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Charlotte Kim, burdened by the struggles of her broken family and financial woes, finds herself living out her wildest fantasy when she transmigrates into her favorite manhua. However, her dreams of becoming the story's heroine are shattered as she instead embodies the role of the notorious villain, Charlie Vanderbilt.

Serena, a symbol of beauty and innocence, is into a nightmare when her parents die, leaving her at the mercy of her adopted sister's erted husband, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Forced to endure unimaginable suffering, Serena becomes the target of Charlie's cruelty, her only hope resting on the shoulders of her modern-day prince, Cato.

However, fate takes an unexpected turn when instead of falling for the main hero of the story, the perfect heroine finds herself drawn to the story's villain, Charlie. Could it be possible that the person she once wanted to kill will become the one she can't live without? And can a storybook villain, destined to meet her demise at the end of the tale, dare to defy fate and pursue love with the perfect heroine?

As the lines between fiction and reality blur, Charlotte must confront the ultimate question: is love worth risking everything for?

This is the story of a domineering villain on the outside but a scaredy-cat on the inside S-Class Alpha, and a cold and fierce on the outside but sweet and gentle on the inside, easily jealous S-Class Omega.


xoxo enjoy



All characters, events, and situations depicted in this story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to real-life events is purely coincidental.

Furthermore, the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of the characters portrayed in this narrative do not necessarily reflect those of the author. The author's intent is to craft a compelling story that explores various themes and aspects of the human experience, but any interpretations or implications drawn from the characters' behavior are the sole responsibility of the reader.

Thank you for embarking on this literary journey with an open mind and understanding of the fictional nature of the story.


finale is just around the corner πŸ’šπŸ«ΆπŸ»


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Ericsan #1
Chapter 21: Wait this story is so similar to my favorite manhwa perfect heroine wants to possess me is this an adaptation?? And just want you to know I really love this story
249 streak #2
Chapter 72: WOW! I just found this story and I'm very impressed author. I enjoyed the originality. The idea is very clever and it was hard not to get attached to the characters. Thank you! Can't wait to start the next story 🧑
Chapter 63: The scene where serena slapped celia and hand her to the security is so who’s a afraid of little old me coded 😭 Serena literally be like “i was tame, i was gentle till the circus life made me mean, don’t you worry folks we took out all her teeth” 😭
Minjeonglabz #4
Chapter 10: Yes serena let’s go! standing up for charlie uwu.
Kkuratingz #5
Chapter 5: Charlie please protect serena from cornelius.
Kkuratingz #6
Chapter 4: I'm curious what will be charlie's test result. Serena still doubtful about charlie's sudden change about her.
Goofy_Kid23 #7
Chapter 71: A happy ending😁 I will most definitely reread this story over and over. I absolutely loved it.
ttblub #8
It’s really good authorssi! Thank you for making this! Can’t wait for the sequel
JiHyun12 #9
Chapter 71: Thank you author!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️😍 ang galing mo naman
flowersemm #10
Chapter 72: Ahhh what a beautiful ending for two beautiful people 😭 and you’re telling me there will be a married life sequel!! 😭🩷