Keeping Promises

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Please, Don't Go - SHINee
Narrator’s P.O.V:
A light rapping on the door jolted Naeun up the next morning.
It was 5 a.m. Surely, none of the boys would be awake by now.
She was already up for ten minutes, just staring at the ceiling, but couldn’t force herself to go back to sleep. Naeun sat on her bed in a dazed silence for a second, eyes meeting with the door, and then with the clock.
*The earliest risers, either Suho or Lay, usually wake up around six. So then who is that…?* Naeun sat up and furrowed her eyebrows. Still half-unconscious, she murmured an almost inaudible sound of, “Come in.”
A fraction of a second passed until the door creaked open. Naeun was surprised to see her sheepish visitor.
“Sehun!” She slid off of her bed and approached him—clad in her two-piece, laced pajamas.
A ghost of a smile appeared on Sehun’s face before he pursed his lips a while after, supressing it. No. He had come to speak to Naeun in private for a reason. He couldn’t be so nonchalant about it. The matter at hand was serious, and he had to know.
But when Naeun’s tender smile slowly disappeared, Sehun almost went berserk. She was bewildered and confused at his odd behaviour. *Usually, he’d be returning the smile, and chirping a happy ‘good morning’.* Naeun instantly knew that something was the matter.
“Sehun-ah…?” Her voice almost echoed. It was too quiet. Too cold, for Naeun’s taste. She liked the warm, beaming Sehun. Just what in the world had happened?
The brunette wasn’t smiling, although Naeun sensed his unchanging affectionate gaze. He put his hands behind his back, and leaned against the door behind him.
“I need… I need to talk to you, Naeunnie.”
Phew. At least half of Sehun was still there.
After searching his eyes, Naeun managed to nod, and she walked backwards to sit on her comfy bed, gesturing him to go on.
Sehun opened his mouth to say something, but then merely shook his head with an almost regretful expression. “Not here.” He thought aloud.
“Then where?” Naeun quizzically asked.
“You know where.” He said. *Our place. The place where we first got to know each other a little better. The place where we first became friends… and now… hopefully become something more.*
Naeun looked puzzled for a second, before her face turned stoic. Suddenly, a sly grin took over her lips as she got up and slipped through the door. She took Sehun’s hand in her warm one as she passed him, “The rooftop, right?”
Sehun’s heart melted and filled up with liquid love. *Even if… you still love Baekhyun hyung… Even if my predictions turn out to be right… I hope we can still be close like this. I hope… your warm hands never cool down. I can only hope that we’ll be able to go back to before, and stay as friends.*
With a silent inhale of fresh air, he nodded.
It felt free to be up on the roof. As soon as Sehun poked his head out from the opening in the ceiling, all he felt was exhilaration. Looking down at the ground just made him feel all tingly.
Because inside… he knew that this would be the closest to flying he’d ever get.
Well, until he got his wings back, that is.
Before he knew it, he was already lying down on the roof, staring up at the sky. The sun was about to rise soon. A golden ray of sunshine cast over the building as Sehun felt calm.
He glanced over to see Naeun looking at him with confused eyes. Sehun didn’t smile, nor say a word, though. He merely beckoned her over.
Naeun seemed to understand, and she eventually took her place beside Sehun. Slowly, she felt herself sinking until she was completely lying down as well.
There was a silence until Naeun decided she wanted to break it. She let in a breath, “Sehu—“
“The skies are beautiful, don’t you think?”
Naeun stared at him, “…What?” He wasn’t making much sense, considering the fact that he had just pulled her out to say something that seemed really important. Now, he was talking about the sky?
“Look. The sun is going to set soon.” Sehun breathed. Naeun didn’t say a word, figuring that he’d open up soon. Her eyes started to close. She wanted to listen and just focus on his words.
Another long, thick silence was cast as Sehun closed his eyes too. *Don’t be a coward, Oh Sehun. Ask her your question, find out the answer, and don’t run away from the outcome.*
Finally, after a long time, Sehun mustered up the courage to ask.
