Whatever It Takes

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Hurt - Ali (Rooftop Prince OST)
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Baekhyun couldn’t function right when he saw the outline of Naeun’s pale face under the glow of Chanyeol’s wings.
Song Naeun looked much more sick under the dim light of her room. Her face was colourless, pale white, unusual. Her cheeks weren’t tinted with that beautiful touch of pink. Her lips weren’t smooth or smiling. They were cracked and almost purple.
But the thing that set Baekhyun off was Naeun’s expression. Her face was contorted in definite pain. Beads of cold sweat dotted her forehead, and her breathing was off. It was irregular.
“…N-Naeun,” Baekhyun quietly called. It was soft, sweet, angelic sounding, even. “Na…Naeun…” Baekhyun suddenly couldn’t breathe. What was happening to him? He didn’t know.
Before he knew it, someone screamed out. It was bloodcurdling. Haunting. Chilling. A scream of agony.
“Baekhyun! Calm down!” A familiar voice. Chanyeol’s. It was easily distinguishable by his low tone.
…Oh. He was the one screaming.
“LET ME GO! NAEUN! NAEUN!” Baekhyun screamed, going hysterical. He tried his best to shake off the arms that held him back from holding his one and only. His most precious person. Did he make her like this? Did the revival of his wings make her like this?
If so, he didn’t want to be an angel anymore. He would give them up. He’d do anything to keep her alive… breathing… Healthy.
“Baekhyun, stop fidgeting—she’ll be alright—“
“LAY!” Kris growled.
“On it.” Lay calmly strode over to Naeun’s side and began to check what was wrong with her.
Baekhyun was supposed to be the one beside Naeun. Not Lay. Not anyone else. Only him. He didn’t know why he was behaving like this. He was losing his grip on sanity, and he didn’t know why. The sight of his beloved looking like she was so close to death just drove him insane.
“GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER! GET AWAY! NAEUN! WAKE UP! GET UP!” Baekhyun’s voice was agonizing and heartbreaking. He could sense that everyone was staring at him, but he didn’t care at all.
Someone sighed. He didn’t know who because he couldn’t see anything. Everything was blurry because of his damn tears. It sounded an awful lot like Suho, though.
“…Chanyeol, Kai, Tao, please take him out of here and calm him down.”
*No.* Baekhyun wanted to protest, *I need to be the one beside her. She needs me the most right now. Naeun is scared. She’s all alone and scared.*
His voice of reason seemed nonexistent. He could barely whisper a word, but he was screaming and wailing. Why was he able to cry out loudly, but not be able to utter a few words?
His body fought back, trying to stop his two friends from pulling him out, but his voice didn’t seem to put up much of a fight. His mind was completely blank.
All he knew was that he couldn’t possibly resist against a muscular Kai, skyscraper Chanyeol, and a very tall Tao that knew kung fu.
Baekhyun let himself wordlessly be dragged away to a room. His vision was improving, probably since he was letting out all of his tears instead of holding them back or wiping them all away.
Tao’s voice.
“Gege, she’ll be alright. She’s a fighter.”
Baekhyun didn’t respond. Tao was right, but at the same time, he wasn’t. Naeun was independent and strong, but she still needed protection. How could she fight against an illness that she was captive to so many years ago? And how could she possibly fight to save her life when her condition was already so bad?
It was Chanyeol this time.
“Let out your frustrations here, and don’t hurt Naeun when you return back to her room. You know that Suho hyung only sent you out because he knew that your personality would be dangerous around Naeun, right?”
“It was all for Naeun’s sake.” Kai explained quietly. “All for her.”
*I know.* Baekhyun thought. *I know, and yet, I’m still so frustrated.*
“Let it out.”
Soon, before he knew it, he was shouting. Things were flying all over the place. The sound of fragile objects crashing against walls, shattering into unfixable pieces.
That’s what Baekhyun would become, if Naeun didn’t get better. A fragile object, becoming broken if handled the wrong way.
And then, he felt himself stop. His legs sunk towards the floor until he was sitting, crying aloud. It felt like he was alone.
But he wasn’t alone. He felt presences. Tao, Kai, Chanyeol… EXO. They were all there with him. Lay was even trying to heal her, and diagnose the problem.
The warmness was too much, when Baekhyun knew that Naeun was filled with cold.
“You did well.”
A pair of arms. A friendly embrace.
