Chapter 2

Your Name


The car finally stopped in front of their house. They all came out of it, but Seung Hyun was the only one to rush back inside; the others were too drunk for that. He opened the door, climbed the stairs and went straight to his room. He took his laptop, turned it on and went directly to the Google search bar. His fingers typed in the name of SHINee’s leader and he clicked on the first link he found. He didn’t even have to scroll down to find what he was looking for.


Lee Jinki, he said in his head. He repeated it a few times and then decided to say it out loud; just to see how it felt. He couldn’t help but smile. For a weird reason, he felt satisfied and happy. It was as if he had discovered something that would change his life. The happiness he was feeling right now was so weird to him that it made him think that maybe he had had too much to drink. He was tired anyways, so he decided to go to bed.




Jinki had just come back from a variety show recording and was now reading in his room. It was his way of keeping himself knowledgeable even though he had a hectic schedule. He had just started going through the third page of his book when his cell phone suddenly rang beside him.  He looked at the number, but didn’t recognize it. He decided to ignore it, wanting to go back to his book. A few minutes later, his cell phone rang again. He picked it up and saw that it was the same number.



“Hello,” he finally said, a little annoyed.


“Hey”, replied a deep voice.


“Who is that?”Jinki asked, confused.


“It’s Seung Hyun.”


Jinki was surprised. Why was he calling? They had just met the night before!


“Oh, how did you get my number?”he asked, a little alarmed.


“Hum… Daesung gave it to me…”Seung Hyun admitted, embarrassed.




There was a moment of silence where neither of them knew what to say. Jinki was waiting for Seung Hyun to say something, because he knew that if he was the one to talk he would say something that was totally awkward.


“What are you doing at the moment?”the rapper finally said.


“I am reading a book.”he stated. “Well, actually no, I’m talking to you, but I was reading a book… ”


Jinki heard Seung Hyun laugh and he felt even more awkward.


“Okay, are you doing something tonight?”the older one asked.


“No… except reading a book.”


“Do you want to go somewhere with me?” Seung Hyun asked rapidly.


“It depends. What do you want to do?”


“I don’t know… Maybe go to a restaurant and talk.”


Jinki suddenly smiled; he was hungry anyways.


“I know a great restaurant where they make the most delicious chicken you will ever eat in your life,”he said, excited.


“Oh, okay, well, let’s go there!”


Jinki gave him the address and hung up. He changed clothes, fixed his hair and went out. The restaurant wasn’t far from their dorm so he decided to walk. He was looking forward to eat the crispy chicken, but he was a little nervous about meeting the man he was already thinking too much about.




Seung Hyun was finally in front of the restaurant. He had had a little difficulty finding the place so when he looked at his watch, he saw that he was already fifteen minutes late. He rapidly got out of his car and went in. The person at the front desk smiled at him. Seung Hyun didn’t know if Jinki had left or if he was already seated, so he decided to call.


“Hello?” He finally heard the younger one say.


“Hey, are you still in the restaurant?”Seung Hyun asked, nervous.


“Yes, just tell the lady in the front that you are with Onew.”




They both hung up and Seung Hyun went to see the still smiling lady.


“I am with Onew”, he said, while fidgeting his fingers.


“Oh! Well, welcome!Just follow me, sir.”


He followed her to the back of the restaurant and she brought him to a well-put, isolated table where Jinki was already seated. Seung Hyun sat in front of him and the woman went away.


“I’m sorry for being late”, the rapper immediately said.


“Don’t worry about it. I figured you must have had trouble finding the place”, Jinki replied with a smile.


Seung Hyun felt a little more at ease.


“So… do you come here often?”He asked.


Jinki suddenly laughed and he started laughing too. That damn laugh was ing contagious.


“I come here one or two times a week”, Jinki replied whilst wiping off a tear of laughter from his eye.


“Really???”  Seunghyun couldn’t believe it! Was he in front of a chicken maniac?


“Yes, but you can’t tell anyone, because I could get in big trouble for that”, he started. “I only told the other members so they could cover for me if someone asked where I was.”