Naeun opened her eyes with a small smile. It looked almost proud.
Sehun ducked his head. *Focus.* “I don’t know if you forgot, but a long time ago… The first time I became your friend and we talked on this very rooftop,” He paused to calm himself, “You promised me something. Can you remember it?”
Naeun’s lips pressed into a thin line. It was easy to see that she was deep in contemplation. Sehun let out a sad smile when she couldn’t come up with an answer.
Sehun avoided her gaze, “You promised me… That you would tell me the name of the person you came searching for.”
Naeun blinked and zoned out for a bit, trying to remember.  
“I don’t know if I should make promises with strangers…”
“Oh, come on. You never know. The person you’re looking for could be me!”
“I highly doubt that.”
“Promise? PROMISE?!”
“Fine, fine. Jeez. For an angel, you sure have a way with words.”
Pinkies were hooked, a friendship began, and feelings changed.
Naeun opened her eyes in realization, “That’s right…” She turned to see Sehun looking at her with an unreadable expression. Her lips turned into a light frown, “But I didn’t break the promise yet. I still… haven’t figured out who my angel is.” She let out a frustrated sigh.
Sehun raised his eyebrows, although half of him didn’t want to ask.
“Your angel?”
Naeun looked up and gave Sehun a sheepish smile. While taking in a deep breath, she began her story, and didn’t leave any details out. Sehun’s eyes grew wide with every sentence that escaped .
“All I ever remember of my childhood was staying in the hospital, but he changed me. He’s my first love. Although I might… um… have an interest in someone else now,” Sehun swore that she flushed a shade darker than her natural complexion, “I never want to forget him. He’s the reason why I’ve decided to live on. No matter what, he is the one that let me realize the beauty of life that I didn’t notice before. I don’t want to waste this opportunity and live it in vain. I’m going to live—for me, and for him.”
Sehun froze and took all of this in. Something forgotten was now revealing itself again.
Six boys of different ages flew freely in the air under the baby blue sky. Their white wings each had a unique undertone, differentiating themselves apart.
Their odd physical appearances definitely stood out. Chanyeol looked about 20, while the others were either in their pre-teens, childhood, or late-teen years. Technically, Chanyeol was the eldest in appearance.
But in reality, fourteen year old Suho was actually the eldest, and the leader. There was eleven year old D.O, fifteen year old Kai, eight year old Baekhyun, and six year old Sehun.
This peculiar physical appearance made the group seem weird, but actually, these angels all had different ages for a reason. Their ages represented how old they were when all of them passed away. Although the year Chanyeol was born in was later than Suho’s, Suho’s appearance seemed way younger than his. Why was that?
When you were an angel, the oldest you can physically age in your group was 20. That meant all the younger-looking EXO-K members were still in the process of physically growing. Chanyeol would forever look and be 20 years old, as long as he continued his life in Heaven as an angel.
Sure, their leader was older than him, but until years passed and Suho turned 20, Chanyeol would forever be taking orders from a little boy that was physically six years younger than him.
But Chanyeol didn’t mind. He never regarded himself as better than the rest of his group, and he was never allowed to go against his leader, no matter how young he looked. He wouldn’t want to go against Suho, anyway. Never. Suho was a million times more mentally mature than him, and a great guy… err—angel, at that. Plus, everyone was his close friend, including his best friend, Byun Baekhyun.
The six—no, the twelve EXO boys were so used to the differing appearances that they didn’t really care for it much. It was just normal to them.
“I’m tired of flying. I want to go rest!” A younger D.O fanned his face under the scorching hot sun. His pearl white wings shone in the sunlight.
“Hyung, we just rested a few minutes ago, also because of you.” Snide Kai responded, rolling his eyes at the elder. D.O glared at him, as if sizing him up.
Suho shook his head, breaking the small, nonexistent fight apart. He held his hands out and sighed, “Kyungsoo, Jongin, stop. We’re here on a special mission, and everyone wants to get back home soon, so we’ve got to hurry up. We can’t keep taking breaks like this. We have to return up there,” He pointed up, “soon.” He stressed the last word with a meaningful look.
