Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Drive - Dalmatian 
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Something warm and bright hit Naeun’s face. Instantly, it made her cringe.
She was sweetly and softly snoozing away just a few minutes ago, but now something was breaking the peace. She mightily tried to open her heavy eyelids and saw nothing but bright blurs.
Instinctively, she raised her left hand over her face to block out the sunlight and hastily wiped with the back of her hand. *Urgh… my back hurts…* Naeun tried to straighten up, but she noticed a light weight resting on top of her head.
Slowly, Naeun turned to see a body beside her. Startled, she backed away. Baekhyun’s head went rolling onto her shoulder instead. She gasped, but then quickly covered . *B-Baekhyun oppa…?!*
Her memory started to fill in all the gaps from last night. She had fallen asleep while listening to Baekhyun’s MP3, but that’s when her memory film came to an abrupt halt.
Seeing Baekhyun’s handsome facial features made her soften. She could feel his cool minty breath blowing on her neck. It made her shiver, but she was oddly comforted by this sensation. *Don’t angels have morning breath?* Naeun shook her head in stunned wonder. Peppermint filled her nostrils for every one of Baekhyun’s breaths.*…I guess not.*
The sunlight found it’s new victim and headed it’s way over to Baekhyun’s face. As expected, his eyebrows crinkled in annoyance. Instinctively, Naeun poked his brows and they immediately relaxed. She stifled a giggle. *I guess the sun always finds him, no matter where he is.*
Naeun looked up and noticed the table in front of her. Grocery bags were lined up on it, still unopened. Her eyebrows crinkled. *What the—The oppas came home but never put the groceries away?* She clucked her tongue. *Tsk, tsk. Typical boys.*
With much effort, she gently pushed Baekhyun’s head off of her shoulder and shakily stood up. Her back was still sore from sleeping upright on the tiled floor. Hesitantly, she stretched.
When Naeun opened her eyes again, she saw Kai’s surprised face in front of hers. “WHOA!” She took a step back, startled, but slapped a hand over , not daring to glance back at sleeping Baekhyun.
“Naeun.” Kai yawned tiredly and rubbed his perfectly placed hair. “What are you doing here?”
Her jaw almost dropped. Kai looked perfect in the morning, and it was no lie. He looked a bit dazed, but nonetheless looked stunning. He wore a thin white tank top and loose hip-hugging sweatpants.  
When she forced herself to stop staring, she avoided his question.
“Did you… just wake up now?
Kai, who was drinking a cold water bottle he saved in the fridge, glanced at her and pulled it away from his lips, “Yeah…?” He twisted the cap back on the bottle, “I just came to take a sip of water.”
Naeun’s eyes widened. *What?! No. That can’t be true. He doesn’t even have bedhead hair!*
When he noticed Naeun continuously staring at him, he raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. “Waeee?” He drawled cutely.
Naeun narrowed her eyes at him, “I bet you haven’t even heard of the words ‘morning breath’.”
Kai’s gave her a weird look, “What?”
“…Never mind.” She mumbled.
Before he could part his thick lips to speak again, D.O appeared in the kitchen, wearing a baggy shirt and pants. He nodded to Naeun and Kai with a pearly white smile, “Morning.”
Naeun gawked at him as Kai nodded back, “Morning, hyung.” D.O eyed the ice-cold water bottle in Kai’s hand, “Give me a sip of that.”
“And have your cooties all over it?” He held it out with a disgusted face, “No thanks.”
D.O froze, then gave him a long look. “Fine. I guess you can do without food for a few weeks… or months…”
Kai tossed it, “Catch.” D.O swiftly caught it with one hand and winked at Naeun slyly. She cracked a smile.
It wasn’t long before Suho and Sehun appeared at the staircase. Naeun, Kai, and D.O were all in the living room, watching mindless TV. Kai was eating a big croissant but had broken it in half and gave Naeun the other.
“It’s nice to see everyone up so early in the morning.” Suho chuckled as he gave Naeun a charming smile, “Did you sleep well?”
Naeun hoped that Suho’s smile didn’t have a double meaning. “Yeah.” She cautiously smiled back, “I did. How about you?”
Suho obliviously beamed back, “I did too. Thanks for asking.”
*Phew. So Suho was innocent after all.* She let out a relieved sigh. *I don’t want to cause a scene and make Baekhyun uncomfortable if anyone realized what had happened last night.*
“Naeunnie!” Sehun jumped on the couch, now wide awake. He leaned his head on her arm and beamed, pushing Kai off to the side. *Why this maknae—* He glared at him before defeatedly scooting over a bit for the younger.
“Good morning, Sehun.” Naeun laughed and patted his arm amusedly. “Sleep well?”
D.O raised an eyebrow with a grin, “Someone’s attached to our new roommate.”
“Tell me about it.” Kai rolled his eyes and made a face at the maknae. “You used to be close with me, Oh Sehun. Traitor.” He frowned.
Suho chuckled with a flick of his bangs, “Do I sense jealousy this early in the morning?”
Naeun laughed jokingly, “Don’t hate me because I’m Sehunnie’s new favourite, Jongin oppa.” Sehun beamed and squeezed Kai’s shoulder in a mocking, sympathetic way.
“Yeah, hyung. Don’t be mad at Naeunnie. I know even you can’t resist her.” He snickered, kidding around.
“Of course. I can never hate Naeun. I just shared a croissant with her, and that says a lot, considering I never share food.” Kai shrugged and grinned at her, “Isn’t that right?”
