The Boys of EXO-K

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Action - Block B
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Naeun sat on the floor, looking a bit uncomfortable and bewildered. Her eyes grazed over one of EXO-K’s rooms and took in the messy and clean aspects of it.
The other six boys sat in a semi-circle around her, trying to grasp the situation. A girl—no—a human girl, had landed on EXO Planet, which was notorious for only the punished angels. She wasn’t even dead for Pete’s sake! How was she granted permission to enter?!
Mixed thoughts were racking Baekhyun’s mind. *It’s her… Naeun!* He smiled at one point, not being able to contain his emotions. *But wait… She can’t be here… What if she doesn’t remember me? She’ll have to leave sooner or later.* He controlled himself.
Naeun felt a gaze on her as she turned to see Sehun staring at her low cut tank top and shorts—the clothes that she wore as pyjamas at home.
Her eyes went wide as she snapped, “W-What are you staring at?!” She tried to cover her chest.
Astounded at being caught, Sehun flushed beet red. He waved his hands frantically while squeaking, “N-Nothing!”
All eyes were on the leader. Naeun couldn’t remember his name, but he had a nice smile at least.
“So… Baekhyun,” He turned to the member that recently snapped out of his daze, “Can you tell us why you had a human in your bed?” He raised his eyebrows suspiciously.
*So that’s his name… Baekhyun…* Naeun made a mental note.
Baekhyun stared at him, mortified. “I don’t know! I opened my eyes after hearing a scream and she was just… there.” He replied honestly.
“Is that true, err...” Suho paused for a second, trying to recall her name before continuing, “Song Naeun-sshi?”
Naeun convincingly managed to nod.
Suho furrowed his eyebrows, scratching his head confusedly. Naeun could tell that he had no clue what was going on at all either. “Oh my…” He let out a hum, thinking hard.
“You don’t know how you got here,” The boy with the thick lips started, “So I’m assuming you don’t know how to get back to Earth?”
Naeun shook her head before pausing abruptly, “Wait… What’s all this ‘Earth’ and ‘human’ talk? You guys sound like you’re from outer space or something.” She snorted at the possibility.
The boy with the round eyes looked mildly impressed, “Hardly. We aren’t like you, even though we look like measly humans.”
“D.O.” Suho let out a warning.
D.O rolled his eyes, “Okay, okay, fine. If you’re that curious, you should know that we’re angels.”
“The fighter angels, to be exact.” The frizzy mop headed boy said in his deep voice, grinning widely, “We ward off evil from ever setting foot in Heaven—which we protect.”
“We have special powers, too!” Sehun excitedly beamed as he nodded at the thick lipped boy.
The latter smirked again, “I can teleport—“ He vanished into thin air, making Naeun’s jaw drop before popping up behind the leader, “—From place to place.” He poked his head out and grinned.
EXO-K waited for her response until she stared at them with disbelieving eyes. “…Angels?” The word sounded foreign on her tongue.
Suho was surprised at the way she took all of this. She didn’t freak out (yet), like he was expecting her to.
“You mean… You’re all…” Naeun couldn’t help but get her hopes up. They could be lying kidnappers for all she knew, but a part of her just couldn’t help thinking that her angel could be among these six.
EXO-K merely blinked at her. Baekhyun straightened up and half-heartedly hoped that she would remember who he was, even if the other half of him didn’t want her to remember.
*My wish came true…* A excited grin soon took over her cherry pink lips, “IT CAME TRUE! YEAH!” Naeun pumped her fist in the air. *I did it! I’m here! Yes—*
She froze as everyone stared at her, taken aback. Naeun awkwardly put her arm down and sheepishly avoided their gazes, “Uh… you can pretend that you didn’t see that.”
*Stupid, idiot, Song Naeun! That was lame! How could you embarrass yourself in front of these six, amazingly hot, handsome--* She started to get off topic, but then lightly hit her head again in shame. *NO! You can’t think of them like that! It’s weird! They could be dangerous people! But I don’t think they are… ARGH!* Naeun’s mind was in chaos.
The thick lipped guy amusedly grinned. “I think she might be delusional…” He whispered to the mop haired guy, earning a smack in the head from Baekhyun.
“Ow!” Thick lips cried as he gaped at Baekhyun, “Hyung!”
*Don’t talk about Naeun like that!* He bitterly thought. Mop-head was surprised at his friend’s reaction, but later caught on.
Naeun soon realized that everyone was still staring at her, so she cleared and stopped, “Err… sorry.”