“Yeah! I wanna go play hide-and-seek with Luhan hyung!” A tinier (and much shorter) Sehun whined. It wasn’t annoying, but it wasn’t exactly a pleasant tone, either. But a maknae was a maknae, after all. They weren’t called the youngest for nothing.
D.O pouted childishly and conjured up a big frown. It was so adorable, yet so incredibly pathetic-looking, that the young Kai even shook his head.
Suddenly, Sehun had an idea. *If I can make D.O hyung cold, then we can hurry up and finish what we have to do on Earth, so I can go play with Luhan hyung!* His face brightened.
“Here, D.O hyung!” A merry Sehun waved his hand, hurling a huge and chilly gust of wind at the sweating elder. D.O yelped as his wings flapped quickly, in an attempt to keep him steady. It failed, however, making D.O’s body almost lurch to the side.
Just in time, Baekhyun caught D.O’s arms, preventing him from falling.
If it was anyone that looked especially amazing in the sunlight, it was Baekhyun. His power over the sun especially stood out, since his wings were practically glistening in the light, showing off all its glory.
“You okay, hyung?” An amused smile graced Baekhyun’s lips as he glanced at D.O.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks, Baek.” D.O let out a sigh of relief and glared at the mischievous maknae, who cowered behind Chanyeol. Chanyeol let out a laugh and patted the younger on the back, winking.
“Be careful. Don’t let Kyungsoo get riled up too much, now.”
Sehun just laughed loudly.
Suho stopped flying mid-way and sighed, folding his arms together. “Alright, guys. This is our last stop before we finish up our work here, araso? I’m not taking any more detours!” He warned.
“Whoo-hoo!” D.O cheered and immediately flew down underneath a huge, shady tree. It was close to the area of a huge building, but the six didn’t mind. Usually, adult humans couldn’t see them, but when they did, they’d only be able to see their human aspects—minus the wings, of course. Children were usually able to see their wings—innocent children, that didn’t know any better.
That wasn’t a big issue, though. Even if the kids told someone, EXO-K could disappear in the blink of an eye. Plus, who would believe them if they said they saw angels? Absolutely no one. They were practically safe. The boys had the ability to pick and choose who they did and didn’t want to see them, at times, too. They’d be able to be invisible, or visible. It was their choice.
They enjoyed their short break in the protection of the shade when loud, panicked voices suddenly came from behind them.
Kai tilted his head to the side, “What’s going on?”
“Sounds like someone’s on the loose.” Chanyeol chuckled. Baekhyun didn’t say a word but his eyes scanned over the big letters stuck to the building that was written neatly in hangul.
Byung-won. Hospital.
“Do we turn invisible?” D.O sat up from lying down on the grass. Suho thought about this for a while, but something was pushing Baekhyun to stay visible.
“If I can say this—I think we’ll be just fine. No need to hide. It’s probably just a harmless—“ Baekhyun began, when all of a sudden, a petite figure tumbled down on the hill, and it was coming straight for the six boys.
“Whoa!” Chanyeol and Kai jumped out of the way. Sehun was the first one to peer over in slight interest. Baekhyun’s breath hitched in his throat. She was the one.
A sickly, feeble, but strong-willed looking girl was crumpled on the floor, dangerously close to Baekhyun. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She wore a childish pink bandanna on her head, covering her baldness, and her eyes were closed in a mild fit of pain. Even so, Baekhyun felt something inside of him. He felt… attached.
D.O spoke up first, “Is she dead?”
“Hush, you.” Kai snapped, eyes softening at the girl’s disheveled figure.
“She’s… pale. Very pale. Should we call the doctors here?” Sehun frowned.
“Are you kidding? And risk our identities? No way.” Chanyeol shook his head firmly. Even Suho agreed with him.
Before EXO-K could disappear, Baekhyun quietly mused, “Are you alright?”
The girl—then known as Naeun—opened her eyes and stared, jaw agape at Baekhyun’s beauty. Her cheeks tinged pink.
