Replace me?

Bunny Luna
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Y/n's POV

I woke up the next morning still in my bunny form, Jungkook wasn't there so I was alone, I hopped off the bed and made it to the door it was slightly opened so it was easy for me to crawl under it. I made my way towards the other end of the hall that led to a door which was also slightly closed as I approached the door I could smell their scent and hear their conversation.

"What do you mean to get a consort, we are werewolves, not Empires," 

"Not like that I just mean we keep Y/n a secret and use someone else as our mate and bed partner."Wait, they are trying to replace me, I could feel a sense of anger build up in me as tears started to flow down my face, not at them but at myself. Suddenly one of them opened the door and I looked up to see Namjoon staring at me wide eyed. I immediately started running away, soon finding myself outside the huge mansion I didn't stop and continued running until I was in the forest. 

I continued running until I pumped into something, I looked up and saw a tall man looking down at me he had a huge gun hanging around his neck. he picked me up and out of fear, I bit him he instantly threw me away and I landed with a few bruises on the grassy rocky ground. He pulled out a smaller gun and pointed it at me, although I was scared I knew it was for the best, it was not like anyone cared if I was dead or alive. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the shot but it never came. I looked at you and saw the hunter staring at me with horror in his eyes, he soon turned around and ran. I looked behind me when I heard heavy breathing and a white wolf stood tall and proud behind me,

It looked down  at me, it had soft blue eyes, I immediately ran into a tree with a small opening in the bottom, I transformed into my tiny human form and curled up into a tight ball, and started crying when I suddenly heard a familiar voice call out my name,

"Y/n?" Yoongi?


We were discussing in the meeting room about what to do with Y/n, not in a bad way. You might think since we are the Alphas we can do anything we want but what we are worried about are our parents also known as head elders of our pack, we know what they are capable of and we know welly that they will not hesitate to hurt Y/n, to make sure we get a 'better mate', and the last thing we want is Y/n getting hurt. Also, they are coming over today.

Yoongi's POV

Jin: "We'll know why we're here right?"

Taehyung: "Yeah, Mum and Dad are coming today."

Jin: "Exactly, and we know how cruel they can get, especially when it comes to Y/n's species."

Jimin: "Maybe we can get  someone else to be our consort."

Jhope: "What do you mean to get a consort, we are werewolves, not Empires,"

Jimin: "Not like that I just mean we keep Y/n a secret and use someone else as our mate and bed partner." 

Yoongi: "So you're suggesting replacing her."I asked raising my left eyebrow

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Hello everyone, I'm new here so I don't really know how this works. If there are any suggestions for the story please leave them in the comment section, and English is not my first language so there will be a bit of grammatical errors


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