while and just return for it? I'm sorry, it's just President Park asked for me and I have to go right now, and um." Baekhyun trailed off. He felt bad for making Jongin wait. The guy was his boss and he was hired to do what Jongin asked him to.

"Oh," Jongin replied with a laugh. "So my cousin's asked for you again, huh? You must have impressed him with your skills. I suddenly feel jealous because I thought you were supposed to work for me."

Baekhyun quickly bowed in apology. "I'm really sorry, Jongin-ssi. I'm also not sure why he chose me." Although, he thought that was maybe a lie. "I'm really sorry."

"Don't worry, I'm just kidding." Jongin smiled teasingly at him. "Since you're going to see President Park, tell my cousin that you are still technically my employee and that I need you with me later this afternoon at 3PM. Okay?"

"Okay." Baekhyun nodded. "Do we have a meeting to attend?"

"Not really. We'll just have a short break at the cafe across the street." Jongin waved him off. "Later."

Baekhyun was still smiling when he reached the President's office. Kim Jongin was the best boss ever. He greeted Mrs. Cho before knocking on the door and entering Chanyeol's office. His smile deepened when he saw the blonde guy poring over a document on his desk, brows knitted as he read. Busy potato.

"You called for me?" he started.

Chanyeol glanced at him for an instant before going back to his papers. "Yes."

"Do you have a message or a document that needs to be delivered?"


He patiently waited for the taller guy to tell him what to do. The seconds ticked by but Chanyeol continued with his reading so Baekhyun cleared his throat and tried once more. "Um, President Park, what was it you needed me to do?"

The boy finally looked up again. "Get me coffee."

Baekhyun was taken aback. Coffee? Maybe he didn't hear it right. "Just to make it clear, um, you want me to make you coffee?"

Chanyeol only nodded and Baekhyun doesn't really get angry but he was close to that right now. "You... You called me here just to bring you coffee?"

The other guy stopped reading and folded his hands on top of his desk. "That was what I said."

Baekhyun almost choked with indignation. "I can't believe you. You called me here to make you coffee when somebody else perfectly capable of doing it is directly outside your door.  Jongin-ssi needs me but I had to turn him down because Your Highness called."

Chanyeol frowned. "Well, I need you."

"For what? Something as flimsy as a cup of coffee? I maybe something to make fun of to you, President Park, but down there I have an important job to do. I feel bad for not being able to help Jongin--"

"I don't want to hear about that. I told you to get me coffee."

Baekhyun huffed. Chanyeol was maddening. "Coffee? Okay." Baekhyun marched outside to the nearby pantry. If it's coffee you want, then fine. He returned inside the office and walked towards Chanyeol. Without looking at him, Chanyeol motioned for Baekhyun to place the coffee on his desk. The shorter boy caught the said hand and turned it palm up before promptly dumping a handful of coffee beans on it. Chanyeol looked up in surprise and saw the beans on his hand.

"What is this?!"

"You said you wanted coffee," Baekhyun answered. "You want me to pour hot water on it, too?"

"Damnit," Chanyeol said before throwing the coffee beans on the waste bin beside his desk. "What's wrong with you?"

Baekhyun's jaw dropped. What's wrong with me?

"I'm your boss. This is my office, my law."

"Of course, President Park." Baekhyun turned to go.

"Why? Are you annoyed? Are you angry at me?" Chanyeol spoke and Baekhyun paused. "Shouldn't I be the one to get annoyed and angry?"

Baekhyun looked back in uncertainty. What was Chanyeol saying?

"No matter how many times I tell you that I am law, you still don't listen," Chanyeol stood up and came close. "Didn't I tell you not to go with anybody else?"

"What? What do you mean--?"

"I saw you. I saw you with Jongin earlier. You were with him in his car. Since when did you let him drive you to work?" Chanyeol asked.

Baekhyun has never seen him look so cold and he wasn't sure why he felt guilty when he didn't do anything wrong. "Since last week, when you dropped me off. He saw me walking and, well, he offered to do it." Because he told me it was okay to be seen with him, while you... Baekhyun looked away for Chanyeol might see things he doesn't want him to.

"See? I told you not to just go with anyone who asks you to!"

Baekhyun didn't know what to say. "He's not just anyone. He's my boss and he's your cousin."

"I know. But still," Chanyeol said stubbornly. "When I tell you don't, it means don't!"

It was their first argument all over again. "I don't get you at all." He gave up trying to understand what was happening. "I'll just go."

Baekhyun was disappointed with himself because he thought he now knew Park Chanyeol. He loved him, didn't he? But here he was, more baffled as ever.

He was near the door when he was startled to feel a hand hold on to his upper arm. Unexpected still was when he felt Chanyeol lean his head on his shoulder. Potato-ahjussi, why are you like this?