 “Haha, hyung. I think you surprised her.” Kai chuckled with a devious smirk.
“That’s enough, you guys. Let’s leave them alone for a second. I think I hear the ice cream truck coming.” Suho, who was still a bit of a child, murmured. The ice cream was a lie, because he saw through Baekhyun’s façade. He knew the latter was enchanted by this Naeun girl. He softly smiled and guided the remaining five away.
“Ice cream?! Let’s go!” Everyone except Suho and Baekhyun whooped and bolted off, making themselves visible.
Sehun took one last glance at the strange girl before leaving with the others.
Sehun stifled his gasp.
He had finally grasped the situation. Baekhyun was indeed, her angel, and her current crush. There was no doubt about that now.
Minute by minute, Sehun found himself lose confidence in his love for her. *Compared to my childish crush, I can tell Baekhyun hyung means a lot to her. And she probably means a great deal to hyung, too…* His heart started to hurt. Reality hurt.
Naeun blinked obliviously, “So that’s all you wanted to ask me?”
Sehun slowly raised his head to say something. *Maybe I should tell her about Baekhyun hyung being her angel…* But something was stopping him, and that was his own greed. His jealousy was taking over.
However, Sehun was still willing to step down. He had no desire to take away his friend—and crush’s—happiness.
Sehun wanted to scream. He wanted to shout that Naeun was his, that he would make her happy. He wished to just whisk her off her feet and make her fall in love with him, but he knew he couldn’t do that. He didn’t want to betray his friend and oppose fate.
He didn’t want to become a heartless monster.
But he wasn’t completely sure that he had the courage to play matchmaker for the couple, either.
Sehun had finally decided.
“Hm?” Naeun turned around and was taken aback by the welled up tears in Sehun’s tender gaze. She grew stunned, “S-Sehun…”
But Sehun merely smiled at her. Not the brightest of beams, but not the slightest of smiles, etiher. Just in the middle. The safe middle.
“…Don’t worry. You kept your promise.” He let his hand glide over Naeun’s, and he gave it a small, gentle squeeze. *If Baekhyun makes you happy, then that’s all that I would ever want.*
Leaning towards her, Sehun pulled Naeun in for a gentle peck on the cheek. It wasn’t much, just a brush of the lips, but it was enough to shock her. Naeun froze as he pulled back, still smiling. Her fingertips found their way to her cheek in a dazed confusion.
But that reaction didn’t last long. Sehun softly gazed at her, a streak of a clear tear smoothly gliding down his own cheek. His intention definitely came across.
Sehun stood up and slowly put a hand on Naeun’s head before he climbed down the ladder and disappeared down the opening. *Go get him, you lovesick girl.* He thought with a hint of a pained smile.
Naeun merely lied back down, looking up at the sky, and the sunrise that followed with it, thinking about Sehun’s unspoken thought.
His kiss was not romantic, or loving. It was a kiss of friendship, a kiss that signalled the end of their path together as a couple. A kiss that meant, ‘do your best,’ and ‘I’m counting on you to get him’.
Naeun knew this fully well. She smiled in remorse.
*I’m sorry, Sehunnie. But I hope that you’ll always be my rooftop friend.*
The wind rustled past her, as if replying with a soft smile.
When Sehun got to the bottom of the ladder, he leaned himself on the wall and slowly slid downwards until he was crouching on the floor. He instantly let his guard down. His tears immediately blurred his vision and gushed out of his eyes.
His heart was breaking, and he only hoped that he could fix it in time, so that he would at least stay best friends with his first love.
Sehun remembered his words on the rooftop, clearly and concisely.  
“I’m a maknae, and maknaes never lose!”
Echoes of both his and Naeun’s laughter, chiming through the woods below them.
Now, those echoes seemed empty. His words seemed empty.
He smirked in disbelief and buried his face in his hands. *Oh Sehun, you pathetic person. You’re a maknae, and you’ve just lost.*
BaekEun moments coming up soon! 
Sorry for the long wait! ^^
Poor Sehun~ D:


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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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