Bunny Luna
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Y/n's POV

I slowly opened my eyes trying to adjust to the light. I looked around to see I was in this huge room. and I was still in my bunny form. I was on a warm and soft, and my wounds were already dressed and cared for, I tried to get up but I felt a huge sting go through my leg. as I felt myself being picked up by someone. My eyes met his










Behind him stood six other guys















I felt myself feeling the urge to transform back into my tiny form I hopped off his hands and landed safely on my feet I ran under the bed and let my transformation take place. Now I was half only in a sports bra and some shorts.

Jin's POV

We searched the forest but couldn't find Jungkook, 

Did he already go back home?

Let's head back.

I ordered sternly through telepathy.

I quickly headed back to the mansion, just then the other members also arrived, we changed into our human forms, which we were only in our pants as we walked into the living room, something felt weird as I approached the door, I felt a sense of excite meant and it wasn't just me I heard Tae squeal internally, telepathy of course. But it got worse as I entered the hall I decided to ignore it and check the living room if Jungkook was there. The moment I entered the living room I

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Hello everyone, I'm new here so I don't really know how this works. If there are any suggestions for the story please leave them in the comment section, and English is not my first language so there will be a bit of grammatical errors


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