His best friend—Park Chanyeol.
Knock, knock.
A calm Baekhyun—the usual Baekhyun—entered Naeun’s room with an unidentifiable expression.
“Baekhyun oppa.”
That was it.
The voice that could either fill him with joy or tear him to shreds.
Baekhyun let out a hint of a smile, struggling not to cry, as he approached Naeun and sat on the side of her bed. “Hey, you.”
“Hey, you.” Naeun murmured quietly, her voice almost inaudible and weak. Miraculously, however, she managed a small smile.
“…You shouldn’t smile if it hurts.” Baekhyun caved in and slipped his hand in hers, kissing the top of it tenderly.
Upon hearing those words, Naeun stopped smiling as her eyes filled up with tears. “It hurts.” She plainly said. “It hurts a lot.”
Baekhyun let out a whimper as he climbed into her bed beside her and hugged her body to his, careful not to hurt her.
“Lay oppa… He told you what happened to me, didn’t he?” Naeun asked after a long period of silence.
Baekhyun couldn’t bring himself to nod. “It’s l… l—”
“—Leukemia.” Naeun finished.
Baekhyun closed his eyes, running his thumb over her cheek. “How… How did you become like this…?”
Naeun closed her eyes and savoured the moment. Seeing her closing her eyes scared Baekhyun. It frightened him, because it looked like she really was… gone from the world.
“I… I didn’t even notice that you were this sick.” Baekhyun let out a broken smile, “How horrible of a boyfriend am I…? I’m so f-frustrated with myself…” He tried to calm himself down.
Naeun tried her best to raise her trembling hand to his cheek. Baekhyun’s eyes flew open to see Naeun tearfully smiling too.
“I’m scared… It hurts… And I don’t know what will happen to us in the future… But I know that…” Naeun beamed, “I… love you. I love you a lot, oppa.”
This was breaking Baekhyun’s heart.
“I know. I know it all.” Baekhyun pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You’re the only one for me… The only perfect person that understands me.” *I adore you more than you could ever know.*
“…I heard from Suho that you got your wings back. Everyone in EXO-K got them back. I’m happy for you, oppa. This is what you’ve wanted for a long time.” Naeun said.
“I’m not happy.”
Naeun glanced up, “Oppa…”
“These wings… at what cost did I have to pay to get them back? I have to give up my girlfriend to be accepted back into Heaven?” He asked in disbelief. “No. I will do whatever it takes to get you healthy again. Even if it means sacrificing my wi—“
Don’t, oppa.” Naeun said firmly, but then looked saddened. “Please… don’t. Remember our promise?”
Baekhyun didn’t reply.
Naeun’s lip quivered, “I want… I want to make sure that I can live my life to the fullest, until the…” She took a deep breath, “…until the end.”
“Oh… Naeun…” Baekhyun hugged her closer to him. *I will never let you suffer by yourself. If you suffer, I will suffer with you, no matter what the cost.*
Naeun sniffled, “So please don’t beat yourself up over this. I want to spend every last second of my life beside you.”
Baekhyun held her face in his hands, “I don’t want to hear those words coming out of your mouth. We will be together. I will make sure of it.”
Naeun searched his eyes that were brimming with determination and hope. She was about to repeat herself and say that she would eventually have to let him go as long as she still had this illness, but she couldn’t bring herself to. Not when he was looking at her so intensely.
So all Naeun did was close her eyes as Baekhyun pulled her down into a sweet kiss, free from the worries of reality.
I will do whatever it takes, just to see you healthy and happy again. Trust me.


Hi guys! ^^

I hope you're curious about what's going to happen next! We are almost at the end. D:

The ending shall be a secret for now~ :3

Anyways, I hope you guys can respect that this is the direction that I want to take for this story, and I hope you will read it knowing that I've put a lot of effort into writing these chapters. It's not easy, and I can't please everyone. The story is taken in the direction that the author chooses to write it in, not the direction that the readers want, so if you don't like it, don't read it.

Also, thank you to the people that have given me CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and not just rude criticism. You guys are a big help! ^^ Of course, the encouraging readers as well! :D

Hope you guys are anticipating what will happen with these two people! BaekEun fighting! xD



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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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