Seducing Mr. Pauper: Extra!

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Ever wondered whatever happened to Haeyeon and Zelo? Lay and his mystery girlfriend? Hana's younger sister Rina? Wonder no more! Due to popular demand, a small special bonus edition of Seducing Mr. Pauper with all-new short stories has finally arrived! Get ready to explore the lives of Hana and Daehyun again through this short thank-you present from the author, muzikmaster! :D


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Hello, muzicians! ^^

When Seducing Mr. Pauper was finished, tons of requests for a sequel kept pouring in. I was shocked!

As some of you might recall, I don't really enjoy writing sequels to stories... ^^;;

HOWEVER! When SMP became featured, I was very touched. When I first started writing it, a few people took interest and I was satisfied with that. I never expected the story to become so loved by everyone, and to say the least, I was pleasantly surprised.

I was satisfied with the ending of SMP and I thought that it would be unnecessary to write a sequel, so instead, I got the idea to write Seducing Mr. Pauper: Extra! Think of it as a small token of my thanks to everyone that loved the Royal Couple and the whole story in general! ^o^

I just want to clarify that this is NOT a sequel. It's probably going to be a couple of quick drabbles about the lives of the characters before, during, and/or after the series. It might not answer all your questions (as I like open-ended stories), but I hope you'll enjoy nonetheless! :D

Please remember that once again, I've got my other story, Affection for an Android to update as well, so it might take some time! Aside from that, thank you so much for all your congratulatory messages and continuous support! :)

I hope you'll all support this and my future stories as well! Thank you~



Kang Hana:
A spunky, bold, and courageous girl. She's extremely rich, as her father's business is one of the top ones in all of Asia. So called "Queen of Kangnam", and the #1 most envied girl in all of Korea. During her senior year of high school, she successfully captured Jung Daehyun's heart. She is adopted.
Jung Daehyun:
A shy, easily bashful boy, but has since gained courage from dating Hana. Used to detest rich people and thought they were all the same until he met Hana. He's Hana's boyfriend (but leaning more to betrothed, according to her). Very hardworking and used to be the poor Pauper of Kangnam. Since he's dating Hana, he's now called the King. Works part-time at Lilia Florists and is a university student along with the others. Lives with Hana and Zelo.
Zhang Yixing:
Also known as Lay. Hana's best friend since childhood. Always by her side and acts like a father figure to her.
Choi Junhong:
Also known as Zelo, or the "Prince of Kangnam". Aspiring rapper and is in the senior year of high school. Hana's younger brother that completely adores her.
Kim Jongin:
Also known as Kai. Hana's snarky adoptive cousin, and is a dancing prodigy. Although he's super sarcastic, he genuinely cares for Hana and treats her as his own. Cocky at times and is sometimes flirtatious. Dahee is his girlfriend.
Yoon Dahee:
One of Hana's best friends and Kai's girlfriend. She's pretty sarcastic herself, but is always there to push her friends back onto their feet.
Choi Hayoung:
The "Mistress of Kangnam". She used to be cold and distant from her siblings, but she had a reason for that. After explaining herself to Hana and Zelo, she was accepted back into the family and eventually got closer to them. She smiles and laughs more often now. Her fiancé is Bang Yongguk, a student in the same major as her.
Jung Haeyeon:
Daehyun's adorable and intelligent little sister. She's infatuated with Zelo and is very close to Hana. The two of them secretly agreed to let each other date each other's siblings (jokingly).
Bang Yongguk:
Hayoung's fiancé. His major is in fashion design, and he's also a model for a couple popular brands. Aside from that, he's very down to earth and cares for Hayoung deeply, although he doesn't show it much. He loves to smile and has a kind heart, despite looking tough.
Kang Rina:
Hana's biological sister. Not much is known about her except that the last time Hana saw her was when she was in the orphanage in their early childhood years. She was heard to have been secretly abused by a worker in the orphanage. Because of that incident, she was so traumatized and injured that she developed amnesia and was adopted soon after. At the end of the story, Hana gave up on finding her, but...?!
[SMP: Extra!] Focusing on posting here until this story's completed! Anticipate updates~ ^^

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kimgaeun96 #1
Chapter 8: This is sweet. I can't stopped smiling since there's too much cheese on top of the cake. Too sweet, but i felt pity for Lay though.
kiarrahmah #2
Chapter 8: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! These stories are awesome! Although I'm really sad about Lay's girlfriend, I think it's realistic since Lay practically never see or talk about any girl before. I love how you write about each of the characters side stories. You really nailed it! Their characters are written beautifully. I can imagine what will happen to the future of Haelo, the life of Hayoung and Yongguk, and I also like how you write about Rina and Wonho's first meeting, it's cute! The way you jokingly make Chinhoo and Saemi meet is also awesome! Absolutely love this!
Queenka94 #3
I'm still really sad about Lay's girlfriend though.. :'3
Queenka94 #4
Chapter 8: <3333333
Haha, and the tables turn.
Well done, Jung Daehyun!
Now that's a happy ending.
Thank you, author-nim. <3
Thoroughly enjoyed both books.
Queenka94 #5
Chapter 3: ..Youngjae, when are you going to find your own girlfriend? Same for you Jongup, and Lay. Lol :P :3
markksonn #6
Chapter 8: Cutest thing ever!!
sujuELF1315 #7
Chapter 8: Noooooooooo i cant let this fiction gooo i WANT moreee !!!!
Chapter 8: Omfg. I hope this will have a sequel. I mean like sequel sequel xD. I really wanna kanow what will happen to Jello and Haeyeon *^*. jjang author nim! really jjang!!
Chapter 1: Ooooh that was so adorable~ JunHongie~!!!