The Maple Chronicles with Girls Generation!


In the depths of Maple World  chaos has emerged now 9 new heroes have to save the citizens of Maple World.They come different cities,have different jobs and same amount of POWER!!!!!!!!!!!


Kim TaeYeon: One of the 5 chief Knights of Cygnus,whom is a goddess that got sent down to Maple World,and is the leader of the nortorious Thunder Breakers although  he's short he packs a good punch with his Reverse Equinox and he is the mission hander and leader of the 9 warriors. He likes(loves)Jessica at first but realises that she only likes him as a friend and now has a crush on Tiffany.


Jessica Jung SooYeon:An advanced Demon Slayer once a Sargent of The Black Mage but turned her ways when she met Taeyeon. (or what she now calls him Taengoo). Weilding the legendary  Evil Bane her skills in the Battle Square are unbeatable but not as powerful as TaeYeon. Has a secret not even her best friend (TaeYeon) knows about. She has a crush on Yuri.


Lee SoonKyu: The Cannoneer of the group. He manages to beat the legendary Von Leon with 1,with his Legendary Dragon Breaker. He is the most powerful person in the group. He loves Hyomin.


Tiffany Hwang MiYoung:The Dragon Knight of the group. Weaker than the others and she has yet done her job advancement (unike HyoYeon he's just done his job adv.) Trains harder and more often than the others but she's trying her best. Uses The Crimson Maple Skyslicer.She almost at the 4th job adv.Doesn't realise that Taeyeon likes her because he is always hangs out with Jessica but has a crush on him .


Kim HyoYeon: A bit different from Tiffany. He had done his Job advancement, he's now a Dark Knight. Using the 2nd unwelcome guest 2 handed mace he smashes his through victory over opponents in Battle Square except the others (trains with Tiffany most of the time since he has the same job from her) Dosen't know Nicole loves him but he loves her.


Kwon YuRi: The Mechanic of the group  but he's different from Taeyeon as he uses guns and Taeyeon uses knuckles. Uses his Last Unwelcome Guest Gun and often competes with Taeyeon to see who's stronger out of the two and he has a special robot that he manually operates in. Loves Jessica.


Choi SooYoung:The Wild Hunter of the warriors as he rides a Jaguar as he shoots his way to victory. Uses the Falcon Wing Heavy Crossbow. Loves Gyuri. Has a relation to Yoong


Im (Choi) Yoong: The Dual Blader of the 09, he wields 2 Raven Horn Shadow Katanas he splits monsters in half and he doesn't give up without a fight and he's not weak  as you think he is because he beat almost everyone in his path (except for u know who), like Seohyun he is almost in his 3rd job adv. Loves Seohyun but he loves Jessica too. He is Sooyoung's younger brother.


SeoHyun ( Seo JuHyun): Also like  Yoong(Her crush) she almost at her 3rd job advancement  she is the only one who uses dragon items since she is a mage after all.Almost a Page and uses The Crimson Maple Manabreaker. She is the secret keeper for Gyuri, Hyomin and Nicole but doesn't know about Jessica and Tiffany's crushes.


Nicole Jung:An apprentice of Hyoyeon she secretly has crush on him and only SeoHyun knows. She uses the same weapon as him and has the same job as  Hyoyeon


HyoMin: Apprentice of SoonKyu and also has a crush on him  and also SeoHyun knows about this as well and she has the same weapon and job as SoonKyu


Gyuri: Apprentice of SooYoung.(SeoHyun knows about this crush as well as she is the secret keeper of the 4 of them) Same weapon,job and Jaguar as Sooyoung

Basically every one (Execpt maknae who knows some of the crushes) don't know that they love each other


Mobs from Minecraft:

Creeper: Explosive creatures (Spoiler: Sooyoung in his intro gets blown up and becomes injured by one of these things)

Zombie Pigmen: Can not hurt people unless attacked then attacks back in large groups(Spoiler: Jessica attacks one and then 10 more come to attack her and Taeyeon saves her)

Ghasts: Floating things that shoot fireballs at you.

Herobrine: Evil no-pupiled person. Tries to kill the Twelve.

Ender Dragon: A dragon that The Black Mage summoned but only a trained archer can defeat it (*coughs*)

Skeletons: Like zombies they are undead but skillful archers at the same time.

Spiders: Basically spiders the animal just larger.

Spider Jockeys: Skeleton on a Spider shooting arrows at people.

Enderman/men: a teleporational creature that can carry anything.

Zombie:Basically what the name suggests. An undead creature.

Blaze: a  Skeleton version of a Ghast

Cave Spiders: a type of spiders that live in caves




Hello all subscribers  This is UltimateTaeGanger with a new account  with the shipper name of my OTP!!!!!!!!!! TAENY!! its because I forgotten my password and never got the email.

This A GENDER BENDER so if you don't like it don't read IT!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW Taeyeon,Sunny Hyoyeon,Yuri,Sooyoung and Yoona as guys here and added Hyomin,Gyuri and Nicole because i needed more couples and it is TaeNy and other couples.

BTW This is based on my own adventures on Maple Story . If you want to find me my name on the game is IronThunder 

If you want I need A CO-AUTHOR! WHO HAS FREE TIME!


The MOBS in this story are from Minecraft so the mobs with no spoilers in brackets means that they will make their appearence later in the story

                                                                                  WELL  ENJOY, POSTING 1ST CHAP SOON

p.s I might be using minecraft weapons too



Poster & Background credit goes to LillyLemon of  Dreamer  Graphic  Request Shop




Please vote as I might write a fanfic with your OTP.

Just so you know I Might put TaeNys intros last cus I wrote Sooyoungs one before I wrote TaeNys one :)


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