Sometimes, the Truth Hurts.

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Alarm Clock - SHINee
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Naeun yawned loudly after eating dinner, “…I think I’m gonna turn myself in early tonight.”
Twelve pairs of eyes stared back at her. Xiumin slurped on his drink, “Already? So soon?”
“Yeah, Naeun. Why don’t you watch some TV with us or something before you go upstairs?” Kai clapped a hand on her shoulder.
Naeun shook her head, “I appreciate the offer, but no thanks.”
Suho noticed her difference in behavior and his expression turned unreadable, “Yeah, guys. I think Naeun’s too tired tonight. Don’t press the issue if she’s not willing.”
Naeun’s gaze softened as she gave the leader a small smile. Suho caught it and nodded back with an understanding grin.
*Thank goodness for Suho oppa.* She let out a relieved sigh.
Naeun got up out of her seat and pushed her chair in. It was Sehun and Chanyeol’s turn to wash the dishes today, so she didn’t have to help.
She turned to EXO-M and gave them a friendly smile, “It was nice to meet you… oppas.” She chuckled half-heartedly. EXO-M laughed along.
“You sound like this is our last time meeting each other.” Chen accused.
Tao nodded along, “Yeah! We’re gonna see you tomorrow, remember mei-mei?”
Naeun smiled, “Of course I know. I’m just glad I finally got to meet you. The other oppas talked about you a lot.” She put her hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder. His hair was no longer frizzy, but straightened out.
“Yeah, we missed them too.” Luhan admitted, lightly ruffling Sehun’s hair. He bit his lip to hold back his smile, and Naeun couldn’t help but watch the scene with a warm gaze.
Just then, Sehun caught her gaze and Naeun frowned at him. He furrowed his eyebrows as if to say, ‘What?’
‘Just because Luhan returned, you’d better not ditch me for him!’She mouthed, pouting adorably. Sehun let out a snort, stifling his laughter.
‘Of course not, pabo! You’re my bubble tea buddy, after all.’
Naeun smiled at that, ‘You’d better stay true to those words, Oh Sehun.’
‘Yeah, yeah.’He rolled his eyes and she giggled.
Naeun glanced at the clock and hummed. *Well then, it’s my queue to leave.* She waved at the twelve boys, “Goodnight, oppas.”
“Goodnight Naeunnie!”
“’Night, mei-mei!”
“Sleep well!”
“See you in the morning.”
“Goodnight… Naeun-ah.” Naeun spun around and froze at the last voice. Baekhyun was gazing at her with tender eyes that made her heart flutter.
She bit on her lip and kept her gaze low, “G-Goodnight.” Naeun her heels without a word and put a hand over her palpitating heart, walking up to her room. *Byun Baekhyun… You don’t know the effect you have on me. And I didn’t either…. Until today.*
Baekhyun’s face immediately fell from Naeun’s muttered response. She had been smiling and charming towards the others all day. Why did she act so differently to him, and why so sudden? He crinkled his eyebrows, deep in thought and silent panic.
*Think, Baekhyun, think.*
When Naeun reached her room, she closed the door shut and leaned back on it. Her head was spinning like crazy.
She slowly and gradually slid down the door until she hit the cold floor. *I acted so cold to Baekhyun oppa downstairs… Why did I do that? Why didn’t I just act normally?*
“Because you love him.”Her conscience mused.
*Shut up.* She grumbled aloud and rested her head on her knees. Her long arms automatically wound around her legs as she sighed.
“Love… huh?”
“But what about your angel?”Her conscience questioned, “The one you promised to find? The one you loved more than anything? He’s your first love.”
Naeun ruffled up her hair in frustration, “Aish!” She got up and dove head-first into her soft, fluffy bed.
She shuffled around to rest her head on her pillow and stared at nothing in particular.
*I’ll find him, don’t worry. No matter what, my angel comes first.*
Quietly, Lay peeked into Naeun’s room and found her fast asleep. He seemed relieved, and shut the door soundlessly, walking straight into EXO-K’s room and closing the door shut behind him.
“Is she sleeping?” Kris questioned Lay as he walked in. Lay nodded and made the ‘ok’ symbol.
EXO-K sat on their individual beds as EXO-M sat on random ones, two to a mattress.
Suho suddenly turned very serious.
“What was your purpose of coming here?”
