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Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Angel - Teen Top
Narrator’s P.O.V:
The next morning, Naeun opened her eyes groggily to spot a familiar face.
Sharp eyes were staring at her from just inches away, by her bedside. Naeun shot up and jumped back, yelping in shock.
Tao jumped back as well, even more startled by her outburst, “S-Sorry!”
Naeun put a hand over her racing chest. She could recognize that inky black hair anywhere. His hairstyle was too unique.
“Tao,” She gawked at him, “What are you doing here?”
Tao shuffled a bit uncomfortably on his knees, “Err… Well… The geges told me to come wake you up. I didn’t want to wake you when you were sleeping so peacefully, and I wasn’t sure what to do…”
“So you decided to stare at me while I was sleeping?” Naeun raised an eyebrow.
Tao’s face flushed in mortification, “N-No! Absolutely not! I mean—yes, that’s what I did, but ack—“ He slapped his palm over his red face and looked up at Naeun with pleading eyes, “…Please don’t tell the others. They’re gonna constantly tease me for this.”
Naeun stared at him before bursting out into fits of laughter. *His actions are just too cute!*
After taking a quick glimpse at Tao—who had a rather ashamed look on his face—Naeun felt rather guilty for laughing at him. Slowly, she stopped and smiled.
“Of course. I won’t bring this up as long as you promise to wake me next time and not stare at me all day. That’s kind of…”
“Stalker-ish?” Tao guessed.
“Yeah. Stalker-ish.” Naeun grinned at his humor. Tao’s face lit up as he morphed back into the energetic maknae. Beaming, he held out his long pinky, “Araso. I promise!”
Naeun instinctively smiled as she hooked her pinky with his. *How ironic. Sehun is more of a mature maknae, while Tao, with his slightly intimidating looks, is the adorable one.*
Tao blinked at her and waved as he approached the door, “Duizhang made breakfast. Come. You can wash up after we eat.”
*Duizhang… duizhang… duizhang…* She searched for the word in her mind. Immediately, a word in Korean stood out the most. *Leader?*
“Kris oppa made breakfast? Not D.O oppa?” Naeun gawked. Kris didn’t exactly seem like the ‘chef’ type of guy. Then again, D.O never really stuck Naeun as the ‘mother dearest’ sort of guy either when she first met him.
Tao obediently nodded as if it was the most common thing in the world, “Hurry, mei-mei. Everyone is waiting for you.” He gave her a heart-stopping smile. Naeun quickly hopped out of bed, checked her reflection in the mirror for any bedhead, and hurried to the door behind Tao.
Immediately, the smell of yummy stew and fresh rice woke Naeun right up. She followed Tao into the kitchen and struggled to peer over Kris’ tall, broad shoulder.
Sure enough, delicious looking stew was bubbling into the pot. D.O had already set all of the rice bowls at the table, as well.
Kris turned around to see Naeun smiling at him, “Good morning!”
“Whoa.” His lips formed into an ‘o’. “You startled me for a second there.” However, his expression was a perfect poker face.
“I don’t think so, duizhang. You look pretty serious to me.” Chen said from the kitchen counter and raised a hand to wave at Naeun. She smiled sweetly and waved back.
“That’s true.” Lay mused as he set down cups of water for everyone. Kris furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean? I look confused right now, don’t I?” He turned to D.O, who just shook his head with a sigh. Naeun laughed at his obliviousness. *So even the poker-faced leader can be cute, too.*
A while after, Xiumin came in and took over Lay’s job of filling the water glasses. Kris told Lay to pour the stew into bowls, and he ended up doing so.
“Here, give that to me.” Naeun took a bowl from Lay after he scooped up some soup. Lay blinked cluelessly, “Oh… thanks.”
Naeun smiled warmly, “No problem… Yixing oppa.”
Lay’s eyes widened at the name. *Did mei-mei just—* But Naeun already left to put the bowls on the table. Lay merely smiled to himself. *You chose a good one, Baixian-ge.* He thought, referring to Baekhyun.
Soon, Suho, Luhan, and Sehun appeared at the door. Suho caught sight of Naeun and gave her his usual princely smile, “Good morning, Naeun.”
“Hi, Suho oppa. Did you sleep well?” She chuckled, taking the last bowl from Lay and setting it on the table.
Suho nodded kindly. Naeun caught sight of Luhan and Sehun. Immediately, Sehun broke out into a beam and hugged her, “How did you sleep, Naeunnie?”
Naeun amicably grinned and patted his back, “I slept… well.” She cast a quick glance at Tao, who was leaning on the countertop. He flushed red. “How about you, Sehunnie?”
“I slept well too.” He brightened. “Sehun-ah! Come help!” Xiumin called as Sehun ran up to him, “Coming!”
Luhan watched as Naeun smiled at Sehun’s backside. *She looks at him as nothing but a mere friend.* Somehow, the thought saddened him, but he knew that she was meant for someone else from the start.
Naeun turned to the front and blinked at Luhan before greeting him happily, “How was your first night here, Luhan oppa?”
Luhan was surprised by her friendliness and nickname. He didn’t have anyone to call him ‘oppa’ before. It felt… oddly nice.
“It was good, thanks for asking.” He replied with an eye-smile back. Naeun nodded, “No problem.”
