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Son Seungwan came across a house makeover video while she was preparing for her first schedule. The video looks like witchcraft, turning something that can be wiped out by a mere strong wind into a fabulous house where people would beg on their knees to live there. And one of them is Seungwan.

“Which one do you think is better? Build a house or buy a house?”

Seungwan raised her head to change her gaze from the phone screen towards her manager, who froze on her spot because of her question as she looked at her like there’s a horn growing on top of her head. “Is this a joke or are you being serious right now?”

“It’s not the question I just asked, though?” Seungwan raised her eyebrow as her eyes landed back on her phone screen, with her thumb scrolling through her feed. She showed Sooyoung a video she just saw out of boredom. “Look at how beautiful this house is! I wonder how much the renovation cost is. I think it will be better if I build a house from scratch to cut the expense.”

“Seungwan,” Sooyoung paused to grunt and massaging her forehead. “You just bought your apartment a few months ago.”

“And?” Seungwan blinked her eyes, like she doesn’t know that fact when she’s the one who buys her condominium in a single payment. “My apartment can’t turn into something like this, can it? Sooyoung?”

An apparent scowl masked her professional face. Sooyoung shut her eyes, exhaled her heavy breath before she opened it again to tell Seungwan that she gave up in controlling her. “Whatever, I don’t care what you do with your money. What do you want me to do instead? Searching for someone to start working on this ‘house project’?”

A huge smile cracked on Seungwan’s face, to the point her make-up artist had such a hard time in applying a blush on her cheek. “You just know me so well, Sooyoung. Please make it fast.”

Sooyoung rolled her eyes as she probably started working in searching for an architecture studio firm to help Seungwan in building her dream house. At least, that is what she hoped because it seems like she was checking on her schedule and matching it with the current time. “Please be quicker in getting ready. You need to go to the filming site in five minutes.”

This time, it was Seungwan who rolled her eyes. She is currently filming for her long-awaited drama—her comeback to TV shows after spending two years acting as a main lead in movies—both domestic and international. The storyline is quite intriguing when she first reads the draft that was sent to her and during the first reading with the rest of the cast that she will work together with.

It’s about the dizzying crisis and miraculous rekindling of love between a third-generation chaebol heiress of a conglomerate group, and the son of farmers from a village, and their three years of marriage.

Even though the filming is fun and she works along well with her co-stars, coming back to TV drama means that it took her months to film sixteen episodes. Seungwan is already used to the culture of filming a movie, when it only took her weeks to film. The longest she had stayed on set to film a movie was only for two months. And it’s nothing compared to drama.

Taking a break sounds impossible. That’s why she values her day-off so much more when she takes on a drama project.

Seungwan dreams of waking up in the afternoon and lazing around her apartment during her day-off from filming the drama. She would ignore everything that is happening in the group chat of the drama project, to the point that she will turn off her phone to enjoy her freedom in the utmost way.

Sooyoung just needs to ruin it with a phone call when she is still deep in her sleep.

“I’m having a day-off, Sooyoung,” grumbled Seungwan as soon as she answered the annoying call made by her manager. She doesn’t care if her voice is still heavy with sleep. Seungwan wants to make a point that she doesn’t want to be disturbed, and it’s infuriating to remember that she had told this to Sooyoung yesterday when her manager dropped her off at her apartment.

“I know that,” answered Sooyoung nonchalantly. Seungwan can imagine her checking her nails when she said so.

She dropped her head on the best pillow she has ever purchased. Seungwan doesn’t care if she sounds muffled and Sooyoung can’t listen clearly to what she just said. “What do you want? What is so important for you to ing call me during my holiday?”

Her manager ignores every question she just asked. “You want to build a house, remember?”

The gear inside her brain started to turn from the simple question. Seungwan let out another groan once she realized what she just meant. “Don’t tell me the meeting is today.”

“The meeting with the studio firm that is responsible for building your new house is today,” affirmed Sooyoung, much to her dread. There goes her dream of enjoying her day-off in the bestest way possible.

