My mates are my pain

Bunny Luna
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"So where are you from?" Jimin asked

"Umm, my clan was wiped out before I was born" They gave me an apologetic look

"We are the seven alphas of the western wolf pack"

The what?!


The Western wolf pack, also known as 늑대 인간 (neugdae ingan),

My mom told me their clan was responsible for destroying mine, my mom gave birth to me in the forest, and my parents were later killed by werewolves while trying to protect me. Ever since I have been surviving only own, until a human found me and took me to a lab where they paid him for bringing me. They would run cruel experiments on me every day and if I ever objected or tried to be stubborn they would whip me and lock me in a dark room for days without food, about five years later a guy bought me. I guessed he was really rich cause my pris was 1M+, after I was first moved to a pet store and delivered from there, my cage was left in front of his house. Before he came to I ran away and yeah you know the story.

So In short, my mates are alphas of my clan's enemies, I hadn't even noticed how lost I was in my own world until, I felt one of them poke my stomach, I looked up at them,

(They weren't smiling, they looked worried and were not dressed like that, the image just has the perfect angle for Y/n)

"Are you okay?" Jin asks, I simply nodded

"You seemed lost." The one named Ho-Seok commented

"I'm fine, just a bit lightheaded," 

"we'll leave you to rest if you need anything we'll be close by," after that he does something unexpected, he.....................kisses me, and they all do, I start blushing, and hear them chuckle, one by one they walk out of the room.


"Our mate is so cute" Tae exclaims as we walk out of Jungkook's room

"Hyung I'm worried," Namjoon says

"Why?" Jin asks

"What will people think when they find out  mate is a tiny bunny hybrid" He has a point enemies will see her as a weak point

"What if our enemies get a hold of her, they would hurt her or maybe even kill her, "Jimin says

"How is she going to bear us an heir" Ho-Seok has a point

"About the Heir, I'll call on the royal mage but about the other two questions I guess we just have to be on alert" We all nodded and went to our rooms.

Jungkook's POV

I'm so happy Y/n was in my room tonight. I walked in and saw her asleep on the bed, she looked so peaceful and cute, I went into the washroom to change my clothes, and when I came back I gently moved her to a pillow instead as I didn't want to accidentally hurt her while sleeping. I carefully laid down and turned to face the love of our lives, I placed my hand over her as some sort of blanket, and I unknowingly started petting her head, her white bunny ears were bent over her face, and I gently pinched them with my index and

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Hello everyone, I'm new here so I don't really know how this works. If there are any suggestions for the story please leave them in the comment section, and English is not my first language so there will be a bit of grammatical errors


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