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The blush pink latex dress that Tiffany had picked for Taeyeon made her exude a certain shine, like a visible aura. Taeyeon straightens her hair and tugs both sides behind her ears. She then chooses a light makeup style to focus on the naturalness of the whole look. She stops in front of her rose gold framed mirror and studies her reflection. Spritzing her neck with perfume, she puts the finishing touches to the artwork (that is her) that she has made. 


Upon reaching the church, she looks around to find Tiffany and her family.


“Hey, Taeyeon, you’re here!” Mr Hwang waves and she greets back amiably. 

“Taeyeon, I just want to say again how welcomed you are in this family, you have made Tiffany a very happy girl and I am thankful for that.” Mrs Hwang extends her hand and squeezes Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“Thank you Mrs Hwang, your kind words mean a lot.” Taeyeon smiles politely.


“Congratulations again,” Taeyeon approaches Leo and sticks out her hand, going for a handshake.

“Naw, we’re family!” Leo wraps his arms around and hugs her.

“Treat my sister well.” He says quietly, giving them his blessing.

“I will.” She reassures, glancing at Tiffany, who was smiling widely at the heartwarming exchange.


She finally stops at Tiffany and reaches out to squeeze her palm, “hey baby,” she mouths. A simple gesture as she wanted to be respectful in front of Tiffany's family.

Tiffany’s lips quirks up as she comments, “you look so good.”

“Thank you, i think you look amazing yourself,” she scans Tiffany and proceeds to bring their hands up, twirling Tiffany on the spot, the bottom of her crimson knee length dress poofing up.


“Anything I can do to help?” Taeyeon offers as Mrs Hwang had just finished talking to the person doing the flowers.

“You know, sweetheart, there’s really nothing much right now, I will let you know if I need your help.” Mrs Hwang examines the surroundings before turning to Taeyeon.

“Okay, I’ll be around.” Taeyeon smiles and walks to where Tiffany was standing and waits patiently for her to check if the goods received were what they had ordered.

“And… I… am… done!” Tiffany checks the last item and signs the clipboard before handing it back to the delivery man.

“I need to wash my hands, will you come with me?” Tiffany reaches out and Taeyeon accepts her hand.

They walked to the washroom, hands swinging. The move didn’t go unnoticed by Leo, who promptly chuckled at the cute act. 

Tiffany rubs her palms under the running water and rinses her fingers and Taeyeon follows her. She then picks a paper towel to dry her hands, waiting for Taeyeon to do the same. As soon as Taeyeon throws the paper towel, Tiffany holds Taeyeon’s neck and pulls her towards her.


She exhales sharply as she presses her lips against Taeyeon’s. Taeyeon wraps her arms around Tiffany’s waist and pulls her closer. 


A moment later, they break the kiss and Tiffany rests her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder, her hands moving to hug her tightly. 


“I’m a little scared.” She finally admits after a few seconds. 

“Letting my family know about us was already so hard and I didn’t even have to do any work, because my mother was so understanding and so great. But now,  we’re supposed to be out to all of our friends and relatives and I’m afraid that they won’t be as accepting as Mom and Dad and Leo.” Tiffany vocalises her worries and sighs. 


“It’s okay to be scared.” Taeyeon gently pats Tiffany’s back.


“And it’s also okay, if people aren’t accepting of us. Our relationship belongs to us. If they can’t be open minded and be happy for your happiness for even just a second, it's really more of a reflection of them and not of us.” 


Taeyeon was raised to be a confident girl who never allowed external opinions to affect her, which really helped with her self acceptance. Her parents were also really supportive when she came out to them. And after that, whenever someone made a rude comment about her ‘lifestyle choices’, her family would be there to shut the person up so quickly that Taeyeon would not even have had enough time to create a paragraph in her head.


Now, Taeyeon wants to be there for Tiffany like how her family had been there for her. 

She lifts Tiffany off her and looks into her eyes as she gently caresses her cheek.

“No matter what happens, I am here for you, okay?”


Tiffany nods, eyes glossy with tears, “Thank you, you’re always so good to me. Sometimes I worry that I don’t give you enough.”

Taeyeon emits a half suppressed laugh at the absurdity of Tiffany’s words, before holding Tiffany’s head close to her chest as she rocks them, “baby, where did you get this idea from?”


“You’re always so nice and accommodating.” Tiffany murmurs vulnerably. 


Taeyeon smiles as she shakes her head, “You’re enough for me. You’re more than enough. I am in awe whenever I look at you. And everyday I wonder if I saved a country in my previous life because I’m so lucky to have met you and to be with you.” Taeyeon kisses the side of Tiffany’s forehead.