“Can you move the meeting to another day?” asked Seungwan, borderline begging as she really needed this rest. And she rarely begged her manager because she knows how hard it is for Sooyoung to take care of her and fulfill her wish that is mostly out of this world. Although she would never admit that in front of the alpha.

“How about you say goodbye to your dream house?” scoffed Sooyoung in disbelief as she heard the faint sound of her steps on the other line. Of course Sooyoung is already in her apartment building. “We both know if I move it to your next day-off, you would have said the same thing.”

Seungwan groaned because she is not ready to leave her bed at such an early time (it’s ten in the morning). It’s the day for her to rest. She really longed to spend her whole day sleeping, considering how she can barely rest during the drama filming. But when she heard the sound of knocking coming from the front door of her apartment, she knew she had no other choice besides go to this annoying meeting today. “Fine! We are going to that goddamn meeting.”

“I know you will,” snorted Sooyoung, and it only takes her voice for Seungwan to know she was smirking in the most frustrating way.

“Whatever,” Seungwan rolled her eyes as she forced herself to leave her bed and open the door to let Sooyoung come inside her apartment. “I want tuna salad and triple berry smoothie for my breakfast.”

When she opens the door, Sooyoung shows her the brown bag that Seungwan is sure was filled with the salad and the smoothie she just requested. “Done.”

She took her breakfast in silence and cursed under her breath once she turned around. “Sometimes it’s scary how well you know me.”

“A thank you would be nice but I will accept that, princess,” smirked Sooyoung as her manager followed her to the pantry for Seungwan to put her breakfast on the marbled island. “And stop wishing that I’m not your manager because we both know no one else is better at handling your bratty attitude than me.”

Her eyes rolled dramatically from the claim. But she does not fight back because like what Sooyoung said, Seungwan also knows that.


It is not in her agenda to be at her agency building during her day-off.

Seungwan fixed her black cap that did average in protecting her face from the stalking reporters as she is only covered in a bare minimum makeup—a lipstick and compact powder. She takes a quick glance at her wristwatch for the nth time that hour, starting to get pissed because the meeting has not started yet since the people from the studio firm are still on their way.

All those precious times of resting she just wasted for nothing.

“Ugh! Why did it take them so long to come here?” grumbled Seungwan in annoyance as she slumped lazily on her seat.

“Be patient, Seungwan,” reminded Sooyoung, the same sentence she has repeated for tons of time ever since they arrived at their office. Her eyes are still fixated on the newspaper she is currently reading as Sooyoung continues. “Besides, you are the one who needs them to build your house. Mannerly speaking, you should be the one who waits for their arrival.”

“Blah, blah. Yeah, stop with the lecture,” snorted Seungwan with a roll of her eyes. “I’m not a child.”

“But you are acting like one,” snickered Sooyoung, who easily ignored the sharp daggers Seungwan sent to her as soon as she said that. She was about to fight back from her sneer when there’s a soft ping coming from Sooyoung’s phone. Her manager immediately put aside her newspaper to check the message she just got. “They are here.”

“Great,” scoffed Seungwan as she refused to change her lazy posture on her seat. “Make sure to tell them to never be late again.”

“Said someone who is always late whenever I pick her up for work,” Sooyoung insulted her further before she stood up from her chair to greet the people from the studio firm. Seungwan is this close to throwing the small pillow on her chair towards Sooyoung, but she held back as she was forced to only curse under her breath when her manager sent her a warning glance for her to behave.

She can listen to their soft voice sharing a conversation at the other side of the door. Seungwan snorted before she fixed her cap to further protect her eyes from the blinding sunlight coming from the window beside her. The urge to draw the curtains is huge, but Sooyoung made her point not to do that during their wait for the firm's arrival.

The creaking sound of the door being opened stealing her attention. Sooyoung is the one who walked in first. “She’s been waiting for your arrival to talk about her house today.”