D.O then let out a chuckle, “I like you! You’re funny!”
Naeun blinked at him and shyly smiled, “…Not really… but thanks.”
D.O beamed and stuck out his hand positively with a hint of sheepishness, “I’m D.O! Wielder of Earth! Let’s be friends, okay?”
Naeun was surprised but soon delighted at his friendliness. She gave in and shook his firm hand, “I’m Naeun, wielder of… nothing. And sure, we can be friends, as long as you aren’t a suspicious guy.” She joked.
D.O laughed, “Suspicious? Not really. We’re all brothers here. No one will try and do anything otherwise.” He gave her an awkward smile that she just couldn’t help but return.
“Sorry for yelling at you before, by the way.” Naeun embarrassedly scratched the back of her head. “I was surprised to see you pop out of nowhere.”
D.O shrugged it off, “No matter. Plus, it was the element of surprise.” He grinned. She smiled back.
“You already know that I’m Suho. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I wield the power of water.” Suho gently smiled.
Mop-head boy raised his hand crazily, “Yo! I’m Park Chanyeol, carrier of fire! Hi, human—“ He shook his head, “—No, hi Naeun!”
Naeun almost snickered at his hyper side, but then grinned back, “Hello, Chanyeol-sshi.” Chanyeol’s grin widened (if that was even possible).
Her gaze turned to the boy with the thick, pink lips. He smirked once again. *When will he stop doing that?* She thought sarcastically as he opened his mouth to speak.
“Officially, my name is Kim Jongin, but call me Kai. Like I said earlier, I can use teleportation. Hope we get along, human.” Kai laughed.
Naeun made a face at him. *Yeah, we’ll get along good, alright…*
She turned around to face Sehun, which made him yelp. He started to blink fast and his small lisp came out as it did whenever he was pressured or embarrassed.
“Um… Hi. My nameth Thehun. I’m the youngest in EXO-K, and I wield the power of wind. Hope we can be friendths…” He replied quietly before putting his head down. *Darn! Now she’s gonna laugh at my lisp! Argh…* He dismally thought.
However, Naeun just smiled at him. *Aww, he’s cute.* She gave him a tiny wave, “Hi, Sehun. Sure, we can be friends.”
Sehun’s head snapped up as he stared at her with wide eyes, “You—You understhood me? Eep!” He slapped his hand over his mouth as he shyly gazed at her. *Aww, man. I’m still talking with this lisp. I want it to go away, NOW!*
Naeun let out a little giggle, “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”
Scared of embarrassing himself in front of the pretty girl in front of him, Sehun merely pressed his lips together and gave her an eye-smile. She grinned back. *She’s really… cute.*
“Baek, it’s your turn.” Chanyeol’s deep voice was heard as he jabbed his best friend in the rib. Baekhyun glared at him but then softened a bit when he looked at Naeun. She was clearly captivated by him.
But he stood up and walked to his bed, shuffling around for something.
A second later, something light fell onto her head. Naeun held it up and noticed that it was a baggy t-shirt. She blinked and inquiringly stared at the boy that she woke up next to.
Baekhyun turned red-faced but refused to show it, “…Don’t worry. It’s clean.”
Naeun slowly softened as she slipped it over her clothes. It was too big, so it covered her knees. Now she wouldn’t have pesky youngsters staring at her cleavage. She could faintly sense the smell of honey and nature—a familiar smell. She could’ve sworn that she had smelled it before…
“Thanks,” Naeun gave Baekhyun a small, lopsided grin as Baekhyun curtly nodded. When he believed she wasn’t looking, he grinned too.
“…I’m Byun Baekhyun, by the way. My power is light and sun.” He scratched his head, refusing to make eye contact since he didn’t want her to see the small amount of blush on his cheeks.
“Light, huh?” Naeun thought aloud, “That’s cool.”
The ends of Baekhyun’s lips tugged up into another smile.
From the corner of his eye, Chanyeol witnessed the whole thing and smirked secretively. *So she was the apple of his eye. Huh.*
Hope this chapter was enjoyable! ^^
Anyways, are any of you watching Rooftop Prince? I love it! It's such a funny drama! xD
Sena (the main character's sister) is just horrible. I don't like her already, but she's honestly pretty.
Lee Minho (the "green ahjusshi") is just too cute! All of them are. xD
Thanks for the love and comments<3 :D
Also! I passed 5000+ subbies! Thank you guys so much! T_T I literally broke out into a dance after finding that out. xDDD Thanks for everything, guys! ^_^ 
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Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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