Naeun laughed, “That’s true.” Sehun’s eyes automatically widened, “He shared a croissant with you?! Wow… Kai hyung never shares anything with me. Wait—No one in this whole group shares anything with me, with the exception of Suho hyung, of course.”
Naeun shook her head at Kai, “You greedy person, you.” Kai innocently shrugged. “Aigoo.” D.O hit his head. Kai yelped, “You just violated one of the rules of Heaven! No violence! No violence!”
“Oh please.” D.O rolled his eyes, “Drama king.” Naeun laughed along with Sehun curled up against her shoulder comfortably.
*I can’t really imagine how I was living back on Earth, and I don’t really want to go back…* She smiled at the boys. *It hasn’t even been that long since we’ve met, but it’s surprising how close I’ve become with these six… They’ve become important friends.*
At that moment, Naeun noticed that someone was missing. “Huh? Where’s Chanyeol oppa?”
“In dreamland.” Suho gave a fatherly smile, “He’s always the last one to wake up. Nothing new.” He walked towards the kitchen, “Maybe I should start making coffee?”
*Kitchen… kitchen… KITCHEN?!* Naeun’s eyes grew large. *Wait—Baekhyun’s still in there!* Anxiously, she turned around in the direction of the kitchen.
Sehun perked up, “Hm?” He followed her gaze, “Is something wrong?”
Naeun slowly shook her head, and he shrugged, eyes turning back to the TV. D.O got up from his seat and disappeared into the kitchen as well.
There was a tranquil silence when all of a sudden, Naeun heard D.O’s yell.
“What the—Baekhyun?!”
“Oh! Baekhyunnie!”
“Where’d you come from?!”
*Oh my.* Naeun sheepishly shook her head.
Chanyeol quickly appeared in the doorway of the living room in a groggy state, “What’s going on…?” He asked, half-awake.
Kai shrugged, “Nothing really. Baekhyun hyung was apparently in the kitchen.”
“What?” He looked confused, but didn’t really question it. Chanyeol—looking perfect as well—laid down on the couch, his eyes automatically closing.
“Good morning, Chanyeol oppa.” Naeun mused.
“Good night.”
Kai and Naeun shared an amused gaze as he snored himself back to sleep a few seconds later.
A shadow cast over her as she gazed up. Baekhyun was grinning at her, a bit too obviously. “Good morning.”
Naeun secretly grinned back, “Good morning.”
“Morning.” Kai followed suit.
He moved over to the couch Chanyeol was hogging, and quickly pushed him aside. Chanyeol moved a bit, but then placed his head on Baekhyun’s lap. He didn’t seem to mind much.
D.O came out of the kitchen and sat down beside Baekhyun, “Seriously, though. Where did you come from? We thought you were in our room, since last night, we were too tired, so we just dropped the groceries and went to bed.”
Kai interestedly listened in. Naeun kept her lips shut, a smile tingling on them.
“I guess when I came downstairs in the middle of the night, I immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, I found myself in the kitchen.” He caught Naeun’s gaze and tried not to laugh. *Angels can have secrets of their own, too.*
“Seriously, dude. Sleepwalking is not really attractive at all.” D.O shook his head, misunderstanding. Kai chuckled and rested his head on his palm.
Naeun smiled. *I guess no one will know the truth except us.* Excited butterflies tickled her stomach as she glanced down. *Speaking of which, Sehun hasn’t talked too much yet…* She checked the brunette’s face to find him fast asleep.
Sehun was still attached to Naeun’s arm, though. His long eyelashes rested gently on his face and he had the most flawless complexion. His cherry red lips were slightly parted, letting out his minty fresh breath.
“Him too? Gosh, they’re all perfect in one way or another.” Naeun whispered and shook her head with a giggle as she mindlessly raked her long hands in Sehun’s soft hair. She smiled in a motherly fashion.
Looking around, she noticed that Kai’s eyelids were slowly drooping down, Baekhyun almost submitted to sleep, Chanyeol was joining Sehun in dreamland, and D.O was quietly dazed, tired as well.
It was contagious. Seconds later, Naeun also found herself submitting to slumber. Exhausted, she began to close her eyes and let her senses dull.
“Alright, guys. Coffee’s done, so who wants to help me—“ Guardian Suho halted in his sentence when he saw the endearing sight. All six of his ‘kids’ were fast asleep again.
Sehun had found his way off of Naeun’s arm. His head rested on her lap. Naeun’s head was leaning on Kai’s shoulder, with Kai’s head resting on his fist.
On the other couch, Chanyeol was lying down on Baekhyun’s lap, and Baekhyun and D.O had their heads leaning on each other’s, slightly tilted.
*Of course. I should’ve known it was too quiet.* He chuckled lightly. Quietly, he picked up the TV remote and turned the television off. Then, he picked up a blanket from the corner and tucked it in under Naeun and Kai. He did the same to D.O and Baekhyun.
Suho walked all the way upstairs to get two more small but thin blankets and tucked in Sehun and Chanyeol. A genuine smile lingered on the leader’s lips.
Satisfied with the scene and calming quietness, he shut off the light and walked back into the kitchen, letting the coffee cool down as he started putting away the groceries by himself in a sweet silence.



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3K_H95 #1
Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Chapter 47: this story make me cry so much.i love it authornim
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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:( I've been reading so many gay fics Idk if I should read this :(((
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