To Jessica

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Themes: Regret, Acceptance


As I lay here, pen in my hand, my thoughts drift back to the moments we shared. The laughter that surfaced, even over the most minor of things. The tears that were lost, over the saddest and the happiest of moments. And the sweat we’ve produced, training hard to be what we were, the nation’s girl group: the dream we dared to chase together.

Yet, here I am, alone with only memories to keep me company.


There were times when I mistakenly recognised your back 


There were times where I would catch a glimpse of someone in a crowd, with brown hair that flowed so flawlessly, in an outfit that would look as good on you. And for a fleeting moment, my heart would leap with the hope that it was you.


But I lacked the courage to call out your name

I was afraid it might not be you, even more afraid that it was you


But reality would come crashing down, reminding me of the painful truth that you are and will no longer be by my side.

I often find myself replaying our last conversation, wishing that I had said more to you, done more for you and fought harder to keep you close. 

But life doesn’t always go the way you want it to go. It doesn’t always unfold as planned. And we must learn to let go, even when every fiber of our being yearns to hold on.

What a cruel world isn’t it? Sometimes, I feel that regrets are the only thing I have left of you.


How much I loved you, that’s how I’d let you go

How much I waited for you, that’s how I’d miss you


My love for you remains unchanged, unwavering, despite the distance that separates us… I miss you everyday. 

If only love alone were enough to bridge the gap between us, I would cross mountains and oceans to be with you again.


But alas, i think we have learnt and by now, we both know that some journeys are meant to be walked alone. So, my love, I bid you farewell with a heavy heart, knowing that our paths may never converge again in this lifetime.


Please forgive me for all the pain that I have caused you. For the coward that I was ten years ago, for all of the moments of doubt and uncertainty. 


My wish for you is to forget me quickly

My wish for me is to still have the rights to be happy


Know that you will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will cherish deeply, the memories of our time together for as long as I am on this earth.


As I write these words, and my unworthy tears stain the pages of this letter, a silent testament to the depth of my regret and love for you. May you find the happiness and peace that eluded us in our time together, and may the memories of our love and time together finally stop hurting you.


With gray hair, hand in hand, gazing at the night view

What a pity that you and I didn't have that kind of fortune



A/N: trying out a new style! I've been getting inspired by song lyrics. 
Hope this was okay, thanks for reading hehe

Ps: sorry for the random angst. I have no excuses HAHAHA

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ngl, considering the fact that I usually listen to music when I write, using them as inspiration is kinda fun


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Fire_trek 361 streak #1
Chapter 2: Aw, their friendship is so pure! Another great chapter, I hope to see more from this series
Fire_trek 361 streak #2
Chapter 1: Oh man, no one told me that it was going to be “emo Taeyeon hours” lol, and I love it!!
Chapter 2: Awww, Yoona's number one unnie! 🥹❤️
Reading this and and thinking of their cute moments! 🥹
This letter feels so sincere, from the heart.❤️
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: ...and may the memories of our love and time together finally stop hurting you. 🥺😭

The longing in the first part and then the letting go in the final part... 🤧

And then the song.... 😢