Seungwan immediately stood up from her chair after Sooyoung’s welcoming speech. She is ready to lash out at the person for having the audacity to be late and make a superstar like her wait for almost an hour. But every anger she is about to say suddenly disappears from the tip of her tongue when they make their entrance.

As soon as she stepped inside, all of the oxygen she just inhaled suddenly got stuck in . Her eyes immediately landed on the soft features of her face, looking absolutely beautiful with the help of the bright daylight coming from the window. Her long jet black hair flowing down her back, the smoothest strands of hair Seungwan has ever witnessed with her own eyes. She looks warm with the help of the purple sweater she is currently wearing as her outfit for today’s meeting. A simple attire, but still having their own professional points in the way they hugged her body.

It’s unbelievable how an international star like Seungwan just got starstrucked with the architect who will build her house.

“I want to apologize for being late,” the first thing the architect said as soon as their eyes met while giving her an apologetic bow. “I did not expect there would be such a complicated traffic jam near my place.”

Her eyes blinked because she almost didn’t listen to her apology for being too focused with her crazy visual. Her nose then picked up a scent she would never have expected to smell coming from someone like her. The scent of bergamot and spices, with a mix of soft lavender underneath. A scent of something strong compared to her soft one.

“Seungwan,” Sooyoung calls for her, but she ignores it as there is a havoc in her mind because of a simple pheromone scent. “This is-”

“There is no way you are an alpha.”

There is an absolute silence after a slip-up she just said, but Seungwan refused to falter from embarrassment. The architect in front of her can only blink her eyes. Too perplexed with what she just said. “Sorry?”

Sooyoung suddenly breaks into a nervous laugh. Everyone who dares to take a look at her right now would notice the murderous glare she has towards Seungwan. She gives her wrist a strong grip as a warning. Like usual, Seungwan ignored it. “I’m so sorry. As her manager, I can assure you that she has never acted like this before.”

“Oh,” the architect blinked her eyes again. Their eyes met before she scratched the back of her head. “Um, it’s okay. A lot of people also said that when we met each other for the first time.”

“Really?” This time, it was Seungwan who reacted with interest in her voice. But deep inside, she can feel an odd burn of fire somewhere in her heart. The fire of jealousy Seungwan learned enough to know what it was from her experience in acting. “Must be nice to be popular, then, Ms?”

“Bae Joohyun,” answered the architect as she offered Seungwan her hand for her to shake. “And, uh, I’m not really—popular.”

“What a beautiful name, Joohyun,” smirked Seungwan as she held her hand that felt so soft and cold against her palm. Seungwan doesn’t know if she was being nervous or if it was her nature to be cold. But it doesn’t make Seungwan want to release her hold either. “I’m Son Seungwan. You can call me Seungwan instead of Ms. Son if you want. Glad to know you will be the one who is in charge of building my house, Joohyun.”

Joohyun still got that surprised expression on her face from how blatant she was. The same expression is there on Sooyoung’s face too as Seungwan knows she can’t believe what just happened. She heard her clearing before replying to her. “Um, of course, Ms. Son. Shall we start the meeting now?”

“That will be a great idea,” Sooyoung butted in before Seungwan could protest because she decided to call her in a polite way. “Do you want anything, Ms. Bae? I can get you something from the pantry.”

“Water is okay,” answered Joohyun politely. Sooyoung nodded her head before she went outside of their office to order some beverages for the three of them to drink. Seungwan never leaves her eyes away from Joohyun as she watches her taking out a sketchbook and a pen from the backpack she brought along with her. She also decided to wear her glasses after everything she needed was on the wooden desk between the two of them. The sight of Joohyun wearing round frame glasses is too cute for Seungwan to handle.

It’s still unbelievable for the actress that the woman who is currently sitting in front of her is actually an alpha.

“Are you uncomfortable that I’m an alpha, Ms. Son?”