Just then, D.O spun her around, “Naeun.” He looked at her very seriously. Naeun tilted her head to one side in confusion, “Hm?”
“Shoo.” He pushed her out of the kitchen. Naeun was bewildered as to why she was being forced out. “You did too much already. You always do. Take a breather, alright? Go check what the other guys are up to at the living room or something. We’ll take care of it here.” D.O said quickly.
“But—“ Naeun began. D.O instantly cut her off, “We’re almost done anyways. Look—“ He pointed to the TV, “Go watch what they’re watching. Hurry up.”
Without a choice, Naeun pouted and walked over to the couch, plopping herself down anywhere. Apparently, her body wanted to sit itself in between Kai and Baekhyun. Yet, she didn’t even notice.
“Got kicked out?” Kai guessed. Naeun nodded.
“I don’t understand why you’d even want to help.” Lazy Chanyeol shook his head. A hand suddenly outstretched and patted her on the back soothingly.
“That’s because Naeun is just a kind-hearted girl. There’s nothing wrong with helping, Yeol.” A melodious laugh.
Upon hearing this voice, Naeun’s heart rate increased tremendously. She felt her chest tighten as she tried to remember to breathe.
Slowly and gradually, Naeun raised her head to lock gazes with those beautiful brown eyes. His high cheekbones became defined as Baekhyun smiled at her, “So you decide to look at me now.”
Naeun was stupefied. Ever since she realized what that feeling in her heart was, she couldn’t remember how she would casually converse with him. *How am I supposed to act around him when I just realized that I lov—liked him?!*
“Uh, hyung, she’s frozen.”
“Naeun? Hellooo? Earth to Naeun?”
“This is pretty amusing…”
“Naeun?” She noticed how Baekhyun’s eyebrows would crinkle in anxiousness, “Is something the matter?”
Naeun quickly snapped out of it. “N-Nope! Everything’s fine!” She squeaked.
Light-bulbs quickly flashed in Chanyeol and Kai’s minds. *Caught red-handed, Song Naeun.* They shared a devious glance and smirked to themselves.
Baekhyun decided to shrug it off when Naeun’s eyes flickered to the TV screen. There was a town of various stands and shops, much similar to the town that they always went to. Streamers, balloons, and other decorative tools were sprinkled all around the stands to make them appear prettier and more eye-catching.
Naeun pointed to the screen, “What is that? Are they preparing for something in particular?”
Baekhyun was the first one to recognize it. “Ohh, that. This Friday is EXO Day.”
Naeun let that register in her mind. *EXO Day?*
“It’s a day when all the inhabitants of EXO celebrate their planet. It’s a yearly tradition. The town on TV is the town that we usually go to shop around. They make festivals there and do lots of interesting things.” Kai shrugged.
“It’s not really interesting for us since we’ve stayed here for a long time and seen it before, but I guess we could talk about going to show around Naeun.” Chanyeol thought. “It’d be fun.”
Baekhyun smiled at the sheer thought of it. *Yeah… It’ll be fun.* He turned to Naeun, “Would you like to go?”
Naeun turned to him, forgetting everything else for a second. She gaped, “Really? You guys would go?” *For me?*
“Like Chanyeol said,” Baekhyun agreed, “It’d be fun.” *With you around.* He shamelessly added in his head.
Another voice chimed in, “That’s a great idea!”
All four of you turned to see the kitchen crew. Suho brightly beamed, “It’s a really fun time, Naeun. It’s a good experience. We should all go.”
“Yeah!” Xiumin slyly smirked, “We haven’t gone yet either, so we should go.”
Kris rolled his eyes, “Aigoo. They wanted to first go for Naeun, not for us. We’ve seen it eons ago, remember?”
Xiumin blinked, “We have?”
Kris shook his head. Suho blinked, “No, actually, that’s all the more reason to go. Naeun hasn’t seen it, and EXO-M hasn’t seen it either.”
“So, everyone cool for Friday?” D.O asked aloud.
Suho smiled, “Then it’s settled! Now everyone, let’s eat!” He leaded the hungry boys to the dining room table. One by one, they all vanished.
All but with the exception of Naeun and Baekhyun.
Baekhyun stood up and stretched, extending a hand to help her up. “Excited?” He grinned at her.
It was true. Naeun couldn’t contain her curiosity and excitement towards Friday. She wondered what kinds of surprising things she would see there with her friends… And Baekhyun.  She nodded at his question.
In lighter spirits, Naeun rested her hand on top of Baekhyun’s as he hoisted her up in one fluid motion.
“Hurry,” Baekhyun urged and pulled on her arm, not wanting to let go. “I’m hungry.”
Naeun took one last glance at the TV before turning it off, and left.
She was sure going to anticipate Friday.



Any Tao fans here? :D

Of course, I gave into the urge of writing a Tao moment at the beginning. ^^ 

Tao approves. A lot. xD

Although he loves Sehun, I think Tao would be on Baekhyun's side, no? I believe so, because he loves his Baixian-ge. :D (For those of you who don't know, Baixian is Baekhyun's name in Mandarin.)

Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter!

Anticipate more, and OMG THIS IS AT 1400+ SUBBIES. O_________________________O /cheers

Thanks guys for all your love and support! Please wait patiently for the next chapter! :D


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Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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