Chapter 1

Your Name



Seung Hyun was happy to finally be home. They had just gotten back from the Inkigayo recording and he was exhausted. As soon as they had reached the house, he went straight to his room and locked the door. It was one of those days where he felt weighed down by the fame and the only thing he could do was to lie on the bed and rest. The young man put his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. The quietness by which he was surrounded made him feel slightly better, but that appeasing sensation was suddenly interrupted by the pounding on his door. He decided to ignore it and go back to relaxing, but a few seconds later, the person knocked again.

-GO AWAY,he yelled.

-Hyung, it’s me.

The blue haired rapper immediately recognized Daesung’s voice. He really wanted to go back to sleep but he knew his friend wouldn’t have bothered him if it wasn’t really important. He got up and went to unlock the door. Daesung came in with a bright smile, but he immediately saw the frown on the rapper’s face. He calmly said:


-Hyung, you have to get dressed!




-Because we are going out! the blond singer said.


-Well, I’m not!he replied while making his way back to bed.


-You have to! We’re going to a bar with SHINee! the younger one announced, excited.


Seung Hyun couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t believe it.


-They are like 15 years old! How could they possibly go to a bar with us?


-Hyung, come on! You know they’re older than that.


-Yes, maybe, but I’m not interested in going to a bar with them.


-Seung Ri has already told them we were all coming.


-Well, when you get there, just tell them you made a mistake.


-No, because you’re coming.


-No, I’m not!


-Yes, you are!








-That’s what I thought! We’ll be waiting for you downstairs; be ready in 5 minutes.


Seung Hyun sighed. He had really wished for some alone time, but he knew his friends would be mad at him for not attending, so he was going to give in for this time. He went to his wardrobe and selected tight black skinny jeans, a white shirt and fitting black leather jacket; simple, but y.


He then put some gel in his hair, washed his hands and went downstairs. All the other members were there, smiling at him. He just kept frowning at them, until he realized something.


-Why are we actually going to a bar with SHINee? I mean, we could’ve gone just the five of us!


-We just want to get to know them better, Seung Ri started. After we saw how fun they were earlier, I thought we should spend some more time together!


Seung Hyun knew his friend was referring to the bonding experience he had with Jonghyun earlier, but it didn’t concern the rest of them at all. He really didn’t get it, but thought it would be useless to continue arguing about it. They all went to the car and drove away.


When they finally got in the bar, Seung Hyun started to feel even more annoyed. He kept thinking about how he could have had a warm pillow in which he could bury his head, but instead, he was now forced to make his way through a huge crowd, trying to get to the VIP room. A few seconds later, they entered. SHINee wasn’t there yet.


For the next few minutes, they talked about random things in which the husky-voiced rapper didn’t really connect with. He was almost eager to see the other group arrive, hoping it would spice things up. At his big surprise, the door opened a few seconds later and the five men came in greeting them politely. They finally all sat on the comfy couches and passed around drinks.


The next hour was filled with laughter and craziness that the alcohol elevated even more. Seung Ri was fooling around with Jonghyun, while the rest were playing an ‘I never’ game with their drinks. Seung Hyun had decided to stay in a corner and drink. He didn’t need to be a part of all that. His mind wandered on other things that were going on his life and that were making him unhappy. He did want to be that cheerful person that could make everyone laugh, but at the moment, he could only think about the choices he had made. He doubted if they were right anymore. All the things around him seemed to be falling apart and he didn’t know how to keep his sanity. Maybe he needed a vacation, or maybe it was even bigger than that.


He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t realize the hand tapping on his shoulder. It took several more taps to finally get him out of his dark hole. He lifted his head and saw a confused face staring down at him. Seung Hyun was startled for a moment. He had never seen that face from up close before. It was a beautiful face; an angelic face.


-Are you going downstairs? The young man asked.  


Seung Hyun didn’t actually respond because he had been too focused on those luscious red lips that had spoken. The younger one suddenly laughed, in a very awkward manner, which brought the rapper back to reality. He looked around him and realized the others were gone.


-Where are the others? He asked, puzzled.


-They’re on the dance floor. Hum… they called your name, but you weren’t responding so they just went downstairs…


-And you?


-Well, I’m not much of a dancer, he admitted with a cute smile.


Seung Hyun felt a warm sensation go through his body. He wasn’t accustomed to it, but it put him a little more at ease.


-I’m not either, so let’s enjoy some more drinks here, he told the younger one.


Jinki sat in front of him and they started drinking again. They didn’t speak and kept looking at each other, waiting for something to happen.


-So what was going on earlier? The younger one suddenly asked.


-What do you mean?


-Well… You were quiet all night…


Seung Hyun didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t drunk enough to start talking about his life to a stranger; even though, it was a cute stranger.


-I like being quiet, he said in a cold manner.


-Oh, I see…


Jinki felt really bad. It wasn’t his intention to seem so eager; it was just in his nature to worry about people. He looked at the man facing him and he felt slightly intimidated. The rapper really had a strong presence and Jinki totally understood why millions of people were fascinated by him. He had that mysterious vibe about him; plus a very handsome face.


The silence remained for a few more minutes making the atmosphere very uncomfortable. They stared blankly at each other, trying to figure out what the other one was thinking.


-You know what, I’m sorry, Seung Hyun finally said. You were right. I’m not being myself, but I’ll be okay,


-I like to drink when I’m feeling down, Jinki abruptly announced.


-Well, that makes two of us.


They both smiled and took a shot.


-So, you’re Onew…


-Hum, yes I am, he replied, giggling simultaneously.


-But, that’s not your real name, right?

-No, it isn’t.


-What’s your real name? the rapper asked and took another sip of this drink.


-Google it… Choi Seung Hyun, he answered in a confident tone.


Seung Hyun felt his body shiver. He had just heard his real name said in such a… a… he didn’t even want to go there. His mind and his heart were racing in a way that made him think that he had had too much to drink. He could see that the younger one was staring at him, amused by the situation.


-You see, I know your real name, Jinki said with a smile.


-Just tell me yours, the older one insisted.


He was really curious. He didn’t know why, but he really needed to know the singer’s real name. Suddenly, out of the blue, the door opened and GD, Daesung, Key and Minho came in. Seung Hyun sighed in disappointment. The night was finally starting to get interesting and they ruined it.


The newly arrived sat down and Jinki started talking to the others, giving a quick glance in Seung Hyun’s direction. The rapper looked right back at him, more and more intrigued by the man he only knew as Onew, SHINee’s leader.

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