Life unlived


In the bustling streets of Seoul, Ahn Sooyoung's life is a carefully choreographed dance of routine and predictability. Raised in the protective cocoon of her family's expectations, she's mastered the art of blending into the background, her emotions tucked away like forgotten treasures in the attic. With dreams of becoming a doctor solely to appease her mother's wishes, Sooyoung's existence is as colorless as a grayscale painting.

Enter Kim Hanbin, the epitome of chaos wrapped in a carefree facade. He's the kind of guy who laughs in the face of responsibility, choosing to dance through life with reckless abandon. When fate throws them back together, Hanbin sees a chance to shake up Sooyoung's monochrome world, to show her the vibrant hues that paint the canvas of existence.

Life unlived, they call it—the untapped potential waiting to be unleashed, the adventures waiting to be embarked upon. But as Sooyoung reluctantly follows Hanbin down the rabbit hole of spontaneity and mischief, she finds herself teetering on the edge of a cliff, unsure whether to take the leap or retreat to the safety of familiarity.


Ahn Sooyoung

- no life

- no friends

- she ain't got time for that


Kim Hanbin

- wants to be a rapper

- chronically single


Lol, hi strangers

It literally has been a couple of years since I've written anything on here, but I happened to fall down a B.I-rabbit hole, and I can't seem to escape so I decided that I would accept the face-plant with opened arms. 

Fun fact: I am now a registered nurse, and have been for 2 years now, so this story is basically just me living through my imaginations (and trauma-ma-ma-ma).

If you've happened to just stumble upon this story, I am sorry. 

This story is mainly for my own pleasure, so if it isn't to your liking, go ahead and leave :)

Also, as this is based on my own life, my depressive tendensies might show despite this being tagged as fluff. I'm on antidepressives though, so if this sudden urge to write and live, love, laugh through this story suddenly ends, just wait a couple of months or so, and I'll be back in a manic state hihi.

Also, I haven't really written in English for so long, so if my grammar is forqued then so be it lol. 

No one writes longer chapters than a horn-dog author writing a chapter


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