Extended Scene

i like the way

Hi friends, if you don't already know, I wrote an extension on the bedroom scene, and here's the link :D

It is tho, so please tread with caution(??) HAHA


Also check out my new one shot :D



And sorry if I made you think that this was a new chapter of this fic. :S Gotta do some shameless advertising hehe

Cheers friends!

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Thank you!
i had an idea so eye-


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Chapter 1: Oh hahaha Yul caught them 😁😁😁
Fire_trek 332 streak #2
Chapter 1: I love lighthearted and funny fics! This was right up my alley. Your comedy is unparalleled and you create very comfortable characters and stories to read. Thank you for this story author nim!
maemae08 #3
Chapter 1: I need moreeee
Chapter 1: This is interesting and well written enough for me to request an extra chapter, perhaps author nim 🥺🥺
Chapter 1: This is nice and so well written! Hope there is a continuation hahaha
Wanna see Taeyeon’s explanation to Yuri and what will Tiffany say
aerolcaroline #6
Chapter 1: Please do continueee
Chapter 1: Well,l that was cute!
Love the conversation on Tiffany being 'sliced'! 😂
Also at the apartment... 👀🤭
Thank you for posting this one! 😉
Airwaste #8
Chapter 1: Great chapter ! Its nice to new taeny story :D
New Taeny story... 👀

Yeah, what am I getting myself into? 😶‍🌫️