Seungwan was surprised it was her first question of the day. But she covers her emotions well with an interesting smirk on her face. “Well, what makes you think like that, Joohyun?”

The architect lowered her eyes before scratching her own neck. It doesn’t take a genius for Seungwan to know she was staring at her omega choker. “Um, seeing how you still have your choker on, I assumed you might be feeling uncomfortable around an alpha like me. Especially when you still haven't—um—mated yet.”

Apart from being an absolute heartthrob, Joohyun is also very blunt. Seungwan likes this side of her. “My manager is also an alpha like you, though?”

“But I’m a stranger,” replied Joohyun with a thick frown on her face. “We just met a few minutes ago.”

Did Seungwan say that Joohyun was adorable in her round frame glasses earlier? Well, scratch that because right now she looks absolutely smoking hot. “You never think twice before you say something, aren't you, Joohyun?”

Her eyes blinked from her question. “Sorry. I just want to make sure.”

She really can’t hold back her huge smile after that. For an alpha, Joohyun really does not act or resemble one at all with the way she has been acting around Seungwan. The urge to more has escalated. Maybe it wasn’t that bad to have this meeting during her free day. “I’m not uncomfortable that you are an alpha, Joohyun. In fact, I’m interested in you.”

Joohyun furrowed her eyebrows once again. Her eyes look lost, like she doesn’t understand what Seungwan meant when she said that.

“Sorry for the long wait,” apologized Sooyoung as she walked inside the room with a tray in her hands. There were three glasses of water for the three of them to enjoy, and Sooyoung carefully placed each one of them on the table. “Have you two started talking about it yet?”

“We are about to,” smirked Seungwan as she decided to take off her black cap to allow Joohyun to see her face without anything covering her beautiful features. “Right, Joohyun?”

Seungwan doesn’t understand why she needed to bite her bottom lip when Joohyun raised one of her eyebrows from the question. She looked y as hell, that’s the only thing Seungwan got from the action. The actress caught her let out a sigh before opening her sketchbook and taking her pen in her grasp. “Right. Uh, do you have anything in mind for what you want about your house, Ms. Son?”

The only omega in the room let out a hum as she thought about the house she wanted to have. She is actually dying to tease Joohyun once more. But since Sooyoung has joined them once again, she needs to hold back in doing so. “I want a two-story house. Somewhere near the beach.”

Her hand immediately wrote everything Seungwan just said inside her sketchbook. “So, a beach house?”

“Not a beach house. Normal house,” corrected Seungwan. “I just want it near the beach.”

Joohyun nodded her head as she took notes on what she just told her. “Is there anything else in particular that you want, Ms. Son?”

“A small garden, maybe with a swing for some fun. I want the entrance to have a path that is made from stones,” explained Seungwan further from the rough vision she has about her house. Joohyun wrote everything without missing a beat like she was in the middle of an important lecture. “You can surprise me with the rest of the house, Joohyun.”

She only looks up and stares at her without saying anything before giving her a nod and writing again. Seungwan decided to use her time by watching Joohyun in her focus mode. There is a small furrow carved between her two eyebrows. Some strands of her hair fell down and beautifully framed her attractive face. Her pink lips formed into a straight line, Seungwan can’t help but to imagine what it feels like to be kissed by her.

“Do you know that you are very attractive, Joohyun?” asked Seungwan out of nowhere. “Like, absolutely smoking hot?”

The architect still got her signature poker face as her expression when she said that, but Seungwan noticed the way she stopped writing and how the tip of her ears peeked out between the strands of her hair slowly turning color into red. “Uh, no.”

“What is wrong with you today?” whispered Sooyoung beside her with a pure confusion in her voice.

Like usual, Seungwan ignored her manager. There is something much more important to do here, and that is to interrogate Joohyun. “How many omega have you been together with, Joohyun? I mean, you do know that you are a top commodity in the market right now, don’t you?”

“None,” answered Joohyun towards the first question. “And, uh, I don’t know.”