“Don’t ever forget that,” 

Tiffany lifts her head and gazes at Taeyeon with so much gratitude and love in her eyes as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“No, no, no, no, don’t cry.” Taeyeon swipes away the tear with her thumb. She pinches Tiffany’s cheeks to .

“Please! If Leo sees you crying he will kill me! I will be chopped into pieces! I will be in your kimchi stew! Next time he cooks for you and you’re like ‘hmmm this tastes like Taeyeon’, that’s because it is me!” She continues exaggeratedly, pretending to bite her nails anxiously.

Tiffany lets out a giggle and then shakes her head, “you’re such a child.”

“… doesn’t that make you a e?” Taeyeon’s lips were pressed into a tight line, preventing a grin from forming.

“Oh man, let’s not go there.” Tiffany groans and her head returns to Taeyeon’s shoulder. She takes a few deep breaths, letting Taeyeon’s scent calm her nerves.


“I love you.” She brings her head up and looks at Taeyeon, before inching closer to capture her lips again.


“I love you too.” Taeyeon smiles as they break away.


Tiffany turns to the mirror and checks her appearance.

She suddenly giggles. “Our lipsticks are smudged.” 

Taeyeon sees her reflection, a mischievous smile forming on her face. “Well then, no harm if we make out a little?” 

“I guess not…” Tiffany mirrors her expression.


Obviously, neither of them heard the door open, and neither of them saw the figure behind the closed door, with her arms crossed. 

“AHEM.” The person clears and they break away instantaneously. 


“Oh, Tiffany it’s you!” The person exclaims delightfully.

“Sister Beatrice!” Tiffany’s face lights up in excitement as she approaches the woman and envelops her in a hug.

“I couldn’t recognise you with the girl on your face.” She jokes, prompting Tiffany to introduce them.

“This is my girlfriend, Taeyeon, and this is the best person ever, Sister Beatrice.” Taeyeon waves shyly, still trying to calm her heart from the little scare.


“Congratulate your brother for me, will you, I haven't had the chance to. I’ve seen him since he was this small,” she gestures before continuing, “and I can't believe that he’s already getting married!”

“Thank you Sister, I will relay your well wishes to Leo.” Tiffany smiles, grasping onto her hands.

“Alright, may I?” She nods her head to the direction of the cubicles.

“Ah, yes, yes, sorry,” Tiffany lets go of their hands and Sister Beatrice heads into a cubicle.

Taeyeon and Tiffany’s eyes met and they covered their mouths, preventing chuckles from escaping.

They then reapplied their lipstick and checked their appearances, before heading out of the washroom.


Very soon, more and more family and friends arrived and the Hwang family was stationed at the entrance, greeting everyone. 

Taeyeon was situated on a bench beside Sunny. 

“So… were you the one who teased Tiffany at the bar?” Sunny asks casually.

“She told you?” Taeyeon smiled sheepishly.

“Yeah after that very day. You know what’s funny? The guy she was supposed to meet with met another girl at the bar across the street from where you two were. Tiffany walked into the wrong bar that day.” Sunny shakes her head and laughs. “I think it’s fate that brought you to her.” 

Taeyeon chuckles lightly, “the world works in mysterious ways.”

“Indeed, and I’m really glad that she found you. She has never been this happy with her past relationships, I think she really likes you.” Sunny says as the both gazed at the direction Tiffany was at.

“I really like her too.” Taeyeon’s exhales blissfully. Tiffany’s attention was brought to them and upon realising that they were looking at her, she lifts her hand and waves shyly. Sunny waves back and Tiffany’s smile widens as Taeyeon mouths an ‘I love you’. 


“Can I ask you a personal question? Or maybe two?” An ingenious idea appears in Taeyeon’s head.

“Um… Sure.” Sunny answers, not fully sure where this was going.

“Okay, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but are you single? And also are you straight?” 

Sunny narrows her eyebrows, “Yes and not really.”

“So you’re open to dating women?” Taeyeon was almost buzzing with excitement.

“Wait, where is this going?”

“So I have a friend, and actually she owns the bar that Tiffany and I met at, would you be open for a blind date?” Taeyeon smirks at how brilliant her idea was.

Sunny hesitates a little, trying to comprehend the situation.

“Well, I mean,” Sunny says after a moment, “there’s no harm in trying, right?”

Taeyeon punched the air, “Yes! I will send you her number after I ask her.”

“I think you guys will get along well.” She continues, taking her phone out to text Yuri.


 Very soon, the ceremony finished and they were all moved to the main hall for the reception.


Tiffany was in her brother’s arms, dancing to the ballad that was emitted from the speakers and lightly surrounding their ears amongst the gentle cadences of the guests' chattering.

