Bunny Luna
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Y/n's POV

I started to feel scared not knowing what these seven humans are going to do to me and the fact that they look really scary wasn't helping at all. I curled up into a bal trying to hide myself and keep myself warm. I could feel someone staring at me but I was too scred to look up, when suddenly I heard this

"What tha" i heard someone say

"Hyung wht's wrong?" I heard a comletly different voice this time

"She's a.......tiny," he says but the last part quietly

"WHAT!" I flinched at the sudden loudness of their voices and let out an unwanted whimper

"Why is she shaking? " I heard another voice 

How many people are here?

(A/n: Seven actually,


A/n: maybe you'd remember if you had paid attention a few minutes ago)

"Is she cold?" one says

"She's scared obviously" I heard one of them get up

"Yuri, get me a pair of clothes for tiny" I heard a familiar voice said

A few minutes after the door opens I hear a feminine voice

"Masters, the clothes you requested for

"Thank you, you may leave" The door closes

I'm still curled up into a ball with my head buried between my legs and my chest.

"Here, you must be cold." I look up a bit and saw the same guy that picked me up in my bunny form smling don at me. I looked up and saw this

I quickly wore it and failed to notice the huge hand coming towards me by the tim I n

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Hello everyone, I'm new here so I don't really know how this works. If there are any suggestions for the story please leave them in the comment section, and English is not my first language so there will be a bit of grammatical errors


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