“Okay, I won’t tell”, Seung Hyun stated, amused.  


“I’m really hungry, we should order!” 


Seung Hyun looked at the menu and decided to go with the chicken parmigiana. When he closed it, he saw that Jinki was already waiting, arms crossed. A waiter suddenly stopped in front of their table.


“Are you ready to order?” He asked, with a pen and notepad in hand.


“Yes!”said Jinki. “I’ll take the same thing as usual!”


“Of course!”He said, and then turned to the blue haired rapper, “And you, sir?” 


Seung Hyun told the waiter what he wanted and the man went away. A few minutes later, the same young man came back with their food. The older one was surprised.


“Wow, they’re really fast!”


“Yeah, well, I’m their top customer, so I guess I have a special treatment”, the younger one explained, looking intently at his plate of chicken legs.


Seung Hyun was a little taken aback by the fact that there were only chicken legs in the other one’s plate, but thought it was cute at the same time.


“Well, enjoy your meal”, Jinki said. As soon as he had finished saying that, he took his first bite in one of those chicken legs and groaned of pleasure as the chicken went down his throat.


Seung Hyun couldn’t help but stare at the one facing him. The scene that unfolded before his eyes was a little too much to take in. He watched as the younger’s one teeth ripped through the meat and chewed with a passion that left him waiting there with his mouth agape. He still hadn’t touched to his meal while Jinki was already half-though his own. Seung Hyun shook his head to get himself out of this weird trance he was in. He started eating, trying not to look at Jinki, because he knew his gaze wouldn’t leave him once he did.


Both of them ate in silence, concentrating on their food. A moment later, the waiter came back to take their empty plates. They looked at each other again.


“Well, that was good”, said Seung Hyun, trying to seem enthusiastic. In his head, he kept replaying Jinki eating those chicken legs. He could feel his pants get tighter and immediately tried to think about something else.


“I told you it was a good restaurant!”Jinki replied with his beautiful smile. “Should we leave now?”


“Yes, let’s go!”


They both went to the front desk to pay. Jinki took out his wallet, but Seung Hyun stopped him. “I’m going to pay”, he said. Before the younger one could protest, he had already handed his card to the woman. She passed it through the machine and soon after, they were both outside.


“You really didn’t have to do that”, Jinki said, looking at the ground.


“Do what?” Seung Hyun asked, confused.


“Pay for me. I have money you know”, he declared in a somewhat prideful tone.


“I know, but I wanted to. It’s no big deal”, he explained a little surprised.


“Thank you”, the singer said, looking at the taller one in the eye. “I really appreciate, but it’s just that I’m never really comfortable with those kinds of things.”


“You mean kindness?”Seung Hyun asked with a laugh.


Jinki looked at the ground which made the rapper shut his mouth on the spot. He was immediately panicked.


“I’m sorry, did I offend you?”


“No… I am the one who needs to apologize. I’m too sensitive”, he declared, giving the other one an awkward smile. “What I meant to say earlier was that I never made friends that easily, so for you to be nice with me like that just took me by surprise.” He suddenly broke into another laugh and again, Seung Hyun couldn’t help but smile. “I am sorry for being so awkward”, he added through his laughter.


“Don’t worry about it, I love awkward people.” 


Soon after, they got into the car, Seung Hyun having decided to bring Jinki back to his dorm. While he was driving, they didn’t talk, both of them replaying the moment they had just spent together. When the car stopped in front of the familiar building, they got out of the car. Seung Hyun stopped in front of Jinki, trying to figure out how to say goodbye.


“Well… that was fun!” He finally said with a smile.


“Yeah, I’m really happy you called me”, Jinki responded, smiling back.


Seung Hyun smiled and walked back to his car. He opened the door to get in, but suddenly stopped in his tracks. Jinki was still looking at him.


“Goodbye, Jinki”, he said loudly while waving. He rapidly got in his car and drove away.


Jinki, on the other hand, was standing still, startled by what he had just heard. 



Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! <3 (I really wanted to do a scene like that and I want to show how their relationship is growing, but not too fast :p)

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