“You know,” Tiffany starts, “I am really happy for you, to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with is not easy. And I think it’s pretty cool that you have found her.”

“Thank you, my baby sis. You’re my baby sis forever, you know that?” Leo says, an affectionate smile never leaving his face. Tiffany's eyes light up with gratitude. “I am really proud of you, and I am elated that you are able to live your truth and live happily with the person you like.”


“Thanks Leo, I hope you know how much you mean to me. I will forever be grateful for your casual acceptance towards Taeyeon and I, and hearing all these from you really,” Tiffany inhales shakily, “I can’t find the right words to express how much I appreciate you right now but,” She grasps Leo’s arm, “Thank you so much.” A warm tear escapes Tiffany’s glossy eyes.

“You’re such a cry baby. This is why you will always be my baby sis.” Leo teases and laughs, wiping away the tear. 

Tiffany frowns cutely, “I need to stop crying today.”

Leo’s eyebrow raises comically, “you mean you cried just now? Who made you cry?”

“It was Taeyeon,” Tiffany wasn’t able to finish explaining before Leo interrupted her.

“Aw hell naw, where’s that shorty, I am going to teach her a lesson.” Leo looks around intently, pretending to crack his knuckles.

“Stop it… That’s actually what she said though,” Tiffany giggles.

“Good, at least she knows my sister is not one to bully.” 

Tiffany grins and shakes her head, “But really, it was because she was being so kind. She’s amazing, Leo. Sometimes I don’t believe how good I’ve got it.” Her smile drops a little.

“Well, you better believe it, because that’s what you deserve, okay? And I’m glad she treats you well,” Leo speaks seriously.


“Hey, everything good?” Taeyeon, although unable to hear the full conversation, had witnessed their whole exchange and got up from her seat and approached them when she saw that Tiffany was tearing up.

“Yeah, wait- actually no, I heard you made my sister cry earlier on,” Leo feigns annoyance as his eyes narrows at her.

“Erm, I, yes but, uh… I can explain!” Taeyeon voices out as panic struck her like an incoming locomotive.

Tiffany’s eyes lit up in amusement as hearty laughs were produced.

Leo’s eyes met hers and he also chortled at the 5 feet of shock in front of him.

Taeyeon looks between them, perplexed.

“Wha-” A sound that was reminiscent of a word escapes her lips.

“He was just pulling your leg.” Tiffany explains,

“Yeah I was,” he smacks Taeyeon’s shoulder lightly.

“Well, I’m glad my anxiety was amusing to you two.” Taeyeon pouts and crosses her arms against her chest. 

“Aww, baby.” Tiffany coos at the sight. Sulky Taeyeon was the cutest thing she has ever laid eyes on.

“Alright, this was fun, but I got to get to my wife,” Leo beamed as that last word left his mouth. “My wife.” He repeats himself, “oh boy, do I like the sound of it.” He then waves and excuses himself.


Taeyeon and Tiffany smile wistfully as they watch Leo run to his wife and hug her tightly, lifting her off the ground. 

“Do you want to dance?” Tiffany says, breaking the silence.

“It would be my pleasure,” Taeyeon reaches out to hold Tiffany close to her. They settle in each other’s arms and slowly rock to the calming tones of the track encircling them.

“I love you, Taeyeon, so much.” Tiffany’s husky whisper filled Taeyeon’s ears like the most beautiful melody she has ever heard. 

Taeyeon gazes tenderly at Tiffany, eyes gleaming with unfaltering fondness. She lifts her hand and gently tucks a strand of hair behind Tiffany's ear. “I love you too, to the moon and back.” 

“Will you kiss me?” Tiffany’s eyes are hazy with desire.

“Are you sure?” 

“The only thing I am always sure about is kissing you.”


The edges of Taeyeon’s lips curved up as she inches closer. As soon as their lips touched, it was as if all time had stopped and Tiffany could hear the pounding in her chest distinctly as Taeyeon captured her lips with certainty. In that moment, everyone and everything that surrounded the two was forgotten and they were transported to a world that belonged only to them


A/N: honestly I really liked this one. At first i thought that there might be too much dialogue but i came to really like it, hope you guys (gender neutral) feel the same way too! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it a lot!

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I added more stuff and rewrote some parts because it felt a little incomplete and rushed to me, hope its better now :3


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Chapter 2: This was a great ending to an already great story! I love how everyone was accommodating and accepting of them and their relationship. Taeyeon and Tiffany’s relationship is so majestic and beautiful it made me want to not be single lol I also saw the potential of Sunny and Yuri and I squealed! I love SNSD pairings.. this story was so good, thank you author nim
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