"I'm tired, Baekhyun," Chanyeol whispered and he did sound exhausted. "So tired."

Baekhyun thought he really was hopeless because he could complain about Chanyeol being dictatorial and unfair and confusing but the younger guy just leaning on to him makes everything okay. "Why?"

"Just stay for a while."

And Baekhyun knew that when Chanyeol asked him like this, he'd do anything for him which felt amazing and painful at the same time. He couldn't resist, and maybe the moment would end soon, but Baekhyun slowly turned and put his arms around Chanyeol. He felt him tense for a second but he sagged against him so Baekhyun closed his eyes and pulled him closer. "Okay."

It was some time before either of them moved. Chanyeol stepped back and there was an awkward silence. The taller guy mumbled an I'm sorry before sitting back behind his desk.

"It's fine. We're friends, right?" he answered, searching into Chanyeol's eyes.


"I'm leaving now."

"Baekhyun? Tell Jongin he won't have to keep on taking you the rest of the way to work. I'll be doing that myself."

Chanyeol managed to upend his world again. "Alright. Oh, that reminds me. Jongin told me to tell you that I'll need to be with him later at three.”

"What for?"

"He is my boss," Baekhyun reminded him.

"Fine, whatever."

But Baekhyun could see that Chanyeol wasn't entirely fine with it. He felt he couldn't leave this way so bracing himself from rejection he said, "Let's go home early. I'll cook dinner."

"You know how to cook?" Chanyeol asked disbelievingly.

"Nonna-halmeoni taught me how to cook a dish or two last weekend. It wouldn't taste as good as hers but, well." Baekhyun fidgeted with the cuff of his shirt. "So, okay?"


Chanyeol said yes and with that word everything became perfect. It was silly how Baekhyun couldn't wait for the day to end. Here's to hoping he doesn't mess this up.






You know when you're whistling a happy tune and you couldn't stop your head from moving to the beat nor your feet from tapping on the floor?  Well, Junmyeon was doing exactly that inside the elevator, on the way to Chanyeol's office. The official launch party was in a week and everything was going smooth. The press was already going gaga and so were the fans of both artists. He just received word that a survey held recently yielded favorable results, naming Do Kyungsoo and Lu Han as the most anticipated act of the year.

He was giddy and excited to tell Chanyeol of the news which got him to break out to full-fledged dancing. But of course, the powers that be deemed it that all embarrassing moments should have an audience so it was during a particular hip roll that the elevator doors opened to reveal the Evil Manager. Junmyeom quickly straightened and adjusted his tie, pretending that there was nothing amiss.

But the small smirk on Zhang Yixing's face as he entered the carriage proved otherwise. To Junmyeon's annoyance, he saw the manager stepping away from him and leaning to the other side of the elevator. As if he was... As if he has...

Yixing probably saw his expression on his reflection on the mirrored walls because he smirked some more before speaking. "Sorry, I just don't want to be infected with the weird," he said with a gesture to the EVP's general direction.

"Oh, then don't let me stop you. I see there's still space between you and the wall. Go ahead," he gestured back. Go ahead and plaster your face into the wall, see if I care.

The elevators went up, up and there was heavy silence between the two, the tension so thick you can cut through it with a knife. Not one to stay quiet for too long, Junmyeon blurted out, "So the launch party is next Saturday."

Yixing threw him a glance. "I know."



"Lu Han is ready, isn't he?" the shorter guy asked, his eyes glued on the floor buttons.

"He's always ready. I should ask the same of Do Kyungsoo--"

"Kyungsoo's a superstar. Of course he is."

Silence again.

"So the party starts at seven--" Junmyeon said the same time the doors opened to the twelfth floor, Yixing's stop. He promptly closed his mouth because he wasn't even sure what he was going to say.

The EM stepped out and without turning around said, "Since you're so eager to ask me to be your date, pick me up at my place at six," before walking away.

"I didn't... I'm not!" But Yixing was already gone.

Junmyeon crossed his arms in exasperation. He didn't even tell me where he lives.






Lu Han was late to practice so he stayed while Kyungsoo was already out to go home. He was beat but their debut stage was getting nearer and nearer so he had to work extra hard these days. Kyungsoo had been inside KSE since 5AM that morning but he'd still continue practicing at his mini recording studio at home.

He was eager to perform with Lu Han and show people what they have been sweating their off for these past weeks. What made him doubly excited was this time, Jongin would be here. It was a nerve wracking thought but he couldn't say he didn't want it.

Any other time that he wasn't thinking of the collab, his mind was filled with Jongin. He was deeply touched when Jongin watched his performance last week. Maybe his friend would never feel the same way but Kyungsoo already accepted that he loved Jongin and it wouldn't ever change.

