come back, my past (i won't let you go)


Her life runs perfectly. She got a great roommate, a nice job with a nice pay, and does not give a damn about her romantic life. Everything's fine.

Until Seungwan suddenly comes back into her life. And Joohyun, for the first time in ten years ever since their last encounter, doesn't know what to do.


i wrote this story two years ago, and its originally for an itzy ship in my itzy writing account (i already uploaded and if some of you felt familiar with this story, please keep it to yourself hjfjsfhjds). but when i used the find and replace feature and change it to wenrene... i was like ayo they fit! and decided to share it with you guys.

anyway, i hope you enjoy this story!

tags: first love, pining, unrequited crush, jealousy, age reversal, age difference, slightly taller wendy


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Chapter 6: Thank you for writing this storyyy author-nimπŸ™ŒπŸ’™
Chapter 5: Everything happened all at once i didn't expect that but it was a good surprise. Chapter well done! I like how joohyun's just about to burst like a ticking bomb. And her telling what she felt and Seungwan's confession. I know i was crazy when i said in my mind "She wasn't groomed! She just ended up liking her when they've met again as an adult" I'm glad that she only see her as a child during that time because that would be so wrong if she end up liking her romantically during those times. The g!P came as a surprise to me. I wasn't expecting that lol but it's all good. Not them finishing joohyun's birthday with a bang, literally. Ijbol
Chapter 4: I totally get why joohyun is so into her. She's just like me but with irl seungwan lol. But on a serious note who wouldn't fall in love with Scientist seungwan and joohyun's right why would her ex partner let someone like seungwan go?
Chapter 2: She's so down bad ijbol like get up girl. Omg! The ending tho seems like a scene in a kdrama and the way you word the whole story. I love this. It seems like I'm reading a book. It felt nice
Chapter 1: Heol! Wendy as an unnie. Hell yeah!
Joohyun being 7 years younger than seungwan is cute tho. It's cute that joohyun prepared all of that for Seungwan. Seungwan is right not to entertain joohyun's feelings or lead her on given that she's a minor during that time. I don't think i ever encountered a fic with this kind of setup. I like this.
Baeismine03 #6
Chapter 6: I really like this fic. I hope that in the future there will be more Wenrene fics from author Nim😁
Chapter 6: Butterflies every chapter ahhh. Ty for writing this story!!
this was a wonderful story, i identified in certain parts since i also like an older person and in the future i long for something w her... you’re an incredible writer, i mean it very seriously πŸ‘πŸ»
mklarisse_ #9
Chapter 6: Such a wonderful story 😭 the development and build up was perfect. This had everything i wanted to see in a story wow wow im rlly thankful that u decided to share this w us! U are really talented authornimmm i rlly love their conversations eveeything feels so genuine 😭
wishwishwish #10
Chapter 6: thank you for sharing this amazing story πŸ’™