Affection for an Android

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The Chasers, the Healers, the Evaders. These three groups of the population coexist, but not in harmony. There is an feud going on between the Inspirits and the Andromedas that has no intention of stopping. When Miyoung, a healer/human, accidentally wipes one of these robot's memories clean, how will she repay the price? In an attempt to save the Andromeda android named L. Joe, she gives him a new human identity as Lee Byunghun. But what happens when her plan is found out by none other than the six Teen Top Andromedas themselves? Finding a newfound friend (and something more) in L. Joe, she doesn't want to let him go, but when she finds out the truth about their dark past, she realizes that maybe L. Joe's not exactly a stranger to her...


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Hello you!
This is my (muzikmaster)'s 21st fanfic, and I'm excited to write about my bias from Teen Top... L. JOE!
I hope you find this fanfic very fun and interesting, as much as I'll fun writing it! ^^
Thank you for dropping by and hope you enjoy reading if you decide to stay! :D
Fighting! ^^

The Three Population Groups of Korea:
*Each population group (except the Healers) should have a master.
The master is the sole representative of each population.
The Chasers:
The chasers are one of the largest sectors of the population groups (tied with the evaders). This group of individuals live in the western area of Korea. They are the part of the population that has been scientifically experimented and altered with, therefore, they are half-human. They are disgusted with the Evaders because they are completely non-human. The Chasers don’t dare to go near the eastern area where the evaders live. They are amiable with the healers, since they are fully human.
The Infinite Inspirits
Status: Half-human (altered species)
The Infinite Inspirits (or simply, the Inspirits) are the seven strongest representatives of the chasers. Their job is to battle with the Andromedas. This feud has been going on for centuries, although it is unspecified as to why they are still fighting. The members consist of leader Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, L, Lee Sungjong, Hoya, Lee Sungyeol and Jang Dongwoo. 
The Evaders:
The evaders are one of the largest sectors of the three population groups. These people live in the eastern area of Korea. Just because these people are represented by robots, it doesn’t mean that all evaders are androids as well. Most of the people that live in the eastern side are healers/humans that have decided to live together with androids. Most are scientists. They are also amiable with the healers, but are shunned by the chasers. You can actually purchase an android (although they are expensive), but you can only purchase one for personal use inside the land of the evaders. Having an android outside the land of the evaders is strictly forbidden.
The Teen Top Andromedas
Status: Androids/Robots
The Teen Top Andromedas (or simply, the Andromedas) are the six strongest representatives of the evaders. They are currently in a never-ending battle with the Inspirits. The members consist of leader C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo. They are currently searching for their lost sixth member.
The Healers:
Status: Humans
The healers are the third and smallest group of the population. Many have been converted to either being an evader or a chaser. This group of people holds the peace throughout the land. They are located in the middle area of Korea. Bridges connect their land to either the world of the evaders and the land of the chasers. They do not have a representative group because they are not participating in the war.

The Characters:

Lee Miyoung

Population Group: The Healers
Age: 20
Miyoung is part of the Healer population. On the outside, she looks sophisticated and shy, but she's actually very blunt and straightforward.She's responsible and level-headed about things such as work, but she can be childish about other things. Miyoung isn't weak, she doesn't discriminate, and she dislikes being a 'damsel in distress'. She can be lazy when she wants to be. She likes being treated equally and expressing her opinion. She's also very good at listening to others. Miyoung is fully reliant on her brothers until she decides she should move out and take on her own responsibilities and start her own adventures, but what if her adventure is too much for her to handle?
L. Joe
Population Group: The Evaders
Temporary Human Name: Lee Byunghun
Visual Age: 20
Actual Age: ?
L. Joe is part of the Evader population, and is keeping an unknown secret that was wiped clean from his memory. In an attempt to hide him from the anti-andromedas, the Inspirits, Miyoung gives him the human name, Lee Byunghun. L. Joe is an android, yet he is capable of doing anything a regular human can do. For some reason, however, he's different from the others in a way...?
Lee Jieun
Status: Master of the Infinite Inspirits
Population Group: The Chasers
Evader Name: IU
Age: 20
Jieun is Miyoung’s best friend. She’s outgoing, loves to eat, and enjoys nature. She despises the feud that’s going on between the Inspirits and the Evaders. Jieun used to be part of the Healers, until she was taken into the Chasers and became betrothed to Woohyun when she turned 10. Her favourite pastime is singing and strumming on her guitar. Although she hates violence, she hopes that after the battle is over, she can have the freedom to become a singer.
Lee Jonghyun
Population Group: The Healers
Age: 23
Jonghyun is Miyoung’s blood-related brother. He’s a wealthy manager of a well-known chain of restaurants. He is the decisive and responsible one and always thinks before he acts. Jonghyun is very sweet towards his sister and takes care of her frequently. He dotes on her a lot, as well. All in all, he loves his family very much.
Jung Yonghwa
Population Group: The Healers
Age: 24
If Jonghyun’s the responsible one, then Yonghwa’s the childish one. He doesn’t like responsibilities and enjoys letting ‘the flow of music guide him onto the right path’. He’s a talented guitarist and composer. Yonghwa is Jonghyun and Miyoung’s half-brother. All three were born from the same mother, but Yonghwa had a different father. Their parents passed away during an accident in the ancient battle, leaving them to live altogether. Although he’s very lazy, he enjoys spending time with his family and takes the role of the eldest when he needs to. His fiancée is Seo Joohyun, another female Healer.
Seo Joohyun (Seohyun)
Population Group: The Healers
Age: 20
Seohyun is a very studious, kind-hearted girl. She has a disability, however. Due to an accident a while ago in the battle, Seohyun had lost her eyesight. Before she became blind, she was a librarian. Yonghwa met her when he was looking for a book on how to play the guitar at the library. She’s also one of Miyoung’s friends.

Character Chart:



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muzikmaster here! #PrayforSouthKorea! Many lives are at stake... Please keep them in your prayers!

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