Kris looked up at him, “So you found out.”
“Obviously.” D.O had his head rested on his palm. Beside him, Tao lay flat on his belly. “Why would they let all of the fighter angels out of Heaven when there are constant attacks from the dark side?”
Chen was lying down beside Kai in a bored state. He gazed up at the ceiling and zapped out tiny electric sparks from his fingertips once in a while. “We didn’t come here as fighter angels, nor warriors of any sort.” He began, “We were sent here as messengers.”
“Messengers? What kind of messengers? What were you sent to tell us?” Kai urged. To them, friendships were important, but not as important as making sure that their home was safe. Heaven had to be safe from harm. That was more important than all of them being reunited, no matter how much they had missed each other.
“Shh. I’m not done yet, Jongin. Let me finish.” Chen snapped impatiently. Kai made a sarcastic face, “Sorry.”
Tao giggled, delighted to hear the bickering of his friends. It felt as if the two halves had never been separated before.
“As I was saying,” Chen glanced at Kai to make sure he wouldn’t interrupt again, “We were sent to tell you something very important, but of course, we wouldn’t get sent down here without other soldiers guarding Heaven. There’s a whole army of them, so you don’t have to worry. They’ve already been tested for their combat skills.”
All the EXO-K members let out a breath of relief. Their home was safe.
“However,” Luhan’s voice was grave, “Our message is for Baekhyun, and Baekhyun only.”
Baekhyun’s head immediately snapped up as his gaze locked on to his hyung. Luhan stared at him, “Baekhyun… you know that Naeun didn’t pop up on EXO Planet without a reason, right?”
The said boy’s eyes widened. *Luhan hyung—Does he know about Naeun and me? About our childhood…? But that’s impossible. EXO-K were the only ones present at the hospital where I first met her…* But Luhan’s eyes showed no hint of joking or untrustworthiness. His words were sincere.
On the other hand, Sehun was bewildered. *What are they talking about? Something fishy is going on…* He continued to keep quiet, though.
“Keep in mind that she’s not going to be here forever, but at the same time, don’t ignore the fact that her own will made her appear here, where humans are forbidden.” Luhan said wisely. *She won’t be here forever, Baekhyun, but I hope you find out that she came to EXO Planet with a motive… To find her one and only angel. Please realize that it wasn’t just a pure coincidence for her to travel all the way here. Naeun woke up in your bed because it was fate.*
But Luhan couldn’t say the rest. He was forbidden to say any more and guide Baekhyun further. He was sent to EXO Planet as a messenger, and a messenger only. Not a guide.
Baekhyun let Luhan’s advice melt in his mind. *What is that supposed to mean…? Why is he speaking in riddles?* Nevertheless, he nodded.
There was a silence until Sehun spoke up, “Does that mean that you guys are going to… leave soon? I mean—now that you delivered your mission and everything?”
The maknae’s gaze was fixated on Luhan. The elder laughed melodiously and comfortingly patted Sehun’s back. “Don’t worry, Sehun. We’re permitted to stay here until Baekhyun gets his wings back. Then, we return to guard Heaven as a team altogether again.”
“Seriously?” Suho gaped. Lay nodded, “That’s right.”
D.O and Tao bumped their fists together in joy, knowing that the two halves of EXO were now a whole, and they would continue to be from this point on.
Chanyeol grinned widely in happiness and turned to Baekhyun, whose expression was still unreadable. Slowly, he approached his best friend and patted his head, “Hey, Baek.”
Baekhyun looked up to see giant Chanyeol giving him his usual goofy smile. “Don’t be so glum, chum. Chin up. Everything will eventually straighten themselves out, so don’t worry about it now. Whatever happens, happens. After all, we’re all one, am I right?”
*We’re all one.*
Baekhyun burst out laughing at that. EXO-M let out smiles too.
Suho and Kris smirked at each other, counting down slowly, “3… 2…1!”
“We are one!” The twelve boys chorused, instantly belting out into laughter. Not a single one didn’t have a smile on their face.
Baekhyun snickered as his fingers found their way up onto his black EXO necklace. *Chanyeol’s right. Although I’m not quite sure what Luhan hyung’s words mean now, I will in the future. No matter what, my friends will have my back, and as for Naeun… I will love her for eternity.*



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3K_H95 #1
Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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