Bunny Luna
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Jungkook's POV

As soon as we all got ready, we went out and got in the limo. Our house may be far from the city but it's very modernized. Y/n is sitting on my lap with her head buried in the crock of my neck, I hugged her and placed my chin on her shoulder. We stayed in that position till we got to the shopping mall. 

"Princess put this on," Jin Hyung said handing a white mask over to Y/n, while we also put ours into. She didn't question it and just did as she was told. After she put it on, we all made our way into the store, with my cute little bunny holding hands with me and Yoongi Hyung. 

I'm a bit worried though, today after Mom and Dad came over, I didn't like the way they treated Y/n and I'm scared, I decided to forget that for a while and just enjoy spending time with my ball of sunshine. We decided to split up I groups and pick out different outfits for her, after that we would meet in the changing rooms in an hour and then Y/n would decide on the one that she wanted. The groups were, Jimin Hyung and V Hyung, Namjoon Hyung and Jin Hyung, Hobi Hyung, and Yoongi Hyung and the last group was Y/n and me. we all split up.

As I and Y/n went through the clothing sections we chatted a lot and I got to know that she also likes black and baggy clothes, so at the end of an hour, we ended u with these clothes,

Outfit No.1:

Outfit No.2:

Outfit No.3:

Outfit No.4:

Outfit No.5:

Outfit No.6:

we decided to stop there as we only had about five minutes left to meet up with the others. The changing rooms were on the third floor and we were on the second. We used the elevators to get to the third floor. tho other members were already in the change rooms.


Namjoon and Jin:

Outfit No.1:

Suga and Hobi:

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Hello everyone, I'm new here so I don't really know how this works. If there are any suggestions for the story please leave them in the comment section, and English is not my first language so there will be a bit of grammatical errors


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