“I apologize on the behalf of my artist’s behavior for today,” Sooyoung butted in before she could ask her another question, along with giving Joohyun an apologetic bow. Her sharp glare soon followed, Seungwan scowled from the warning. “She has never acted like this before.”

“Artist?” Joohyun perks up from the sudden mention of her job. Sooyoung and her were staring at the architect like she just grew another head out from her neck as Joohyun looked at her with a surprised expression on her face. “You are an artist?”

“An actress,” Seungwan added, too baffled by the whole situation. “You never watched my movies?”

Joohyun scratched the back of her head. By now, Seungwan has found out that she will do that whenever she feels nervous. “I don’t like watching movies.”

She blinked her eyes. This is the first time Seungwan has ever met someone who doesn’t recognize who she is. Sometimes, she wished for it to happen as she would imagine what she would do if she ever encountered this moment. Right now, she doesn’t know whether it’s a good thing that Joohyun actually doesn’t recognize her at all.

“Well, do you have any other questions, Ms. Bae?” asked Sooyoung as she decided to take over the conversation before it became more awkward between the three of them.

The architect shook her head. She gently closed her sketchbook and neatly put it inside her bag alongside her pen. Joohyun also takes off her glasses now that she doesn’t need to write notes again, much to Seungwan’s disappointment. “I will contact you again once I come up with the design concept. It would be great if we can meet like this to talk about the proposal and whether there are some parts that would like to be changed.”

“Of course,” nodded Sooyoung as she stood up from her chair and shook her hand with Joohyun. “I will arrange another schedule for us to have another meeting as soon as you are done with the design.”

Her head nodded as Joohyun agreed to the arrangement Sooyoung just told her. Her eyes then shifted towards Seungwan who has been watching every gesture Joohyun has been doing this whole time. She offered Seungwan her hand for her to take. “Hopefully my design will align with your vision of your dream house, Ms. Son.”

Seungwan smirked as she stood up and held her soft hand. She will remember everything about Joohyun from now on. “I have a feeling you will easily satisfy me, Joohyun.”

Joohyun only gave her a nod before she turned around to leave the two of them alone inside their office. They waited until they could hear the soft ding sound of the elevator before Sooyoung broke the silence and looked at her with annoyance in her eyes. “What was that about, Seungwan?”

“You just saw her yourself, Sooyoung,” answered Seungwan with a of her eyebrow before she took her glass and drank her water to cover the smirk forming on her face. “She’s an attractive alpha. She is not mating with someone else yet, and as far as we know, she also doesn’t have an omega as her partner yet. She’s a free alpha, Sooyoung. A rare one.”

Sooyoung let out a loud scoff after listening to her answer. “And what? You are going to hit on her?”

“An omega needs to take their chance, Sooyoung. And this is me taking my chance,” grinned Seungwan while she patted her shoulder after wearing her black cap again. “Come on. You need to drive me back to my apartment again. I need my rest.”

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Sooyoung just rolled her eyes in an exaggerated way before she followed Seungwan from behind. While the latter can’t help but to feel giddy over the prospect of meeting Joohyun once again. To talk with her and hold her hand under the meaning of shaking her palm. Everything about Joohyun is exciting and she can’t wait to more and more.

It is so rare to see her being this enthusiastic over an alpha. Joohyun is really one of a kind.


if you guys wondering, the drama wendy is working on at that time is queen of tears sfsjfsf im currently super obsessed with the drama tho so why not add that to this fic!

anyway, the first flashback episode! to make it easier to understand, all the flashback episode will happened before the first chapter. there will be no sign at all to mark the chapter as the flashback or not, but good luck in finding it out!

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I'm not good at English so I'm sorry if I use rude expressions.
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Chapter 8: Get well soon, stay healthy, i have the same experience (been trough surgery) recently, and i know is very stressful the days before the procedure. Dont worry, everything is gonna be okay (I hope so) pd: sorry for my bad grammar im not very good at english
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