Kyungsoo crossed the first floor lobby, still occupied with thoughts of Jongin so he wasn't really prepared to see his best friend by the entrance, laughing with a cute, short guy. From the cups they were holding, it looked like they came from the cafe across the street. He watched as Jongin teasingly tipped his cup above the guy's head, making the brunette cringe and yelp. The dark-haired boy grinned down at the smaller and Kyungsoo felt something awful grow and flare out from his chest, suffocating him. Because that was no ordinary smile he saw. Jongin obviously cared for the guy.

He stepped back, further and further back, before running away, running until he couldn't see them anymore. He found himself going up, to the place where he could find relief from this thing inside him. Kyungsoo didn't even knock and he must look like a mess because Chanyeol abruptly stood from his desk and went to him.

"Kyungsoo? What is it?" His best friend asked worriedly.

That was right. Chanyeol was his best friend and his comfort and his wall. Kyungsoo walked straight into his arms and buried his face against the taller boy's chest, letting the other's steady heartbeat calm the frantic beating of his.

"Hey, what is it?" Chanyeol murmured against his hair and Kyungsoo sought his friend's warmth. He couldn't answer, his voice was still stuck in his throat so he just shook his head repeatedly, knowing Chanyeol would somehow understand. Kyungsoo felt him pat his back reassuringly.

"You want me to stay with you?"

Kyungsoo nodded and closed his eyes, trying to block the image of Jongin in love with somebody else.






"There' some kimchi and I'm sure halmeoni has some vegetables inside the refrigerator. That would be enough, I think," Baekhyun said to himself as he waited at his and Chanyeol's spot. He was more than a little anxious and even asked himself why he volunteered to cook in the first place. At best, Chanyeol would probably get indigestion from his cooking and would be grumpier than usual. At worst, the potato-ahjussi would end up dead because of food poisoning.

He was unsure how to go about it but Baekhyun wouldn't think of backing out because with this, he could pretend for a while that they were together, that they were in love and they were having homemade dinner just like any normal couple would do. He could pretend that by the end of the meal, Chanyeol would pull him close and whisper sweet nothings to his ear. Tell him that he loved his cooking and he would never get tired of Baekhyun.

He laughed at how absurd he was being. I'm going crazy, he thought. His head whipped to the right when he heard a car approaching. But it wasn't Joey going down the road to him. Although, that red convertible looked familiar. "Zitao!"

Chanyeol's assistant waved at him before hitting the brakes and stopping beside Baekhyun. "Hop in."

"Oh, but Chanyeol is going to--"

"About that. Boss told me to pick you up and bring you home. He said he has something very important to do but he'll be in shortly." Zitao opened the door for him.

Baekhyun thought it was actually better this way. Atleast, Chanyeol wouldn't be there to witness the mess he would probably do to his kitchen. It was a short drive and Baekhyun thanked Zitao before going inside the apartment building.

It took him about two hours and more than a few frazzled nerves before Baekhyun was able to lay out the last dish on the dining table. He couldn't help the proud smile from spreading across his face while he looked at his handiwork. A full meal created all by himself. He took off halmeoni's apron and started to freshen up so he wouldn't look a fright when Chanyeol arrives.

It was 8PM and Baekhyun was pacing by the front door, thinking that the matter Chanyeol was attending to must be pretty important for him to stay out this late.

An hour later, Baekhyun was arranging the table for the hundredth time, making sure that everything was perfect and in place, grinning when he looked at the mugs he set and hoping Chanyeol wouldn't notice that they were a matched pair.

At ten, Baekhyun was placing the meat inside the microwave oven, sure that Chanyeol would be home any minute now and it wouldn't do for the potato to find cold food on his table.

The hour hand was pointing to 11 when Baekhyun started transferring the kimchi soup to a plastic container, along with the others, sighing disappointedly as he stacked them inside the refrigerator. All untouched and uneaten.

Fifty minutes after, he was lying on his side on the couch while hugging his knees, wearing Chanyeol's pink pajamas as usual. He was fighting the drooping of his eyes--still waiting for Chanyeol to come home--when Baekhyun heard the front door open. Chanyeol's footsteps came closer. The lights were off and he had half a mind to scare the potato just to get back at him for making him wait so long. He didn't have the chance though because the lights and he heard Chanyeol talking on the phone.

"Yeah, I got home alright. But are you sure you're okay now? I could go back there if you want... Okay, okay. Go rest. I'll see you tomorrow, Kyungsoo. Goodnight."

Baekhyun knew it. At the back of his mind, he knew that the important matter was Kyungsoo. But the knowledge didn't prevent things from hurting so bad. He closed his eyes and hugged his knees closer.

It was a few seconds before midnight when heartbroken tears started to fall.












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