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A feisty omega who always knows what she wants and gets what she wants. An empty-headed alpha who doesn't have a clue on everything apart from the things she likes.

Together, they are a mess. Together, they are the best ing couple in the whole world.


the long-awaited brat actress wendy x architect irene (for my twt followers, iykyk). once i give more thought about this, i can't help but to think that the aboverse will fit them perfectly (i just came across a really good abo manga thats why) plus the thought of bratty omega and stupid alpha in terms of life is just so damn interesting.

like usual, i will just write whatever i want and put it randomly here and there. will i go in-depth with them? probably (because this story is interesting but like usual idw to promise on anything) but we can talk about it in my twitter! and feel free to support me on ko-fi!

so, enjoy this story!


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Update juseuo!😩
menjadisaya #2
Chapter 7: I cant wait for the episode of jealous joohyun and jealous seungwan 🤭
Chapter 7: You can be an adult and still be innocent. Especially to individuals who were baby-ed by their family. The environment she grew up in is also a factor. I mean she's rich so basically she grew up protected, away from all the harm of the world. She's also a bit out of touch at times which is common with rich folks. Honestly, rather than joohyun having innocence like a child. I thought of her as someone who has a disability. I can't help but think of her having autism. I could be wrong. I mean each people are different and what may seem interesting or normal things to do for other, wasn't for other people. I mean I get joohyun's obsession with Legos. I think it was mentioned on the previous chapters that she thought of building a Lego calming. Maybe it's her resting, being in peace after all those craziness architecture has put her through.

I'm jinjja curious about joohyun's family and Seungwan's and how each of their family reacted on their relationship. On How did joohyun take the attention from Seungwan's fans and how joohyun's firm took the news about their relationship
Chapter 7: I like long chapter.. Thanks for that!! 😉
Chapter 6: To be honest, I don't really like the fact that Joohyun is ABSOLUTELY innocent in , it seems like Seungwan is having with a child, that's so strange, but the fact that I know that Joohyun is an adult allows me to continue reading, I believe that nowadays this must have changed, Joohyun is no longer so innocent, but she must still be extremely shy, even more so when Seungwan seems so naughty.

One thing is for sure, Joohyun in the preliminaries really looked like an alpha, imagining how she didn't want anyone else to touch her omega, how she didn't want anyone to do what she was doing... We've already seen a protective alpha Joohyun, I can't wait to see one jealous Joohyun alpha, I have no idea how she will react to a feeling like jealousy.
wishwishwish #6
Chapter 5: joohyun is so cute but can really be frustating
wishwishwish #7
Chapter 4: i kinda panic at the 3rd sentence of last part 😮‍💨
Skye1234 #8
Chapter 7: Thank you for the update.
Skye1234 #9
Chapter 7: Thank you for the update.