EXO is the 3rd most popular tag on AFF to date with almost 30,000 stories and growing, and this doesn't include the authors who write EXO stories that don't include the EXO tag.  So essentially we can be looking at almost 50,000 or more stories, which is amazing.  It's barely been a year and yet the fandom has grown so big and is housing so many stories.   It was inevitable that something like this was going to happen.
So we present to you the AFF EXO FANFIC AWARDS for 2012.
There are over 50 different categories where at least two authors can win, most categories having one rated and one nonrated story winning for the year of 2012.  This means that not only can nonfeatured or unpopular writers get a chance to be recognized but they may be able to win in a category as well.  Which brings the point of the category system and how we can have anywhere from 50-60 different people or to over 100 different people win in a category depending on how voting goes.  How awesome is that?
Pretty awesome, because this is purely for the fandom.  Winners of each category will be selected by your peers when it comes time for voting, so whoever wins is essentially in your hands. So you can easily make someone's day by nominating and voting.
Nominations are now closed.
And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, UPVOTE, and tell everyone who writes or reads EXO fics on AFF about this.  Have fun and we hope many of you are interested.  :D
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1. When you are nominating someone you must provide the title, tell if it's rated or nonrated, the category, and give a link. You can only nominate stories that were created in 2012. These stories do not have to be finished, but the author has to have the intent to finish them, so essentially if the author hasn’t updated within two months since it was last updated (Before Nov 1), then that story cannot be nominated. You can nominate a story in more than one category, but you have to send in a seperate form for each category you are putting that story up for. Please use the form below when nominating.
a. Title
b. Rated/Non-rated (For most categories, one rated and one nonrated author will win.)
c. Category: (0nly one category per submission.)
d. Link
2. You are allowed to nominate and vote for yourself, but nominations will be looked at before voting begins. If there are more than 5 (number subject to change depending on number of nominations) nominations per category, a reviewing system will be put in place to select the 5 stories that can be voted on. If a judge's story is nominated, then that judge will not be allowed to review their story and it will be given to one of the other judges for reviewing.
3. **If you nominate someone, please tell them they were nominated.  We will do our best to message them about the nominations, but it's better if they hear it from you all.  This also helps us get noticed and makes the awards just that more awesome.
4. The judges reserve the right to question a nominated story that a) doesn’t meet the category for which it is selected for or b) has numerous spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation errors. If there are occasional errors, that’s fine, but if it looks like there wasn’t at least a simple spell check done, then that story is eliminated and will not go through for voting. We stress the spell check, because even if you aren't a native speaker, we want the author of the nominated story to at least try to keep things as grammatically correct as they can.
5. Nominations will last for three weeks, with a two-three week period for judging afterwards.
6. Voting will be for two weeks. Voting will be done by your peers. Most votes will solidify a win. In case of a tie, voting will happen again between those two stories to determine first and second place.
7. If not provided a working link, then the nomination is regarded as null. If the story is private, that entry is regarded as null.
8. If a story was nominated and didn't get passed for voting, don't try to bash the awards or the people who've reviewed the story. We are trying to make it as fair and as organized as possible, so eliminating a few nominations will be a must to do so. And if we catch you doing either, your nominations will be regarded as null.
9. You cannot nominate the same author for Best New Author and Best Author.
10. If you nominate someone for Best New Author, Best Author, or Most Prolific Author please included a link or two to some of their stories.
11. You cannot nominate a story with conflicting categories like Angst and Fluff or Drama and Comedy.
12. When it comes to voting, we prefer if you try to vote for all categories. We understand if you can't, but it would make things easier if you did so.
***Note: asterisks by rules are updated/new rules.


The review rubric will be broken up into five areas that will add up to 95 points. The emphasis is on characterization and storyline, while grammar is secondary. The title and style will also be taken in account, but compared to the other three areas, it will not have that much weight when it comes to reviewing.
The judges will review the first 3 chapters of any nominated story, because the first couple of chapters sets the tone of the story and gives the judge ample time to get a feel to how the author writes and how well their story will be. The judges can read on if they want to, but the review is contained to the first 3 chapters. By doing so it will keep judging after nominations much shorter, giving you a smaller waiting period before you all vote.
If you think that is not enough to judge a story, then take a moment to think about it, because with the rubric and the category system, there should be no problems with it. With having the categories, some may have as little as 4-5 nominations and most likely all of those will pass after being reviewed, while others can have tons of nominations (these being the more popular categories like comedy and romance) that it will be a must to keep it at 3 chapters to be timely with the awards.
Usually the first 3 chapters are enough to decide if a story is well written and has a good plot that it should go on for voting.
However, with anything, the amount of nominations that gets passed can change, so even though the decided number is to have 5 nominations that can be voted on for each category, it can be changed to a higher number to allow more stories.
Reviews will be posted as blog posts with reasons why the story should move on to voting or why it will be dismissed from voting all together.
Here's the rubric below.
Rubric: (First 3 chapters only.)
Title: 10 points
Is it interesting? Does it fit? Does it make any sense? Does it pull the reader in?
Characterization: 25 points
Are your characters flat? Are OC characters major Mary-Sues? Are your characters realistic? Do they make sense? Is there character development? Does it look like you used self-insert characters?
Storyline: 25 points
Originality? Is the plot interesting? Do things make sense? Any major plot holes? Was research done?
Grammar: 15 points
Style: 10 points
How well does one write? Imagery? Writing mechanics? Does it read like a movie? Is the writing style engaging?


exoawards: why do some think that being included in the masterlist is the award? You have not won, but you have made it to the review round...that is all :)

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Chapter 9: who were the winners?
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Chapter 7: Baby's breath isn't baekhyun/girl band member. its baekyeol
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Congratulations on the feature! <3
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congrats on the feature c:
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Chapter 5: just..wondering.. there's no 10080 and Baby's Breath (BaekYeol)? Those are my fave angst baekyeol fanfics :\
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Chapter 8: Try to read (the) legends series:messenger,anima,nous,theos,cor,dreamer,memories,rebirth. its really great!!
Chapter 7: Organizers, there's a mistake in one of the categories/tags.

"(The) Definition of Being Underestimated" is supposed to be 'BestLay' not 'BestChen'. Hope you'd take note of this.
Hey are you guys ever going to update this? Because one of my stories is in it and I found some of my old ideas and I wanted to make an epilogue, but I don't want to be disqualified or anything just because I added an epilogue